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How Long Does Kenmore Refrigerator Last? (Explained)

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Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 07:58 am

More than the features of an appliance, it is natural for consumers to consider its durability, which is no different for refrigerators.

Kenmore appliances, their refrigerator inclusive, are outstanding in their features.

Kenmore fridges come in different sizes and models. However, if you intend to join the Kenmore family or add their refrigerator to your collection, it is very thoughtful of you to consider their durability. So, let’s find out.

Kenmore refrigerator lasts for 10-15 years. This time frame is the expected serving duration for a Kenmore refrigerator without displaying awkward signs. However, depending on the workload you subject the refrigerator to, the lifespan can be more or less. In other words, the durability of a Kenmore refrigerator is partially influenced by you, the consumer.

Are Kenmore Refrigerators Reliable?

Kenmore refrigerators are reliable. However, a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator is more likely to need repairs than a top freezer in the long run.

However, the reliability of a Kenmore refrigerator depends solely on the product’s manufacturer.

Usually, the brand Kenmore is produced by Whirlpool, but others like LG, Frigidaire, GE, and Samsung also manufacture Kenmore.

As you may know, refrigerators are relatively in high demand because of the tremendous assistance they render to consumers.

However, a refrigerator is among the class of expensive appliances in a home. Having said that, you would always want to get a refrigerator brand that’s authentic and worth its price.

If I’m to purchase a refrigerator at this point, I’ll definitely go for one that would give me optimum satisfaction.

Yes, I know that Kenmore refrigerators are expensive, but it is ideal for getting appliances you can depend on.

Still, with a tight budget, you can opt for the Kenmore elite refrigerator, which is affordable and reliable in this brand.

In addition, the Kenmore elite refrigerators are known for their quality and outstanding performance.

It will be best to understand that these elite refrigerators are well-designed and dependable. Nonetheless, the Kenmore elite refrigerator can still fit into your budget with all the great remarks and their credibility.

You must be familiar with the Kenmore french door refrigerator. This refrigerator design fits into small spaces nicely; however, users complain about this Kenmore type of refrigerator. 

There’s a reported claim that the french door refrigerator is fond of door light issues and a noisy compressor.

If you’ve ever had a french door refrigerator, you may have experienced one of those hassles before.

What Is the Average Life of a Kenmore Refrigerator?

As I said earlier, the life expectancy of the Kenmore refrigerator depends on the user. Nonetheless, even on high usage, the average lifespan of a Kenmore refrigerator is 8-10 years.

However, it’s pretty unfortunate some Kenmore refrigerators don’t reach this period with no fault from the manufacturers but the users. 

Under normal circumstances, your refrigerator shouldn’t show signs for repairs within this average period.

Still, it is possible that your fridge hasn’t reached five years and some of its components have started malfunctioning.

That’s why you would agree with me that the average life expectancy for a fridge is just a figure! To illustrate, I had gotten an LG fridge, and it wasn’t up to two years before it required a repair.

Here’s the sad thing, the one-year warranty covering the refrigerator has already expired.

Similarly, a Kenmore refrigerator could follow suit, and that’s because nothing with appliances is assured!

I must say, buying a fridge looks like an investment, and if you’re buying one, do good research.

There are lots of brands out there allocating mind-catching years to their products. But then, when you get into the venture, the reality surfaces.

However, even if the product is good and lacks proper maintenance, the fridge may also start showing early faults—a rare feature of Kenmore refrigerators.

How Do You Know Your Fridge Is Dying?

No appliance will last forever; it will wear out someday, and your fridge is no exception.

When the life expectancy diminishes, the fridge would need repairs from professionals and require a replacement in the long run.

When your refrigerator gradually progresses to this period, it will start showing some indications.

How Do You Know Your Fridge Is Dying?

Not to worry, some of these issues an expert can quickly address. And these repairers can even tell you when to move the refrigerator out or keep the appliances.

However, ensure you act quickly when you notice any of these signs;

#1. Excess Condensation

Are you seeing moisture or droplets from your fridge door? If yes, then you should get ready to call a maintenance specialist.

This fault is one of the signs that your refrigerator is dying. The seal around the door or gasket may be the problem and should be repaired fast. 

#2. Stored Food Going Bad Quickly

The expiration date of your package foods hasn’t been reached, and they already taste sour in the fridge. Also, your items aren’t cold as they should be; this is another problem you must address.

This reason could be that the refrigerator is getting old or a fault associated with the motor or gasket.

#3. Generating Excess Heat 

It’s normal for the back of your fridge to be hot. However, it becomes a big deal when the temperature gets too high. At that point, you’re strictly advised not to make contact with the coils.

Therefore, an expert should check the motor coil and help you manage it properly till you replace the fridge.

#4. Making Loud Noise

A refrigerator in good condition can be too silent and should not produce too much sound. If this happens to be the case with your fridge, this should draw your attention.

Especially when you hear the sound in the next room across the kitchen, you should call the technician. However, the fridge compressor or condenser fan may cause this sound.

When Should I Replace My Refrigerator?

When Should I Replace My Refrigerator?

The services of household appliances like the fridge are noticeable if there are any alterations. And that’s because the refrigerator is the second-best place to find food after the pots.

However, when the fridge starts developing severe issues, it has to move out! 

However, Letting go of this appliance isn’t easy, but, unfortunately, the fridge can’t serve you for a lifetime.

Let the following factors guide you in deciding when to let go for your own economic and health benefits.

#1. High Cost For Repair

When the money you’re paying or want to use for repairing the refrigerator is almost the same price to get a new one, replace it.

Anything you’re paying to fix in the fridge that is worth that big may, at times, leads to another fault. So, please get a new fridge instead of spending lot on repairs.

#2. Working Beyond Life Expectancy

Believe it or leave it, a time will come when the efficiency of your refrigerator will reduce or won’t even work.

And when the appliance has passed this time frame, the fridge won’t be able to give a good performance. 

Within 10-15 years, you should be preparing a budget that includes a fridge.

Also, any care you would give to the appliance during that period won’t matter; just get a replacement.

#3. When You Can Hear the Fridge Running

There are instances where you can repair and manage this problem. However, when the loud buzz becomes a constant problem, it may become unbearable to stay in your room.

You might be thinking of a repair, but you won’t want to hear a sudden loud hum sound after a repair. Certain times, the repairman can even advise you to replace the fridge. 

#4. When Your Refrigerator Isn’t Energy Efficient

Have you been noticing increments in your bills recently? Try going through your mind and see if your fridge is energy efficient. If the refrigerator isn’t energy-efficient, you will have to get a new one.

However, when going for a new fridge, get to know the features and types you want. Usually, I recommend fridges with a top freezer since they are energy efficient.


Refrigerators last a maximum of 20 years, but most refrigerators don’t reach that period before breaking down.

However, the Kenmore fridge lasts for 10-15 years, a reasonable time frame. In addition, Kenmore has lots of appliances available in various designs.

So, to improve your satisfaction, get yours and join the Kenmore family today!

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