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This is How Long Should A Lawn Mower Pull Cord Be!

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The manufacturers of the pull cord for lawn mowers design the product for outdoor use and the ability to withstand extreme conditions.

However, as your lawn mower ages and with extensive use, the pull cord may be damaged and need replacement.

If the above scenario resonates with you, you’ve reached the right spot. This article will tell you the most appropriate length for your pull cord so your replacement attempt is stress-free.

It’s integral that the new starter cord is of the most suitable length. Cord sizes begin with number 3 (3/8 inch) and extend to number 7 (7/32 inch). However, for the best results, use a lawn mower cord with numbers 5 (5/32-inches), 5 ½  (11/64-inches), or 6 (3/16-inches), especially the 5 ½.

What Is the Typical Length of a Lawn Mower Cord?

How Long Should a Lawn Mower Pull Cord Be

A rope, rewind, or pull start is another name for the lawn mower pull cord. It’s one way of starting the lawn mower’s internal combustion engine.

You need to choose a starter rope of the proper size to use. It should have an optimal thickness as a cord too thick won’t thread the recoil pulley well.

Use a lawn mower cord with a length of 5 (5/32-inch), 5 ½ (11/64-inch), or 6 (3/16-inch), preferably the 5 ½.

However, cord sizes generally begin with number 3 (3/32 inches) and extend to number 7 (7/32 inches). The most common pull cord numbers and their corresponding lengths include:

33/32 inches (or 6/64)
41/8 inches 
4½ 9/64-inches
55/32 inches (or 10/64)
11/64 inches
63/16 inches (or 12/64)

How Do You Wrap a Lawn Mower Pull Cord?

The first thing to do is to pull out a few bolts and remove the recoil starter housing. The spring pulley or spring-loaded cord reel is at the lower surface of the housing.

Don’t remove the pulley from the recoil starter housing except if you’re having issues with the spring complex.

If your pulley is not easy to turn, spray some lubricant between the recoil starter housing and the reel to free it.

When the housing comes off, remove the twigs, grass, and other debris that have clogged the inside. Look for the knotted end of the broken lawn mower rope.

Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, grab the bad rope and pull it from the pull handle and the reel.

After that, measure the length of the broken cord and cut a new one from the replacement cord. It should be several inches longer than the old one.

That covers where the cord broke and the knots at both ends. The original length is not critical.

Anything within six inches of the original pull cord length is fine. If you don’t have the old one, then measure two-and-a-half meters. That will do the job well.

Thread one end of the replacement starter rope into the cord hole. You can find the cord hole in the starter pulley rim.

After that, wind your new pull cord through the recoil starter housing and reel. Then knot the end of the cord. Leave some of the cord hanging out for the pull handle.

If the pull cord attempts to retract completely into the recoil starter housing, clamp the line temporarily.

You can also knot the free end to keep it hanging out while you attempt to connect the handle.

Can You Replace the Pull Cord on a Lawn Mower?

If you broke the pull cord of your lawn mower, don’t worry because it’s replaceable. It’s easy to wear and tear maintenance that everyone can do.

There are several names for this small part of a lawn mower. Some of the most common names include:

  • Starting rope
  • Starting cord
  • Pull cord
  • Recoil starter rope
  • Lawn mower rope
  • Ripcord

Whatever you call it, having a broken one on your hands is distressing, especially if you’ve never repaired a broken one before.

Thankfully, I’ll describe how you can replace yours, and you should finish replacing your pull cord in twenty minutes. It’ll cost you around $19.95 to repair a broken lawn mower pull cord.

That amount includes the replacement rope and the pull handle. However, if you need additional parts, it’ll cost you some extra charges.

How Can I Make My Lawn Mower Easier to Start?

Starting a lawn mower is difficult; there’s no doubt about that. That is why knowing how to make it easier to start is important.

Here’s how to do that.

#1. Basics

Make sure the lawn mower is in good working condition. Let it be in good physical health, so the pull cord isn’t difficult to pull.

You can also adjust the height settings so you can start it. Additionally, ensure that you use the right form when pulling the starter cord.

Buying a better working pull cord handle or a specialized starter rope tool is another option that may work.

#2. Examine the Lawn Mower Parts Closely

When you start your lawn mower, you usually let go of the flywheel brake. If you’ve used your mower for years, likely, it won’t start easily.

That is because a certain part is not working properly and needs replacement. If there is damage to this part of the lawn mower machine, the machine won’t start.

The chipped blade can also stress your lawn mower, making it difficult to utilize. That’ll, in turn, make the cord more difficult to pull.

Additionally, if the recoil spring is malfunctioning, then the cord will have too much of a burden on it. It’ll need too much energy to start the mower.

Hydro locking also makes pulling the cord difficult. That occurs when the oil spills into the area between the exhaust and a misshapen crankshaft.

You can detect a misshapen shaft by the excessive noise it produces. When the crankshaft is off-shape, pulling the cord is harder.

To fix these problems and make your starter cord easier to pull, find and replace all worn-out parts.

Replace the crankshaft, recoil spring, chipped blade, flywheel brake, and any other part that you identify that needs replacement.

#3. Get Better Lawn Mower Cord Handles

Most mowers usually come with T-shaped cord handles. These handle types limit the effort or energy you apply with your hands. That also makes it difficult to pull the cord.

Therefore, to make it easier, you need to buy handles that allow you to apply maximum energy from your hands.

A good example is a ball handle or other round design that will fit into your hand’s palm. You can get them in a hardware shop that sells lawnmowers.

#4. Use Tools

If you have any medical condition that makes it difficult for you to pull the starter cord, there are specialized tools that you can use. These tools will make pulling easier.

A pull starter is a good example of a tool that will make starting your lawn mower effortless. However, it’s quite pricey and goes for around $300.

#5. Modify the Lawn Mower Height

The height of your lawn mower from the ground can make it difficult to pull the starter cord. Thankfully, the height is adjustable, so you can choose how tall you want the grass to be.

To reduce the energy, you need to start your lawn mower, adjust the height and start the machine. After that, lower the height back to the level of grass you want.

#6. Use the Proper Form

Starting the lawn mower is easier when you use the correct form. Grab the lawn mower’s handle with your off-hand to use the correct form.

Hold the starter cord in your dominant hand. After that, pull the starter rope quickly and push the lawn mower away simultaneously with your off-hand.

If you do this right, you’ll double the effort you put into starting the mower machine. That’ll make it easier to start.

#7. Ask for Help

Both of you can try to start the lawn mower as a team. If starting the mower is difficult, you can ask someone stronger than you for assistance.

If everything suggested fails, you could consider building the muscles in your arm.


Are you finding it difficult to pull your lawn mower cord? There are several reasons why that happens. The most common is that your mower is old and has worn-out parts. 

What if you broke your starter cord? Then follow the detailed guide above to replace it. Replacing those parts will make the job easier for you.

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