Here Is How Long Does It Take A Freezer To Get Cold

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Owning a freezer provides an added advantage if you’re looking to extend the shelf life of your goods.

For instance, egg salad and deli meat can’t be kept at room temperature for more than two hours because of the rapid bacterial development.

After purchasing a new freezer, the appliance may take some time to cool down. Freezers must be set to zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower to store food safely.

However, you may be unable to tell if your freezer is ready to use if it doesn’t include a thermometer or built-in temperature display.

Also, it’s difficult to gauge the precise freezing time when so many variables influence the freezer cooling time. So, how long does it take to attain the cooling temperature?

A freezer takes about four hours to cool down to its desired temperature. But the time it takes to cool down a freezer varies depending on the model. On the other hand, deep freezers require four hours and fifty-five minutes for a typical upright freezer to defrost. Even a refrigerator/freezer combination can take up to twelve hours to cool.

How Long Does It Take A New Refrigerator/Freezer To Get Cold?

How Long Does It Take A Freezer To Get Cold

When a new freezer is installed, it often takes some time for the contents to become cold.

It may take a stand-alone freezer up to four hours to reach its desired temperature. A refrigerator-freezer combo may take up to twenty-four hours. 

When the temperature within the freezer is not low enough to safely store the food inside, you should not use the refrigerator to store food.

You can check the freezer cooling time on the product listing for your particular freezer model to learn how long it takes to reach the desired temperature.

Find the “Installation Guide” paper where the time is specified in the “cool-down period” part of the instructions.

If you clean the freezer as soon as it is delivered, you can speed up the amount of time it takes for the freezer to cool down.

For example, when cleaning the chamber with baking soda and water, you can use either a dish towel or a sponge to get the job done.

This would help decrease the freezer’s temperature, ultimately resulting in a shorter time needed for cooling.

How Long Does It Take For A Fridge Freezer To Get Cold After Defrosting

It is feasible that it will take a noticeably more prolonged period to attain a safe storage temperature if you utilize a fridge freezer.

This is because the compartments and spaces within this combo are larger, necessitating lengthier air circulation to reach all of its nooks and crannies.

It’s possible that cutting-edge technology in today’s refrigerators and freezers can reduce the time needed for cooling to just two or three hours.

However, air circulation can take twelve to twenty-four hours to cool down older models that are not supported.

In addition, After a power outage, a freezer’s temperature usually remains stable for forty-eight hours or more.

Knowing how long a freezer can keep food cool during a power outage is also critical. This is because food can spoil at temperatures greater than zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

Several methods exist for determining how long a freezer will remain cold if the power goes off.

  • Firstly, keeping the freezer door closed will keep warm air out. The insulation in a freezer keeps warm air out and cold air in. As a result, allowing warm air into the freezer will shorten its cooling duration. 
  • Fridges can keep their contents cold for up to two days without opening the door. However, this can be reduced to just twenty-four hours if you repeatedly fling open the door.
  • Another aspect that affects how long a freezer remains cold is how packed it is. The more tightly packed a freezer is, the longer it will maintain its frigid temperature. A full freezer allows you to keep food cold for up to forty-eight hours, but a half-full freezer limits this period. A freezer can be used as a traditional icebox in the event of a power outage by filling it with ice.

How Long Does It Take For A Becko Fridge Freezer To Get Cold?

The Becko freezer can reach lower temperatures than traditional freezers, which allows it to store food more effectively.

The average temperature range for this kind of freezer is four freezer degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

Because of this, the capacity of these freezers to store food is greater than that of other refrigerators and freezers that come in combo units.

The refrigerator can preserve the texture of your food, its freshness, and the number of nutrients it contains for a more extended period with Becko freezers.

Additionally, some individuals favor Becko freezers over chest freezers or other kinds of freezers with opening operations.

Certain high-quality freezers may include a digital control panel that shows the current temperature, making it simple for you to keep an eye on them.

However, it’s possible that some older or more typical freezers don’t have as many modern features.

Consequently, it would help to acquire an appliance thermometer to determine the freezer’s temperature.

To use these instruments, chill your thermometer in the freezer for about a quarter of an hour.

Then you will be able to determine whether or not your freezer is prepared to have food placed inside of it.

How Long Does It Take An Upright Freezer To Freeze?

An upright freezer is a stand-up freezer smaller than a deep freezer in terms of storage capacity.

These freezers are perfect for keeping small food boxes since they are easy to use and have well-organized shelves.

Due to its compact design, the stand-up freezer requires only three to four hours to reach the desired temperature. Refrigerators are often connected to upright freezers.

Although, ideally, you want the freezer to be around zero degrees Fahrenheit because it maintains the freshness, texture, and moisture of the food that is preserved, an upright freezer hour with a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended.

Some upright freezers can be used as mini-freezers. Because of this, each of them is a stand-alone unit (similar to chest freezers but with better storage options).

Even yet, the temperature in an upright freezer is often the same all the way around.

There are alternatives in some upright freezers for reaching colder temperatures. Still, keeping the freezer at roughly zero degrees Fahrenheit is best to avoid harming your food and excessive frost.

How Long Does It Take A Freezer To Get Cold After Plugging It In?

After being plugged in, it takes freezers an average of four hours to reach the temperature recommended by the FDA, which is zero degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes chest freezers an average of four hours and fifty-five minutes, upright freezers an average of four hours and twenty minutes, and freezer-refrigerator combinations an average of twelve hours to get cold.

These are averages; however, the actual freezing and cooling time varies significantly from model to model and can take anywhere from two to 24 hours to freeze.

Therefore, consumers can limit the risk of perishable items going bad and the amount of food they throw away by storing them in freezers and refrigerators at the appropriate temperature.

The growth of bacteria can be inhibited and slowed down by lowering the temperature.

However, if the temperature inside a freezer is too high, bacteria can grow, which raises the danger of food becoming bad and causing illnesses transmitted through contaminated food.

Here is how much time different refrigerators take to cool:

BrandFreezer TypeTime To Get Cold
LG Fridge- freezerTwo to three hours
Magic chefFridge-freezerFour hours
GEFridge-freezerTwenty-four hours
WhirlpoolFridge-freezerTwenty-four hours
SamsungFridge-freezerTwo hours
GEUpright freezerFour hours
KoolatronUpright freezerTwo to three hours
UniqueUpright freezerFour hours
MaytagUpright freezerSix to eight hours
FrigidaireUpright freezerFour hours

Will An Empty Freezer Get Cold?

If you are trying to think of ways to get your new or recently plugged-in freezer appliance to temperature more quickly, you may be pondering if leaving it empty will help it cool down more rapidly.

This is a reasonable question to ask if you are attempting to think of ways to speed up the process.

An empty freezer will cool down, but not nearly as quickly as a freezer packed with food.

The fact is that a full freezer can maintain its temperature more effectively than an empty freezer.

When there is a frozen food supply in a freezer, the appliance doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of the space since it has something to keep it cold.

On the other hand, if your freezer is brand new, you shouldn’t stuff it to the brim with food to get it colder more quickly. Food can quickly become rotten if not kept at the appropriate temperature.

In addition, the consumption of food that has bacterial growth on it might result in diseases that are transmitted through food.

Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to all of the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

In addition, make sure there is sufficient space inside your freezer so that air may circulate adequately.


You should maintain the temperature inside refrigerators and freezers at or below forty degrees Fahrenheit. However, new freezers may take several hours to reach a safe temperature range.

The answers in this article can help you estimate how long your freezer needs to cool and speed up the process so you can store your goods.

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