How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Last? (Must Read)

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Vinyl Kitchen wrap helps to beautify the look of your kitchen without you having to change your furniture completely.

However, it’s pretty expensive to put up in a kitchen, and thus it’s essential to know if it’s worth its investment. Therefore, if you’re wondering:

How long does Vinyl kitchen wrap last?

Vinyl kitchen wrap will last 10 to 12 years, especially when you install it professionally and purchase from a quality brand. Vinyl wraps are very strong and long-lasting. Therefore, they’re worth every money you spend on obtaining them.

How Long Do Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets Last?

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Last

Vinyl wrapped cabinets can last for up to 10 years without discoloration and chipping, especially if you’re regularly maintaining them.

Kitchen vinyl wraps from a reliable company and professionally installed are usually strong and long-lasting. Also, below are things that aid in elongating the lifespan of vinyl wraps:

You can do this by;

  • Cleaning it regularly with a soft damp cloth and warm soapy water, then dry it with a dry soft towel.
  • Reducing the amount of exposure to heat would make it come off before its guaranteed lifespan.
  • By keeping it out of children reach:

Although, it could be a bit of a daunting task as it’s not easy to fully keep children away from daily components of the household like vinyl wraps.

However, it is always possible to keep an eye on your kids to ensure that they’re not peeling off the wraps.

Meanwhile, kitchen vinyl wraps are tender, and children can easily peel them off if there are no adults around to monitor them.

Is Vinyl Wrap Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

Vinyl wrap is suitable for cabinets. It’s an affordable way of bringing back the dull look of your kitchen cabinets to living without completely changing the furniture.

Also, Vinyl wrapped cabinets last as long as ten years without defect or destruction, making it a good money investment.

Also, asides from the durability and strength, Vinyl wrapped cabinets are a better option when you spray paint the kitchen.

This action gives a more beautiful finish look than when you paint kitchen cupboards.

Below are the reasons why you should consider wrapping your kitchen cabinets with vinyl wraps:

#1. Durability

Vinyl kitchen wraps last as long as roughly ten years, making a good money investment choice. But, you’ll need to spend more if you’re painting your kitchen cabinets.

Also, this means you don’t need to spend additional money trying to paint regularly. 

#2. Varieties Of Design Choices To Promote Kitchen Aesthetics

Cupboard vinyl wrap comes in various colors, patterns, styles, designs, and aesthetics ranging from essential to uniquely modern aesthetic designs.

Consequently, you would end up with a great-looking kitchen cabinet by selecting any design pattern to fit your aesthetic needs.

#3. Low Maintenance

Vinyl-wrapped cabinets are straightforward to maintain as you don’t need tons of chemicals or materials to keep them in place.

You can preserve your kitchen vinyl wraps by cleaning them regularly with a damp cloth and drying them with a dry towel. Also, you need to avoid exposing it to moisture and loads of heat.

#4. Affordable

Updating your cabinet look with cupboard vinyl wraps is more inexpensive than completely changing your cabinet set. Refurbishment is more costly than just simply wrapping with Vinyl.

Thus, wrapping up with kitchen vinyl wraps is a better, economical option to consider than painting kitchen cabinets.

Does Vinyl Wrap Come Off Kitchen Cupboards?

Vinyl wraps can effortlessly come off the kitchen cupboards to how you do not think. You can remove it easily without employing a professional to do so.

However, it is important not to yank off the vinyl wraps with your bare hands to prevent damaging the kitchen cupboards.

Below are the steps you need to remove kitchen cupboards Vinyl correctly:

  • You’ll need a heat gun or dryer( but be careful when using drying to destroy it as it’s more fragile than a heat gun).
  • Then, on your heat gun and let it run for a while at around 425°F.
  • Afterward, place the heating gun around the edges of the vinyl wraps and work through it one corner at a time till the Vinyl starts to rise and bubbles up by itself.
  • After that, gently pull the vinyl wrap and gently work the heat gun through the remaining parts till you can safely pull off the wraps.

Is It Worth Wrapping Your Kitchen?

Yes, wrapping your kitchen is worth investing your money, time, and kitchen space. Wrapping, especially with kitchen vinyl wraps, lasts very long.

Thus, you won’t need to worry about changing or repairing your kitchen look for a while.

Secondly, wrapping your kitchen is easy to maintain and perfect if you have a busy household.

Also, it comes with all other benefits that prove to wrap your kitchen is better than refurbishing its look.

Can Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets Be Painted?

You can paint vinyl-wrapped cabinets, although no one recommends doing that. But, once your cupboard’s vinyl wrap starts to chip, scrape or break, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

However, you can paint vinyl-wrapped kitchen cabinets with special quality paints. 

Additionally, it has been proven that using a few coatings of paint protection film on your vinyl wraps elongates their lifespan.

It also protects the components of the kitchen vinyl wraps from the havoc and protection from UV rays.

Overall, painting vinyl-wrapped cabinets can be a great move to preserve them. But you must do this professionally to avoid creating an eyesore. Also, using regular paints on this is not advisable.


Vinyl wrapped kitchen will last for ten years, making it a good choice for giving your kitchen an affordable transformation.

Also, you can easily remove it from kitchen cabinets, making it less stressful when changing your kitchen look again.

Thus, it is worth wrapping your kitchen with vinyl wraps. However, it would help if you kept it safe from moisture and heat as that could cause damage to Vinyl wrapped cabinets.

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