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How Long Do Washing Machine Shock Absorbers Last?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:25 pm

Washing machines are an essential component of almost every home. With a washing machine, you can effortlessly do your laundry and, in the long run, save time for other activities.

The durability of any home appliance is vital to the owner.

Shock absorbers are one of the most crucial parts of a washing machine and, as such, should be appropriately maintained for the washing machine to be efficient.

Therefore, one will ask, how long do washing machine shock absorbers last?

The shock absorbers of a washing machine can last an estimated 10 to 20 years. Or throughout the lifespan of your washing machine. While it is dependent on the model and usage of your washing machine, proper maintenance of your appliance will make it last longer than you can ever imagine.

How Do I Know If My Washing Machine Shock Absorbers Need Replacement?

How Long Do Washing Machine Shock Absorbers Last

For your washing machine to operate perfectly, the shock absorbers must be in excellent shape.

Knowing the various parts of your washing machine and the role they play in ensuring the proper functioning of your washing machine is of utmost importance. 

This way, you can be sure to point out what is wrong with your washing machine once you notice any malfunctioning.

Washer shock absorbers help steady the tubs, ensuring balance during wash cycles.

When you notice a crazily audible banging noise from your washing machine and an unusual vibration during spinning cycles, then be sure to check your washing machine shock absorbers

Also, you may observe your washing machine leaning towards a particular side, indicating it is not balanced.

Failure to check and confirm if something is wrong with the washer shock absorbers will expose your machine to danger and incur more repair costs.

It would be best if you replaced damaged shock absorbers after you must have carefully confirmed they’re problematic.

After that, you can replace shock absorbers yourself or call on a professional. The good thing about using the help of an expert in the safety of your washing machine is guaranteed.

Here are a few steps on how to replace shock absorbers.

  • The first step is to unplug your washing machine from the power source and ensure your device is in a good area.
  • You will need a screwdriver to remove the fasteners from the machine’s front panel.
  • Removing the panel gives you access to the shock absorbers, which are locked to the panel by a pin. Tab the lock to remove the hook.
  • After removing the pin with the use of an adjustable wrench, pull the shock absorbers out.
  • Next, you can carefully replace them with a new set.

Can You Fix Washing Machine Shock Absorbers?

Yes, you can fix washing machine shock absorbers, but setting shock absorbers is mainly dependent on the type of damage and is usually in rare situations.

Not all damages to the washing machine shock absorbers can be a quick fix, and some conditions will require a complete shock absorber replacement. 

Meaning that once you notice a problem with your washer shock absorbers, you must quickly check and ascertain the situation.

Generally, depending on your washing machine’s usage and maintenance level, the washer shock absorbers are bound to wear out over time. 

However, an abnormal vibration or shaking of your washing machine during a spin cycle does not always necessitate damaged or worn-out machine shock absorbers.

Other factors can cause your washing machine to vibrate abnormally, such as an irregular machine foot and an in-balanced load. 

Fixing washing machine shock absorbers can be done independently, but if you are unsure, ensure to employ the services of an expert.

Most often than not, an expert will in the long run discover other issues that need fixing on your device.

 Damage to a shock absorber can present in different forms, such as detached shock absorbers, leaking shock absorbers, and broken shock absorbers.

  • Broken shock absorbers can’t be fixed but replaced. 
  • Leaking shock absorbers can’t undergo a quick fix. It would be best if you replaced them.
  • Reattach detached shock absorbers. But if there is a breakage, then you must replace shock absorbers.

How Do You Test a Shock Absorber On a Washing Machine? 

You can test a shock absorber on your washing machine in different ways.

Having to deal with a noisy washing machine can get pretty annoying, and the best way to diagnose what is wrong with your washing machine is by running a routine test.

Shock absorbers regulate the jiggling and vibration of the tub during a spin cycle. 

Naturally, shock absorbers wear out, hence losing their ability to perform efficiently. And in such a situation, you must replace it with a new set.

Shock absorbers are supposed to hold the drum in position, but break, get detached, or start leaking lubricants over time.

Unfortunately, most people only discover this damage after experiencing banging noises during wash cycles, indicating a failed maintenance level.

 In addition, due to uneven feet during wash cycles, your washer shock absorbers may get unhooked, causing your machine to vibrate during cycles. 

Also, your shock absorber will fail to transfer force into fluid once there are leakages, rendering the damper non-functional.

Depending on the age of your washing machine, shock absorbers of old appliances are prone to breakage

Therefore you should replace them once discovered during checks, depending on the model, size, and design of the washing machine, and are impacted differently. 

Need to know there are two main types of washing machines in the markets today, the top load and front load washers.

When choosing a washing machine, you must ensure to go with the one that serves you best, as both the top load and front load washers have pros and cons.

Some of which are in the table below.

MetricTop-load Front-load
Washing capacity Less High 
Water usage Uses more water Uses less water 
Energy efficiencyConsume more powerConsume less power
Cloth life spanLess High 
WashtubVertical Horizontal 
PriceLess expensive More expensive 

How Do I Know If My Washing Machine Shocks Are Bad?

Paying critical attention while operating your appliance is essential in noticing slight changes during usage.

For example, once you hear a banging noise during wash cycles, check your shock absorbers as damaged or worn-out washer shock absorbers are the primary source of banging sounds and excessive vibrations during spin cycles.

 When you neglect to replace shock absorbers, other parts of your washing machine will also be damaged eventually.

The most important way to prevent sudden damage to your washer shock absorbers is by running routine checks and regular maintenance.

And since most of us are dependent on our washing machines to do our everyday laundry, it is only essential always to keep our washing machines in good shape.

A failure to do so will lead to various damages, sometimes beyond repairs.

A few ways by which you can maintain your washing machine include:

  • Always choose a suitable detergent.
  • Ensure to run a deep cleaning of your washing machine if you’re expecting 100% always.
  • After using your washing machine, ensure that the machine’s door opens for some time. Leaving the door open helps in removing moisture
  • Ensure you clean the detergent and fabric softener dispenser.
  • Always check the hoses of your washing machine to ensure a smooth water flow.
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine.
  • Keep your washing machine away from the wall.


Shock absorbers of a washing machine are an essential part of the appliance and need adequate maintenance for effective functioning.

Do not hesitate to replace a damaged shock absorber, either yourself or with the help of an expert.

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