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How Many Amps Does a Toaster Use?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Do you ever wonder how much electricity your appliances consume, or has it ever crossed your mind to take a look and find out? We all know that different appliances have different electrical capacities; this is very much applicable to toasters.

So you may wonder about how many amps your toaster consumes while it plays its function in your kitchen corner.

Different grades of toaster carry different electrical capacities; the two-slice toaster’s amperage is different from that of a four-slice toaster. Different types of toasters use an electric current ranging from 7.5 amps to 15 amps. However, the quantity of electric current which a toaster uses generally depends on the brand or model.

How Many Amps Does a Two-slice Toaster Use?

Two-slice toasters use an average of 7.5 amps. The amperage could be slightly lower or higher than this value depending on the model of the toaster, but it spans around this. 

From this value, when you consider their work, you can understand that toasters save electricity to a high degree. Also, small toaster ovens are even more versatile, toasting, roasting, or aiding in baking. Thus, they save you from tons of stress and irrelevant work.

To put in perspective, this toaster pretty much uses moderate levels of electric current if you compare it with others. Therefore, even a small toaster oven uses higher amperage than two-slice toasters.

How Many Amps Does a Four-slice Toaster Use?

The total power consumption of a toaster depends on the number of slices of bread it can take at once. Therefore, this means that a four-slice toaster consumes more power than a two-slice toaster. The average amp of a four-slice toaster is approximately 15 amps, essentially the double of the two-slice toaster.

It is general knowledge that next to clothing irons, toasters are the most popular household appliances in the world. The changing lifestyle of people has warranted the increasing use of toasters at home.

Also, because toasters work swiftly and are easy to use and clean, it has become an indispensable appliance in each home.

Resultantly, most families use this toaster because of its higher capacity and efficiency. The four-slice toaster does double the work that a two-slice toaster can carry out within the same amount of time. Well, for people who live alone, this kind of toaster will not be a necessity.

What Factors Contribute to the Toaster’s Amps?

Several factors affect the amperage of your toaster. Although you may not note it, toasters have a great effect on your overall electrical bills. Factors such as the household size, model of the toaster, and others greatly influence how many amps a toaster uses.

1. Model of Toaster

High-end toasters consume more power than regular ones; therefore, you should consider the toaster model. If you want to obtain an energy-efficient toaster, do proper research to pick the right one.

Also, you should consider the quality; this is to prevent extra expenses at the end. Picking up a toaster with bad quality would mean more repair needs. Also, faulty toasters may draw in more electric current and may be prone to burning.

2. Size of Household

Although having a big household is a dream for most people, the bills which come with it can be problematic. The drastic increase in electricity consumption can be a little discouraging, but it’s always bound to happen.

Nevertheless, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, toasted bread is pretty much the easiest meal you can fix. Therefore, if you have a family that loves everyday toasts, be ready to pay heavy electricity bills.

3. Frequency of Use

How often you use your toaster also determines the amount of current which you will exhaust. Using your toaster maybe twice a week will not have a great impact on your general rate of electricity use. However, if you’re someone who loves to toast bread daily, you have some tons of work to do.

4. How You Prefer Your Toasted Bread

This may seem like a trivial factor, but you shouldn’t overlook it. Note that someone who prefers their toasted bread a little bit brown uses less electricity when compared to a burnt-bread lover. This all comes down to the amount of time which the toaster is kept in use.

In order to burn your bread, it will take you more energy input as compared to someone who wants to warm theirs.

By the wider look of things, your smartness when it comes to electric power use determines the overall amount your toaster consumes.

Do Toasters use a lot of Electricity?

Electrical Power Consumption Watt Meter Tester

A typical bread toaster uses between 800 to 1500 watts of power, while the average toaster uses around 1200 watts. Additionally, toasting six slices of bread takes about 12 minutes. Therefore, if you use the toaster for 12 minutes each day, you will consume 7.2 kilowatts each month; this amounts to around 1 dollar.

There are basically two types of toasters, two-slice bread toasters, and four-slice bread toasters. Most of the two-slice bread toasters consume between 700 and 1100 watts of electrical energy.

On the other hand, four-slice toasters consume between 1100 to 2500 watts of power, with the average being 1500 watts.

Because toasters work by converting electricity to heat, they require intense inputs of electricity to function. The best way to know how much electricity a toaster uses is by checking the label on the toaster. However, there are other ways to measure it as well.

However, toaster ovens use more power than regular toasters, where most consume over 1200 watts. Surprisingly, other models go over that consumption rate by 500 watts which adds up to around 1700 watts.

Nevertheless, because of the various uses of the toaster oven, some people would pick it over the bread toaster.

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How Many Volts Does It Take to Power a Toaster?

To power a toaster, you will need a voltage between 103 to 120; these produce anywhere from 500 to 1500 watts of power.

You make toast when you heat the bread to at least 115 degrees Celsius. Once you hit the temperature, a transformation begins, which caramelizes all the starch and sugars.

People used to achieve this effect by putting bread in iron holders and placing it over an open fire or hearthstone. However, this method was very tedious. So, to beat this problem, the toaster was invented.

Does a Toaster Draw Power When Plugged in But Turned Off?

Various electrical devices and appliances draw power when you plug them in, even if you turn them off. So, a toaster does the same, and others include televisions, lamps, and others.

This phenomenon is also described as phantom load or vampire energy. A phantom load is any electrical appliance or device which consumes electricity when it is off but still connected to a power outlet.

These appliances or devices provide the modern-day convenience which we enjoy; however, they also waste energy and cost money in return.

Surprisingly, toasters consume more power when they are off and connected to a power source. Because toasters work to generate enough heat to brown your bread, the heat required is significant.

However, a toaster in use can cause a fire, so toasters should never be left on the power outlet because small faults can trigger fires too.


Toasters utilize amperage according to their grade, design, and model. Generally, toasters of higher capacity and higher efficiency consume more power as they do more work. However, your style of use can absolutely influence the overall power usage of this important home appliance.

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