How Many Cubic Feet Is My Whirlpool Refrigerator?

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Determining your cubic refrigerator feet is not so hard to do as all you need is your tape measure.

Some people see calculating their Whirlpool refrigerator’s cubic feet as strenuous but stick with me as I guide you through it later. 

You should note that the cubit feet of a different refrigerator model may differ from yours, so you should avoid assumptions. So now, how do you determine the cubic feet of your refrigerator?

You can determine the cubic feet of your whirlpool refrigerator by measuring its width, depth, and height on the inside of the refrigerator, not the outside. After doing this, next is multiplying the result together and then dividing the total you get by 1728, and after you have done this, you get your cubic feet. 

How Do I Tell What Size My Whirlpool Refrigerator Is?

You should know the width, depth, and height of your refrigerator before determining what the size is.

To get your refrigerator’s width, height, and deep, you need to grab a tape and measure your refrigerator’s width, depth, and height.

Standard refrigerator size ranges between the following:

  • Width of 24 to 40 inches 
  • Depth of 29 to 36 inches, and;
  • Height of 62 to 72 inches.

However, the standard sizes of the French door and side-by-side refrigerators are slightly bigger. 

For an average refrigerator like the French door and side-by-side fridge, the width measures about 30-36 inches with 60-67 inches in height and 29-35 inches in depth.

The total volume that an average fridge occupies is 22.5 to 31 cubic feet, so if you’re getting an average refrigerator, you should already use this to determine its size; the same goes for the standard refrigerator. 

How Many Cubic Feet Is My Whirlpool by Model Number?

You can get the cubic feet of your refrigerator using the model number by determining the refrigerator’s width, breadth, and height.

The model number is usually a set of letters or digits that you can use to identify your refrigerator’s specific manufacturing data. 

The model number is generally located on a rating plate or inside your machine.

So, if you’re using either a side-by-side freezer, mini compact refrigerator, or a French door refrigerator, these are the usual locations where you can find your model number. 

All you have to do in determining the cubic feet is multiply the width, depth, and height of the interior of your freezer together (W*D*H) and divide your result by 1728.

For example, let’s say your refrigerator has a width of 28 inches, a height of 60 inches, and a width of 32 inches; your cubic feet will be 53,760 divided by 1728. It’s that easy!

How To Tell Cubic Feet of Whirlpool by Model Number?

To tell this, please measure the width, depth, and height of the interior of your refrigerator and multiply them.

After that, divide the result by 1728, and that there is your cubic number.

Finally, you should remove all the drawers and shelves in the refrigerator to get more accurate results. 

How Many Cubic Feet Is a Standard Refrigerator?

A standard refrigerator is generally between 20 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet and is usually 30-36 inches wide.

This refrigerator size is typically suitable for families of four to five.

However, you should note that the standard and average fridge sizes are not the same because average houses have about 2000 square feet while traditional houses measure 1500 square feet. 

Therefore, standard refrigerators may not be suitable for families with many members. Consequently, it is advisable to go for more gigantic appliances to serve these large families better.

Different refrigerator sizes can accommodate living spaces of various sizes, from smaller houses to even big mansions.

You should always use a tape measure around your kitchen area before buying a refrigerator. Some other categories of refrigerator sizes include the following;

#1. Mini Fridge

mini fridges are for people who stay alone. These fridges are usually under five cubic feet and also have a width of fewer than two feet.

This type of fridge is much preferable when you’re away from society, and an upturn is that they can run from a different power source like the generator when there is a power failure.

Mini fridges usually come with a power button, which allows you to turn them off and on anytime you, please. 

#2. Large Fridge

A large fridge is made majorly for large families and big businesses. They are over 25 cubic feet and more comprehensive than 35 inches.

These fridges are pretty large, and having this fridge is ideal for large families. 

What Size of Fridge Do I Need for A Family of Five?

You’ll need a refrigerator between 20 cubic feet and 25 cubic feet for a family of five or more.

A standard refrigerator would be the perfect choice for this family as it is usually between 30-36 inches wide.

However, before getting a fridge, you should also consider certain factors like the size of your kitchen and your budget. 

When buying a fridge for your family, you shouldn’t mistake purchasing the wrong style.

Many refrigerators come in different sizes, shapes, and designs; many people mistake buying a fridge based on the plans and incorrect specifications.

The best fridges do not always come in a very fancy style, so make sure you carry out research before getting a new refrigerator. 

Another major mistake that people make when buying refrigerators is forgetting to check if the new one fits in.

No matter the fridge style you choose, always ensure that you check if the new appliance can into the spot you want it to be.

You can achieve this by measuring the dimension of your old appliance and comparing it with the measurement of the new one you plan on purchasing. 

Another major factor you shouldn’t forget is to measure specific entry points like the front door, basement doors, hallways, and all other nooks and crannies that the appliance is supposed to pass through before getting to your kitchen. 

So, you should do this while anticipating the delivery man so that you will develop no complications during the movement of the fridge from the door to the kitchen. 

What is the most common refrigerator size?

The most common refrigerator size is about 20-40 inches for the width, 29-36 inches for the depth, and 62-72 inches for the height.

So when it comes to the interior of this refrigerator, it should have about 14-20 cubic feet of space.

These sizes are the usual sizes that the standard refrigerator refrigerators range from.

Most families own the standard refrigerator as it is said to be suitable for families of five, which is the ideal number for most families. 


A refrigerator is an essential appliance that you would need in your homes and modern factories or places of work.

With this article, you should know how to measure the cubic feet of your refrigerator and consider what type of refrigerator is suitable for your family type. 

You should equally also ensure that you carry out simple maintenance practices.

Even if you have an express warranty, it will likely develop primary or minor faults early if you don’t properly care for your Whirlpool refrigerator.

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