How Many Pendant Lights Over 9ft Island? (Must Read)

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Little details like the island’s distance or the number of pendant lights for the size of the island at the center of your kitchen accentuate your kitchen.

The extra attention paid to the cabinet molding and the tiles’ quality makes the overall outstanding looks.

For kitchen island lighting, there are dimensions of the light and the number of pendant lights to fit a particular size of the island.

This article discusses the required number of pendant lights for over 9ft island.

You can go a few pendant lights for a 9ft island, but this depends on the height of your ceiling from the island. There is, however, a design technique called “The Rule of Three,” which says that items are more memorable when arranged in odd numbers than even numbers.

What Size of Pendant Lights Over 9ft Island?

How Many Pendant Lights Over 9ft Island

If you’re choosing three pendants for your 9ft island, 13″ to 15″ is the ideal size. However, some home decorators permit using 18″ pendant lights.

For two pendants, 20″ pendant lights are perfect. This pendant is. However, not a fixed figure since many other factors come into play in choosing the size of pendant light for your 9ft island.

The size of pendant lights for a particular island is by the island’s width and the ceiling’s distance.

So large kitchen islands with high ceilings will go perfectly with dramatic pendant lights, while smaller islands will fit well with simple pendant lights. But there is always room for creativity. 

Therefore, you may want to do a little freestyling with your choice of pendant lights. While doing so, keep in mind that your choice will affect the look of your kitchen.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pendant Lights For 9ft Island?

Knowing the number of pendant lights that will work perfectly for a 9ft island and the type of pendant lights you want is one thing.

However, it is a different ball game altogether to understand that in design, beyond just your desire, all the fixtures have to complement each other to bring out the striking look in your kitchen.

Before you make a list for the kitchen island lighting you’d love to install, consider these factors that may cause a difference from your desired results if overlooked.

#1. Size of The Kitchen

The size of your kitchen is a significant determinant for almost all the decor you’d like to install, be it the cabinets, sink, windows, island, or pendant lights.

If your kitchen is spacious enough, it’ll need a comprehensive and high island.¬†Getting two small pendant lights of 13″ to 15″ will displace the setting and create the look of an underdeveloped design plan.

While three large pendant lights over small islands (6-7ft) will make the island look smaller and out of place. That is why it is good to size up your kitchen before choosing a particular pendant light.

#2. The Ceiling Height

By mere observation, you can see that some ceilings appear lower than others, and this may seem like an illusion since you can fit into both spaces without your head touching the roof but ideally, all ceilings do not have the same height.

The height of your ceiling will determine the height and size of your pendant lights and the number of lights required.

The average ceiling height is about 8ft from the floor but some range up to 10ft while others are below 8ft.

Lower ceilings do not need huge lights hanging closely to the floor; this is for the sake of safety and aesthetics because the weight of the lights will consistently pull on the ceiling, and it may crack or, worse, break.

 However, for aesthetics, having heavy pendant lights hanging from your low ceiling may not be the best sight for a modern-day kitchen.

#3. The Type of Pendant Lights

When it comes to home decorations, people always want to do what they want without looking at its overall effects on the home.

It is the same for pendant lights, which are on the market with different designs, sizes, and materials.

Some are bulkier and have more detail, while others are thin and simple; whichever you go for directly impacts the kitchen’s look.

To be on the safer side, take note of your kitchen design, size, ceiling height, island size, and a host of other fixtures that accentuate the kitchen and compare them to your preferred type of pendant lights. 

This action will go a long way toward the outcome of such lights should be installed. Fortunately, some experts understand the requirements for choosing pendant lights, and should you find anything complicated, they’re at your service.

With all the boxes ticked, you wouldn’t have a problem choosing the type of kitchen island lighting that perfectly suits your style.

While the outcome may not necessarily tally with your initial choices, sticking to the guidelines is always in your best interest.

With all the boxes ticked, you wouldn’t have a problem choosing the type of kitchen island lighting that perfectly suits your style.

While the outcome may not necessarily tally with your initial choices, sticking to the guidelines is always in your best interest.

How to Install Pendant Lights Over 9ft island?

The general guideline for hanging lights over islands requires a minimum of 24″ (2ft) between the pendants, and they should be suspended 30″ to 36″ above the surface of the island.

But just like all rules, there are always exemptions, and the exemption to this guideline is your height.

 So if you’re on the tall side (6ft 7 and above), you may consider hanging the lights 40″ from the countertop to avoid obstructing your view or accidentally hitting your head on the lights.

After a successful purchase, the next thing is to know how to install pendant lights over your 9ft island properly.

This process is mainly for those who want to install the lights alone because home decorators already know what to expect and how to do it. However, understand that some of these factors come into play even during installation.

Below are some things to consider when installing pendant lights over 9ft island.

#1. Spacing

The spacing out of the lights matters a lot, and except if you’re using just one pendant light, there should always be equal spacing between the two or three pendant lights you’re installing.

When installing your pendant lights, ensure that all the lights have a reasonable amount of space between them and are maintained throughout. 

The wrong spacing may mean too much light concentrated on one part, while excessive spacing will make it look off.

#2. The Arrangement of the Pendant Lights

Ensure that the lights’ arrangement tallies the size of the kitchen island. While spacing out the lights, ensure they cover the entire island size.

One pendant light should be at the island’s beginning and the last at the edge to enhance the lighting over the island.

#3. Height of the Pendant Lights

The height of the lights is crucial for a sound installation. While you must install all the lights at the same height, it is also noteworthy to check if the lights are not too long and, if so, should be shortened to fit the plan.

At the same time, short islands will tend to be invisible if the length of the cords is stable.

2 Vs. 3 Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island

Based on the general design guideline and the “rule of three,” 3 pendant lights are ideal for a sizable island.

Since odd numbers are more accessible to recognize than even numbers, this will be effective.

 And since the idea behind hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island is to enhance the looks of your kitchen and indirectly make a striking statement, you must follow this rule.

Generally, the number of pendants to hang over your island is not a familiar figure. Hence, you can’t decide to get 2 or 3 without considering the factors mentioned above.

In addition, the size of your island will determine if you should buy 2 or 3 pendant lights because buy less and the kitchen will be dim.

 While if you buy too many, the lights may be too blinding to permit one to take note of the kitchen entirely.

If your island is comparably more petite than usual, take measurements around your kitchen before deciding how many lights to purchase.

Take note of the width and height of the island as well as the height of the kitchen because they will determine whether two lights will be sufficient or not. 


Modern-day kitchens are more than a cooking area; for many, it is a space for family time, bonding, and creating fun and beautiful memories.

However, it is way beyond just the type of food cooked; people put a lot of effort into enhancing the looks by installing a certain number of pendant lights in a particular order.

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