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Parting ways with the childhood memories you made in your home can be such an emotional moment for many people.

The solution is a mobile home which many people now opt for instead of the traditional houses made with bricks. 

With mobile homes, you can afford to move around with your favorite memories and save the cost of rebuilding a new home.

The challenge for many, however, is how to move these houses without axles. 

You can move your mobile home to your desired location by hiring a moving company specializing in moving manufactured homes, otherwise known as mobile homes. Since the company is an expert in the field, they understand the rules surrounding moving manufactured homes since the home is very delicate. 

How Do I Move a Mobile Home Without Wheels?

How to Move Mobile a Home without Axles

You obviously cannot move a mobile home alone if they don’t have any axles. So, you will have to hire a moving company to move it to your desired location.

Recently, more people have opted for manufactured homes for several reasons; for one, it cuts down the cost of purchasing a new home for every relocation. 

Also, maintaining manufactured homes is less expensive than homes built with bricks, and above all, it offers affordable convenience.

Moving a mobile home can be hard to imagine for a layperson with no prior experience of how to do it, which is why moving companies exist.

And you are required to contact them after getting all your paperwork regarding your relocation done. You can take these steps when moving your house to another location without wheels.

#1. Contact the Building Commissioner

The building commissioner is in charge of your desired location here. Here is the hack; since you’re new to the location, the authorities in the location will put you through the requirements of pitching your house in that particular community.

In addition, the building commissioner would inform you of any zoning requirements regarding the age of your home and other stuff required of the residents of that community.

#2. Clear Your Taxes and Get Certified

The title certificate proves that the house is indeed yours and is up to date with the taxes. And you cannot get Certified without first paying your taxes. 

If you’re owing, you’d first have to pay before collecting the tax and title certificates.

These certificates are part of the documents you’d be presenting to the commissioner in your new location.

You’d have no trouble moving your home if you’ve got these two legal documents ready.

#3. Prepare Your Home

Once you clear taxes and other requirements by the state building commissioner, start preparing your home to be moved.

Do the necessary disconnections and packings. Here are hints on the things you’d be getting ready with;

#4. Utilities

Call your utility center to inform them about your relocation plans so that they can do the necessary disconnections from their end.

Also, inform them about your moving dates a few weeks before your relocation so that they can physically disconnect your house from the water and light supplies in time. 

Usually, some moving companies also offer disconnection services and would help you disconnect the systems.

Still, if you only pay for the moving alone, you may have to hire plumbers and electricians to disconnect critical systems.

In some states, the authorities are strict with failing to inform the utility center on time, and the penalty for this is usually a fine.

You’d be dealing with a lot of expenses trying to relocate; adding an extra charge to your cost of relocation should be the last thing on your mind.

#5. Remove Attachments

Remove extra attachments and the skirting like a porch, if you can remove them yourself.

However, it is good to let the company you’re hiring know about any extra compartments that may be a source of inconvenience to them because not all companies can move extra attachments. 

#6. Secure Loose Fittings

Loose fittings imply all items likely to fly around and damage while moving house. Put together all the items and secure them with a harness or move them separately to avoid them hitting against each other and damaging other parts of the house.

#7. Hire a Moving Company

Getting all the paperwork ready is usually the stressful part of moving a manufactured home; since you won’t be the one moving it literally, there’s not much stress on your part.

After getting approval from both commissioners (of your old and new place), the following line of action is to hire a reliable moving company who can move your property in one piece.

Many people like to skip the two significant steps and hurriedly contact a moving company.

Still, the truth is, the moving companies would agree to move your house until you’ve gotten permission to do so from the appropriate authorities. 

However, while processing your paperwork, you can look for reliable moving companies with a good reputation for moving homes without causing any damage to the homes.

Remember when you want to move your mobile home that you cannot just move it in your jurisdiction.

Rules and regulations guide every state and head who oversee these rules; therefore, you’d have to ensure that moving your home doesn’t go against any of these rules. 

Do All Mobile Homes Have Axles?

Yes, all mobile homes have wheels and chassis attached to them, which form the axles.

These make them “mobile” because with the axles in place, you can move them to a different location. And except you have them removed, all mobile homes are supposed to have axles. 

But for convenience and style, some people have removed them because they are in their desired location and would like to remain there permanently.

Manufactured homes without axles require axles in a situation where the owner wishes to change their location and will have to get them installed on the house’s base for easy conveyance.

Then, you can decide to buy the axles and keep them as yours. Some sellers rent out axles to homeowners; they’re not particularly moving companies but only deal with leasing out axles to those who cannot afford to pay for new ones.

How Much Do Mobile Home Axles Cost?

The cost of each axle depends on some factors, and although some moving companies would have them installed on your house, they cost about $500 to $1,000.

You can get them for $150 to $250 per axle. The cost of axles is probably why many people opt for moving companies to have them move them on their trucks.

The cost of axles is part of the enormous costs of moving home; this may also be why some people get discouraged about moving their mobile homes.

But you can’t compare the cost of moving a manufactured home to the cost of purchasing and running regular homes; people also move homes regularly. 

So, despite the stress of getting all the requirements intact and paying to move companies, the satisfaction of having your home mounted at a location you desire cannot be overemphasized.

What is the Cheapest Way to Move a Mobile Home?

As expensive as moving a mobile home is, many hacks reduce the cost of moving your home for you to explore.

Here are hints on cheaply moving your mobile home without breaking a bank.

#1. Cut Down on Other Expenses

You have to reevaluate your priorities when moving your home. Know your central plan and allocate the most money; you can trim other expenses.

For a home without axles, you have no option but to let the moving company move your home; however, that should be your significant expenditure. 

You can handle things like disconnecting the utility system yourself instead of hiring experts who will charge you based on their professional services.

However, you will have to pay extra attention when doing the disconnections to avoid breaking any pipes or getting shocked. 

It is not advisable to deal with electricity, but since you’ve already hired a moving company, they’d be doing some problematic disconnections for you.

#2. Choose Your Location Well

Your comfort is your greatest priority when you want to move, and, understandably, you’d like to move into your chosen location.

However, your chosen location may not be your best option if you’re working on a budget.

The proximity of your new location to the place you’re leaving can pad up your budget if the distance is much.

Do I Need a Permit to Move a Mobile Home?

Yes, it would help if you had a permit from the authorities responsible for your community and the community you’d like to move into. 

The following documents are what will determine if you’re eligible to move your home or not;

Tax receiptsEvery legal citizen is supposed to pay tax, and you’d be required to prove that your taxes are up to date.
Title certificateThis certificate shows that the house you’re about to move to is yours.
PermitIt is given to you by the person in charge of moving homes in your current location.

Before hiring a moving company, contact the building commissioner of the location you’d like to move to.

They are the ones to inform you of the documents to present and when to get them ready.

Not just the commissioner but the moving company you’d be hiring would also demand to see that you have the rights to move house before attempting to move it.


Moving a mobile home without axles is possible, and the practice has been around for some time.

However, considering how expensive axles cost, many people see no need to purchase them and instead hire moving companies to move their homes whenever they want to move.

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