How Much Does It Cost To Relocate A Stove? (Let’s See)

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Kitchen remodeling is a great way to change things up in your kitchen – from changing the colors of the wallpapers to relocating your kitchen appliance. 

Reasons you might change the position of your kitchen appliance can range from easy accessibility to safety. However, some of these appliances might be in the wrong place in your kitchen. 

Unlike appliances like your kitchen island, your gas stoves and range are less expensive to move.

The cost of relocating a gas stove starts from $150 and goes as high as $500. The price depends on the size of your gas stove and if you will need to run a new gas line. You can move your gas stove if you have the right tools or with the help of an expert.

Is It Easy or Hard To Relocate a Stove? 

The difficulty of relocating your gas stove depends on the size of the gas stove, the position of the gas line, and the level of your knowledge of other technicalities involved. 

Carefully move your gas stove to avoid causing damage to the flooring and the kitchen appliance. 

Freestanding gas stoves might not be complicated to relocate, but if you mounted your gas stove on the wall, you might require expert services to move it.

How To Move Your Gas Stove?

When moving your gas stove, you have to ensure that your work area has enough room.  Gas stoves are usually in tight spaces, so you may require professional services to remove them. 

If you plan to remove it yourself, you will need tools like a wrench and pipe-joint tape.  It is also essential to consider tight areas that will be difficult to reach, like the gas lines and wirings.

Moving a stove is not something you might do regularly or have to do.  So when you decide to relocate your gas stove, it is natural not to be familiar with the particulars. 

However, if you are not confident about your knowledge of relocating appliances, consult the services of a professional. 

These experts are trained and have experience moving appliances like this. 

Although this might take a bite out of your money, it will save you the stress and damage you may encounter during relocation.

However, if you are confident and capable of moving your gas stove yourself, below are some steps to go about it.

#1. Clean It Thoroughly

It might not be what you had in mind as the first step, but it is important what you will be moving is clean enough for some reasons. 

Firstly, you do not want to move a greasy gas stove because it would be hard to grip. A dirty gas stove will be irritating to touch and could leave stains on your floor during relocation.

Carefully detach the knobs, broiler pans, oven racks, and grates and clean them thoroughly.  Once dry, wrap them in a box and set them aside. 

Also, consult the brand’s manufacturing manual on cleaning your gas stove.

#2. Unplug The Gas Stove

Unplugging the gas stove is a risky process, and I would advise you to contact an expert for this part. Unplugging a gas stove involves more than just disconnecting it from the source. 

You will have to shut your gas line and cap. Schedule the services of a gas provider before you plan to relocate the gas stove. 

Though it may cost you some money, a professional will ensure your gas stove is safely disconnected.

You will also need their services after you have moved your gas stove to its new location. So, ensure you have scheduled their services for the disconnection and reconnection. 

#3. Wrap The Appliance

To do this, use packing tape to seal the doors of the gas stove. You will also need zip ties to tie up wirings and cords. 

This process will keep the wirings from interfering with movement during relocation. 

#4. Transport It To The New Location

This part is a challenging part of relocating the gas stove. Some stoves are quite heavy to move around. 

Therefore, you should enlist the help of one or two people, especially if you will use a staircase. Ensure to use a moving mat, an appliance dolly, or a hand truck.

If you move the appliance up or down a staircase, use plywood planks to make a ramp. Then place it over the stairs and roll the dolly slowly toward the location. 

Get assistance when performing this task, as it might be heavy and harmful if you lose your grip on the appliance dolly.

#5. Place It in The New Location

Once you have gotten to the new location, reverse the steps above.  Get an expert to reconnect the gas lines and put all the stove pieces back in place. 

Give your stove a professional hand as they are a costly investment, and you will need to move it cautiously. 

Try not to relocate your gas stove if you do not feel confident about moving it with proper care.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Range?

A gas range costs about $200 to $800 to move.  Unlike gas stoves, gas ranges are complicated to relocate. 

You might require the services of a plumber to connect the gas line to the new area.  However, they would not have to do this if they would move the range just a few inches from the original spot.

To move your gas range, follow the instructions on ‘how to move your gas stove above.’

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Stove Gas Line?

Moving gas lines can range from $15 to $25 per linear foot and costs from $250 to $750, depending on how far you need to move it.

You might need to relocate your gas line depending on the size of the renovation project.  However, you might need more gas lines, which can cost from $3 to $10 per linear foot. 

You may also need to contact a professional, which can incur an average labor cost between $75 to $200. 

Though it is often done by a professional, you can also move the gas line.  Obtain the necessary permission, information, and tools to perform this relocation. 

Here are the steps to move your gas lines:

  • Using a tape measure, measure the distance between the first section of the pipe to the pipe bend.  A gas pipe should always run straight from the meter to the appliance.
  • Measure the length of the pipe until you reach the point where there is another obstruction, and you will need to install another angled coupling. 
  • In this same way, measure the other parts of the gas pipe until all the gas lines are measured.  You can also arrange the gas pipes and couplings to see the visual display of how the new gas line will be connected.  Take each part of the pipes, and coupling, then fit it in the new gas line. 

Gas couplings come in different angles between 30° to 90° to help connect gas lines if there are obstructions. You can also get straight couplings and T couplings in stores or online.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel Kitchen?

On average, a kitchen remodel costs about $12,500 to $33,000. The price depends on the size of your kitchen and the kitchen upgrade cost in your area. 

If you add luxurious items, the kitchen remodels cost will incur an additional price between $5,000 to $50,000.


Kitchen upgrades can be cheap or costly, depending on varying factors.  Relocating your gas stove can range from $150 to $300. 

Once you are not confident about moving the gas stove yourself, you should contact a professional, especially for the gas lines.

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