How Much Does it Cost To Dye Carpet? (Full-Breakdown)

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The cost of purchasing new carpets can be discouraging for many who want to give their floors a new look, so many opt for dyeing them into their desired colors. But apparently, you can’t dye carpets for free.

So if you decide to go DIY, you will still need to use the money to purchase the dyes and other materials. Consequently, many consider the cost of dyeing carpets before proceeding.

The cost of dyeing a carpet varies from company to company, but on average, it will cost you between $1.50 to $2.50 per square yard to dye your carpet. Other services like padding or other minor repairs could cost up to $7 to dye your carpet. These prices are the cost of purchasing the dyes and the materials needed for the job.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye a Carpet?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye a Carpet

You can be charged $200 and above to have your carpet dyed by a professional.

At the same time, no ideal professionals are to provide specific services; some experts do the job perfectly.

However, the cost of dyeing a carpet varies from one expert to another and depending on the scope of work, you may have to pay more to dye your carpet than it would cost you to get a new one.

In addition, you’ll pay extra if you include other things like moving furniture, installing paddings, or cleaning the floor.

There’s no fixed price for dyeing an entire carpet because you must consider many factors when deciding to dye your carpet.

Factors like the quality of the carpet and dye you wish to use, the size of the room, and, most importantly, who you’re hiring to do the job affect your budget. 

If you’re hiring a professional, it’ll cost you more than if you’re doing it yourself, and since you can’t guess how much the person will charge you, you can’t factor in the labor cost yet. 

But on average, people who dyed their carpets were charged about $1.50 to $2.50 per square yard to dye carpets.

However, if the carpets and dye are of high quality and you demand quality execution, you may be charged up to $5 to $7 per square yard with other extras.

Dyeing carpets can sometimes be a little more costly than replacing the carpet entirely because, while the cost per square yard may appear cheap, that is not all.

 When you factor in the costs of installing an underlay or replacing worn-out parts of the carpet, it pads up the total labor cost, which can sometimes be more expensive than purchasing a new carpet.

Fortunately, no matter the situation, you can always have ways to reduce the costs of dyeing your carpets if you readjust your priorities to fit your budget.

If you’re working on a budget, consider doing the following;

#1. Consider a DIY

Most domestic repairs cost so much because of the labor cost; in most cases, the materials aren’t too expensive.

So, people try to boycott hiring a professional and do the work themselves to save cost.

But the downside of this is that you will not get the same outcome with the work of a professional except if you have some experience dealing with carpets and dyes.

#2. Move the Furniture By Yourself

Another hack is to do all the furniture moving by yourself. Moving furniture is not the same as dyeing a carpet, so the best way to eliminate extra costs is by doing most of the work yourself.

While your decorator will first advise you against dyeing your carpet, the ball is in your court to decide what is best for you and if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional.

However, there are comparisons between hiring a professional to do the work and dyeing it yourself, and even though their method of approach may be the same, the results are not always the same. 

Therefore, comparing both outcomes will help you decide on whether you want to hire a professional or not.

#3. Hiring a Professional Vs. DIY

Should you decide to dye your carpet by yourself, take precautions to avoid getting in direct contact with the dye because it’ll be spilling out.

Also, wear protective gear like gloves and rubber boots that are washable.

Can You Dye Existing Carpet?

Yes, you can dye an existing carpet, be it an old faded carpet, or hide an oil spillage.

But, you will not uniformly color it because of the variation in the type of dye the manufacturers used on the carpet, the type you’re using, and the time.

 In addition, since the initial color is in the carpet’s fabric for a longer time, the new dye will only appear on a surface and quickly fade away.

So, it is advisable to use a darker shade of the same dye color when dyeing your carpet so that even when it fades, it’ll fit perfectly with the existing color.

Usually, because of how expensive dyeing a carpet into a uniform color is, people mainly dye only existing carpets for reasons like fading and bleach spilling on the carpet to change the color of the carpet.

Although dyeing an existing carpet isn’t so cheap, it is comparably less expensive than dyeing a new one. 

Besides, at the time of purchase, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from so that you can choose the color you want instead of buying it and then dyeing it after. 

When dyeing an existing carpet, remember that it may not be the same as a newly bought carpet for obvious reasons, especially if you’re dyeing it yourself.

Hiring a professional will bring you closer to what you want but before you hire a professional, consider the following;

  • Your budget can afford a professional.
  • The type of carpet you’re using matters. Because of how expensive it will cost you to dye an existing carpet, hiring a professional for low-quality carpets will be a waste of money. 
  • The size of the room. Dyeing carpets are not only expensive but exhausting; if you’re alone, it will take you twice the time it will take a professional to do the work.

How Long Do Dyed Carpets Last?

Dyed carpets usually don’t last long; within a year, it starts fading, but if applied by a professional, they could last up to 10 years.

The quality of dye and carpet all have a role in the outcome of dyeing the carpet and how long it will last. 

High-quality dyes applied by a professional will last longer than low-quality dyes applied by the same professional. Also, it will fade fast if you don’t apply a high-quality dye properly.

The issue with dyeing carpets is that there’s no guarantee that it will come out like the original color, and even when you get a result close to the original color, it will only last for years and then begin to fade. 

Within the first year of dyeing your carpet with a low-quality dye, it will fade away, so instead of dyeing the entire carpet, people focus on only a few faded or stained spots that require immediate attention so that the difference is not so visible.

What Kind of Carpet Be Dyed?

Only carpets made with wool or nylon are dyeable; this is something a lot of people fail to check before deciding to dye their carpets.

Meanwhile, this is the first step in the entire process; knowing if the particular type of carpet is dyeable or not.

 Unfortunately, this is where many people fail to understand the trick of dyeing your carpet is that as much as you’re eager to deal with the fading or spillage on your carpet, not all types of carpets can be dyed. 

Before you buy any dyes or hire a professional to dye your carpet, take a string of fiber from your carpet and burn it; wool burns slowly and smells like hair, while nylon will melt fast and turn into an intricate tiny bead.

If your carpet burns like any of these, then you can go on with hiring a professional or purchasing the dyes to do it yourself. 

Unfortunately, other fabrics may not absorb the dye well enough, which will double as a loss on your side.

Is It Cheaper to Dye a Carpet?

It is cheaper to dye a carpet than replace it with a new one, but it depends on the scope of work involved.

The price of a new high-quality carpet is about $1683, while it costs just about $586 to dye a carpet, so apparently, it will only cost you one-third of the cost of a new carpet to dye an existing one.

Hiring a professional to dye your carpet can sometimes cost more than the price of a new carpet because of extra work like removing furniture.

But if you’re doing it yourself, you can reduce the price and restore your carpet on a friendly budget.

 Unfortunately, there are other situations where dyeing a carpet can cost more than replacing it, especially if the carpet is of high quality and has a vast coverage area. These are cases that discourage some people from dyeing their carpets.


The cost of dyeing a carpet can be fair or high, depending on what you want and how you want it done.

While some people may dye theirs cheaply, it may not be the same for you if you hire a professional or purchase high-quality dyes and you’re dyeing a wide area.

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