How Much Does It Cost To Furnish A 4000 Square Foot House?

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Furnishing a house could be very tasking from the sitting room to the dining room to the bedrooms and kitchen.

The amount of money one could spend on furnishing depends on the individual. A person with high taste would spend more money. 

Again, one’s class could determine how much you can spend. A middle-class man/woman would spend less on furnishing a 4000-square foot house. But overall, how much does this cost?

To properly furnish a 4000 square feet house, one could need about $50,000 to get it done; this is not an endless amount for everyone. It depends on the individual’s wants, the furniture brand, and the quality level. However, for standard furnishing, this amount is okay. 

How Much Does It Cost To Furnish a House Per Square Foot?

How Much Does It Cost To Furnish a 4000 Square Foot House 

The cost to furnish a house per square foot depends on the total amount used to furnish the whole house.

Therefore, to know how much it costs to furnish a house per square foot, first of all, know the total square foot of the house. 

If it’s a 4000-square foot house, calculate how much you used to furnish the whole house and divide the amount by 4000; this is how to get the cost of what you spent per square foot.

What is your budget if it’s not a house you’ve furnished yet? If your budget is $100,000 for a 4000 square foot house, it would cost you $100,000/4000, which is $25 per square foot. 

It will interest you that some people spend $100-150 dollars to furnish a house per square foot.

If the house is 2000 square feet in total, such an individual has spent $200,000-$300,000 to furnish the entire house. Wow! That’s huge. 

How Much Does The Average Person Spend On Furnishing a 4000 Sq Per Month?

The average person can spend $16,000 on furnishing a 4000 sq foot house. If such a person wants to furnish the house, they do it gradually from one room to the other, the dining room and the sitting room.

The furniture isn’t so expensive and is quite affordable. An average person wants to spend $16,000 to furnish the house.

If it’s every month he wants to furnish, then he should start from either the living room or one bedroom to furnish.

In most cases, people start from the living room. Start purchasing the couch, the side stools, center tables, shelves, and so on. 

If your budget is $16,000, then in a month, you should take out some money at that particular month to make purchases.

This price should be around $1200 monthly. It’s also okay to spend $2000 monthly on furnishing the house. 

How Much Does It Cost To Furnish a Living Room Fully? 

One can’t say this is the particular cost to Furnish a living room fully, but we can grade according to class.

For the high class, middle class, and low class. The high class can spend $50,000 – $60,000 to furnish the living room.

Some even spend more depending on your taste. So let’s look at how this money goes. 

Items In the Living RoomCost
Fancy Pillows$1500
Light fixtures$1800
Total Cost$48,300

The prices stated above are just rough calculations of what a person in the high class can spend to furnish just the living room.

But, of course, some people splurge hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. For people who want to spend moderately, it could cost about $10,000 to furnish their living room.

Let’s say, a couch of $2500, chandeliers of $1000, accessories and arts worth $2500, rugs, tables, and lamps worth $2000, fancy Pillows, drapery, and console worth $4000.

Spending $5000 to furnish your living room or even less is possible. You have to budget what you would like to spend on the couch, rugs, accessories, etc. Could you put it in writing and plan? 

There are furniture and accessories you can afford that fit your budget, or you reduce the items to put in the living room. Some are not compulsory, and others are more important than some.

Tips To Furnish a 4000 Sq Ft House

Going into a new house is overwhelming, especially a 4000-square foot house. At this point, some people get confused about what to purchase and what not to purchase.

However, you don’t have to worry about all that. If you follow these tips carefully, you will do everything with ease. 

#1. Know Your Measurements

The worst thing you would do is to assume measurements. It always doesn’t end well.

Use a measuring tape to measure the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and other areas in the house so you would know the item’s size to purchase.

Getting a massive couch for a small living room becomes tight and makes movement difficult. 

#2. Have a Budget

Having a budget is very important. Without this, there’s no plan. With your budget, you know the items you need first and what they’ll cost you, so you don’t overspend.

This action would help guide you throughout the process of furnishing the house. 

#3. Purchase the Large Furniture

It’s wise to purchase the essential furniture before the accessories; you should get your couch, tables, and beds before chandeliers, fancy Pillows, and so on.

So it is because your house can do without some of these things but not without the big furniture. 

#4. Recycle And Refurbish Old Furniture

It’s not a bad idea to get second-hand stuff too. Again, there are good quality second-hand items. But, again, some of your old stuff might still be okay to use.

So, instead of getting rid of them, it’s better to fix them and use them; this only applies to those items that are still good. 

#5. Buy Quality Items Too

As much as you should take advantage of opportunities if buying discounted or second-handed items, you should not fill the entire house with them. Also, buy new items of high quality. It’s not a bad idea to mix them up. 

#6. Having a good color sense

To have a good color sense doesn’t mean when you have a black sofa, your drapers, rugs, and pillows should also be black.

You should be able to mix colors well to come out warm and beautiful. If you’re bad at color combinations, you can research colors. 

#7. Decorate Your Home

This method is your choice to add pieces of artwork, wall designs, and beautiful items. You can choose to decorate around your favorite piece of furniture.

However, some people decide to decorate the whole house moderately, and it comes out beautiful. 

Final Thoughts

Furnishing a 4000-square feet house is a lot to handle. No particular amount one can say you should use to furnish your house.

It’s your house! You make the choices. Before furnishing your house, there are certain things you should know that’ll help guide you when making decisions.

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