How Much Does It Cost To Move A Toilet? (Full Breakdown)

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Moving a toilet becomes crucial when running a bathroom renovation to create a new bathroom layout or when you plan on replacing a toilet with one of a different size.

The cost drivers during a bathroom remodeling vary, depending on the type of project you are running. 

While changing the bathroom floors adds a considerable percentage to your budget, moving a toilet is quite expensive. Consequently, how much will it cost you to move a toilet? 

It will cost you about $2500 to $3500 per fixture to move a toilet. The total cost of moving a toilet will depend on the materials used, whether you will move the existing plumbing, location, job size, finishing options, and labor cost. Generally, it is costly to move toilets.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet Drain?

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet

Toilet drains must be moved together with the toilet during a remodel. And the overall cost of moving a toilet drain is affected by various factors.

And also, there are different technical elements to moving the drain pipes that you must consider.

The further away you intend to move your toilet drain will significantly impact the cost and the overall cost of labor.

Moving a toilet drain costs about $164 to $1000 per line. The average cost of materials in moving a toilet drain is estimated to be $164 per line.

At the same time, the cost of materials together with labor is about $821 per line.

The cost of labor significantly impacts the total cost of moving a toilet drain, except if you decide to follow the guidelines and carry out the task to cut down on cost.

Generally, different things are involved in moving a toilet drain. First, carefully capped off sections of the old pipe if required. Next, the sewer line is connected with new pipes and routed to the new location.

If the distance from the sewer pipe varies from that of the new location, then the slope of the drain will need to be rerouted, which will consequently affect the total expense.

When installing the toilet drain at the new location, you must ensure a suitable ramp and drop for the correct gravity flow of the drain pipes.

During the movement of a toilet drain, the water supply line also will be moved. As such, you must ensure to check and verify the strength of the floor and whether or not it will hold the load of the toilet for an extended period.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet a Few Inches?

Moving a toilet a few inches will cost about $1500 to 3500. Moving a toilet, even just a few inches, is expensive, although a few workarounds will enable you to cut down on the cost.

A little movement of your toilet drastically improves the shape and function of your bathroom. Although when moving a toilet, your plans should cover both the supply and waste lines.

It is possible to move a toilet as many inches as you want. You can even decide to move a toilet a few inches without having to make a new hole.

Using an offset toilet flange, you can move the toilet by a couple of inches on any side. Doing so will allow you to use the same wastewater line and, in turn, save costs. 

Moving or renovating a toilet requires a lot of plumbing which doesn’t usually come cheap. The type of plumbing work you ought to do will play a vital role in determining the total cost.

For example, replacing the water line or extending the stack will need to be replaced. 

Also, the floor is opened, reframing the wall, or maintaining other fixtures. All of which makes moving a toilet generally expensive. 

The best way to save cost when moving a toilet is to do it yourself. The program lies in the fact that most people have little or no experience and will increase costs by causing havoc.

Other than doing it yourself, below are other ways you should consider if you intend to cut down on the cost of moving your toilet even a few inches.

  • Reuse the fixture as new toilets are expensive, depending on the design.
  • Relocate the toilet near the drain line.
  • Switch to crimp-fit couplings.

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Toilet In a Concrete Slap? 

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most expensive home renovations. While moving a toilet in its real sense should not break the bank, especially when you plan to reuse the fixture.

All that will be required is to remove the toilet as carefully and neatly as possible and then transfer it to the new place.

On the other hand, moving a toilet in a concrete slap is relatively expensive because of the work involved.

Moving a toilet in a concrete slap costs about $2000 to $6500. The variation in the price will depend on the professional servicing fee.

Also, moving a toilet within the same bathroom is generally less expensive than moving a toilet with complete line rerouting. 

On the other hand, moving a toilet in a concrete slab is expensive because you will need to demolish the concrete to gain access and move the water and waste lines.

Moving on to rebuild the concrete foundation and replace the subflooring, flooring, and fixtures is another big task, all of which point out why moving toilets in a concrete slab is expensive.

Therefore, when moving a toilet in a concrete slab, it is advisable to allow a professional to handle the work, to avoid causing damage and curing extra costs to your project.

Can You Move a Toilet to Where a Sink Was?

Yes, you can move to a toilet where the sink was. It requires potentially rearranging fixtures and still making use of the existing plumbing.

But it would be best to know that there is more to the work than meets the eyes. To achieve the desired results, the plumber must adjust the setting of existing pipes and drains.

Also, you will need to run a major demolition and reconstruction. Running a replacement for your plumbing system is a difficult task to carry out since you will need to do a lot of rearrangements in putting the toilet where your sink was.

In addition, moving a toilet to where your sink was will ultimately change many things in your bathroom setting, including the electrical installation.

Therefore, while moving a toilet to the position you installed a sink is possible, you should consider the cost before embarking on the project.

There are no restrictions on the spot. You can move your toilet when you are on the proper budget.

But when working on a budget-friendly expense, it would be best to consider other options because plumbing work is expensive, especially when you move the toilet away from the drain line. 

Although a professional will handle rearranging the toilet and the sink pipes, you will spend a massive deal on moving a toilet where a sink was.

How Do You Move a Toilet to a Different Location?

Moving a toilet to a different location only involved moving the existing fixture, which would be easy. It deals with the fixture and moves the water supply and drainage.

Installation of the toilet is relatively easy once all the plumbing is in place. Installation of the toilet drains is more difficult than moving the water supply system.

The tasking part is in moving toilet drains and the water supply pipes. The toilet drain is gravity fed, meaning you must drop them at a vertical rate of about a quarter inch for each flat foot.

You will not need additional reinforcement to strengthen the floor framing when properly planting your new toilet. 

The water supply pipes will be able to tap into the existing supply lines and send them to the new location.

To do this:

  • Remove the toilet from its current position and carefully place it in a safe spot to avoid damage, especially for a toilet you plan to reuse.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the toilet flanges from the floor and then remove the flanges from the drain pipe.
  • Slash the toilet fold and then position the new pipe location.
  • Now, push the fresh pipe and then put the pipe sub out.
  • After which, you will run the water supply lines.
  • Fit the toilet flange and then install the toilet.

While moving a toilet yourself is possible, leaving some jobs for the professionals is best. The table below contains the do’s and don’ts when replacing a toilet.


Moving a toilet is one of the most expensive plumbing activities when remodeling your bathroom because of the extra work involved in flooring, moving the water supply line, and drainages.

While there are DIY ways that will enable you to cut down the cost of moving a toilet, it would be best if you call on the services of an expert, especially if you lack plumbing skills.

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