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Generators are a vital part of any home or business. They provide power to homes, organizations, and offices when the electricity goes out.

However, they come with their own set of downsides. For example, some generators seem heavy and appear challenging to carry around.

Thus, wanting to purchase a generator, you may question the weight of the generators. 

The weight of a generator is accounted for by its size, power rating, and type of fuel it runs on. For instance, a generator that runs on diesel will weigh differently from a generator that runs on natural gas. However, independent of any affecting factor, the average weight of generators is about 250 lbs.

How Much Does a 3,500 Watt Generator Weigh?

How Much Does a Generator Weigh

There’s no specific weight for 3,500-watt generators. It depends on the brand and the generator makeup; nevertheless, the range is between 99-180 lbs.

In comparison, a 3,500-watt craftsman generator has an estimated 121.7 pounds weight, and a Generac generator of the same power rating weighs 109.1 lbs.

 Honda generators with a similar power rating possess a 183 pounds weight. Below is a tabulated display of other 3,500-watt generators and their estimated weights.

3,500-watt Generator Brand TypeWeight (Pounds)

Heavy generators are indeed easy to find around. And the heavyweight is usually due to their metal constituents and other materials that make them difficult to carry around.

3,500-watt generators, on the other hand, have a weight range of about 99-180 lbs, but their respective weights increase with the addition of fuel.

Likewise, note that some generators aren’t within the weight range of 3,500-watt generators and weigh less than 100 pounds.

These generators are usually small enough to be carried around in one hand and can provide power for a considerable period.

From all the 3,500-watt generators seen above, you’ll find that the predator unit has the least weight.

Thus if you’re looking forward to getting a lightweight generator, consider predator’s 3,500-watt type. 

The lightweight ability of the generator makes movement easy. It’ll be a great choice if you want to move your generator frequently.

The generator will be an excellent alternative for those who live in an apartment with elevators.

How Much Does a 5,500 Watt Generator Weigh?

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Like any 3,500-watt generator, the weight of a 5,500-watt generator depends on its company and the model.

Different companies have disparate designs and technology that make their products different from others. However, the weight range of a 5,500-watt generator is 160-195 lbs. 

While 5,500-watt Generac generators possess a weight of about 180 lbs, Honeywell generators with the same power rating have a 185 pounds weight.

5,500-watt champion generators, on the other hand, have a 160-162 pounds weight. You see, many factors come into play when determining the weight of generators.

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For example, two generators with the same power rating produced by one company can have different weights.

The reason is that the producer can use different technologies and designs. Moreover, generator models differ a lot.

Compared to 3,500 Watt generators, the 5,500 have more weight; the reason is undoubtedly the increased power rating.

But besides power rating, 5,500 tend to be larger and contain more accessories. In general, the larger the generator, the heavier it will be.

The weight of a generator also depends on the number of accessories attached to it. Likewise, the generator type(whether it’s a portable or standby unit) can affect the weight. 

Because 5,500-watt generators are heavier, carrying them around will be somewhat problematic. So if you’re looking for a 5,500 lightweight unit, go for the 5,500-watt champion generator.

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How Heavy Is a 7,500 Watt Generator?

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7,500-watt generators are very heavy. They usually weigh around 200 pounds which is a lot of weight to carry.

And the weight can be a huge inconvenience if you cannot get the generator where it needs to go.

Typically, 7,500-watt generators are about 200 pounds heavy, but some still have weights exceeding this range.

As you may have known, the weight largely depends on brands and designs.

For instance, a champion 7,500-watt generator weighs about 199 pounds, seemingly different from a similar Westernhouse 7,500-watt unit with a 192 lbs weight.

A 7,500-watt generator weighs between 200-250 pounds. And the size of the generator determines how much power it can produce and how many devices it can run at a time.

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To your knowledge, a more significant generator will weigh more than a smaller one because it has more parts to produce more power.

This statement implies that you will need a more powerful generator if you want to run more devices or need more power.

For example, 7,500-watt generators are more prominent and therefore have more weight than the 3,500-watt.

In addition, don’t be surprised to see any 7,500-watt standby generator. While the portable ones are seemingly common, there exist stationary generator ones too.

Note that the standby types are larger and heavier than the portable ones. Portable generators are lighter because they don’t have all the parts needed for stationary generators.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing an excellent 7,500-watt generator, I suggest you go for a  stationary type.

The reason is that stationary models are usually much more powerful than portable ones. But select a standby type only if you don’t intend to move the unit from place to place.

Also, note that standby units are more expensive and don’t require transportation; they can provide power for more extended periods.

On the other hand, portable generators are smaller and lighter, making them easier to transport and store.

They also have a lower price tag but can only provide power for a short time before needing a recharge or refueling.

What Does a 10,000 Watt Generator Weigh?

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The weight of a generator depends on how much power it generates and the weight of its constituent materials.

A 10,000-watt generator will weigh around 230-300 pounds or even more, depending on whether it’s standby or portable. They usually have a 3-phase electric motor.

The table below shows some 10kw portable generators and their weights.

10kw Generator TypeWeight(pounds)
DuroMax XP10,000E228
All-Power America APGG10,000228-233
Durostar DS10,000E260

10kW generators are heavy and must be on a trailer for towing. These generators are usually more extensive and powerful than 7,500-watt generators; this includes the EB10,000, which weighs 402 pounds.

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The EB10,000 is a portable type and is suitable for home power outage use; it’s also gasoline-powered. 

Compared to 10,000-watt portable generators, the standby types are heavier and have more power.

Once any generator’s weight is above 200 pounds, the concept of portability swifts away. You’ll need to put the unit on a small trailer and tow it to the desired location.

How Much Does a 12,000 Watt Generator Weigh?

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A 12,000-watt generator can output up to 12,000 watts of power at any moment. So it provides enough power for many appliances and electronics without running out of juice too quickly.

At the same time, it’s cumbersome and weighs about 240 pounds and above. The champion 100111 12kw generator is 329 lbs, meaning you’ll need a lot of physical strength to carry it around.

The main reason why they are so heavy is that they have a lot of power. The wattage measures how much power the generator can produce, and 12,000 watts is a lot.

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They also need to be heavy to ensure that the generator can withstand the pressure of being constantly on for long periods.

If you want to purchase a 1200-watt power generator but don’t want to deal with the weight, other options are available, such as an electric start or battery backup model.

These models will be lighter than the traditional ones because they don’t have a starter cord or need as much fuel storage.

The Honda EU2200i is another good alternative. It has a low power rating and can run for hours with little fuel.

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This unit is unlike a 12kw unit that requires sufficient fuel and isn’t easy to transport.

12,000-watt generators are worth the weight if you want to power a house or an office building and you need to use the generator for hours.

But if you want a generator that can power your home during an outage or other emergency, go for the Honda EU2200i. Moreover, most of the 12kw generators you’ll find around are standby types.

Don’t forget that your generator weight will vary depending on its brand and model. Some models tend to be heavier than others.

Additionally, portable generators are usually lighter than stationary ones because they are smaller in size, so they have fewer metal parts.

Portable generators have a wide range of weights. As much as you can find a 50 pounds generator, there also exist generators with weights of about 260 lbs or more.

Many factors can affect the weight of a portable generator, like its fuel, size, and engine power.

#1. Fuel Type

The type of fuel can have a significant impact on the weight of a portable generator. For example, if you are looking for an easy generator to carry around, it is better to use a propane one.

Portable generators usually operate with diesel, gasoline, natural gas, or propane. The type of fuel will determine how much weight a generator can carry.

Generally, gasoline-powered generators are lighter than diesel-powered ones because they carry less fuel; the fuel has smaller molecules. 

A gasoline-powered generator, in other terms, will be heavier than a propane one because gasoline is naturally heavier than propane. It also requires more maintenance.

#2. Power Rating

The power rating is an essential factor influencing a portable generator’s weight. The higher the power rating, the heavier it will be.

The reason is that more powerful generators have larger engines and require more space for installation and cooling. 

That’s why you’ll find that the heavier a portable generator is, the more powerful it will be. Also, it will last longer on one tank of fuel.

The power rating, however, is determined by the wattage it can produce. Consequently, the power rating will be higher for a generator with more wattage.

#3. Disparate Brand Designs

Given the range of different generator weights, the values can still vary depending on the brand’s design.

It’s not just the design but the model type too. While specific brands utilize heavier components like steel or cast iron to produce more power, others use lighter materials like aluminum. 

A portable generator with a heavy-duty design will need more material to generate more power; consequently, its weight will increase.

Best Generator For Running Your A.C And Refrigerator?

There is always a chance that electricity may go off, so it is always a good idea to keep a generator on standby.

So, a generator stands as a better means of having the power to run your businesses and others.

Nonetheless, generators vary depending on their size, brand, and fuel /gas type.

Below is a list of the Top 3 Generators that we selected after some intensive research.

  • #1. Champion Power Equipment 200963 3500-Watt RV
  • #2. Generac 7127 iQ3500-3.5KVA Watt Portable Inverter Generator
  • #3. DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Special Generator


A generator can be a lifesaver in a power outage and other unexpected occurrences. Thus the weight of generators can be a factor in your decision.

The weight of generators varies depending on their power rating, fuel type, and brand. For example, a 12,000-watt generator could weigh up to 300 pounds.

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