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As you already know, Lowes is one of the leading retail companies responsible for installing and distributing major home appliances.

Apart from their distribution role, they also provide repair and assistance services such as installing home improvement appliances.

However, these additional services are not free, as there is always a token to pay in exchange for them.

Why don’t you read on as I take you through an extensive guide on Lowes installation prices?

The installation cost for most microwaves is around $105 to $185. However, for inbuilt microwaves, the installation cost is as high as $2000. On the other hand, the average cost for installing an over-the-range microwave is at least $100 to $300, excluding the electrical outlet installation and even part modifications. 

In this article, I will outline the standard amount Lowes charges for microwave installation. As a bonus, outline the pros and cons of Lowes microwave pricing and installation services. 

Does Lowes Install Microwaves?

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install a Microwave

Of course, Lowes is one of the best service providers for the distribution and installation of kitchen aid equipment and appliances.

They are particularly excellent at installing new microwaves and replacing all defective parts.

On a brighter note, their services are highly affordable and recommended for homeowners, especially residents in the United States.

Lowes installation price typically ranges from $100 to $150 and does not cover things like shipping or product hauling, supply charges, and labor charges.

Also, there could be variations in the price installation due to factors like the size of the microwave, the brand, and the models.

For instance, the price for installation of a built-in microwave varies greatly from that of an over-the-range microwave.

Lowes microwave installation comes with a quote. However, homeowners must choose their preferred product and describe their location before Lowes issues a quote.

Again, before a quote is issued, the homeowner has to give a comprehensive contact address, their details, and the type of appliance they want to install.

Lowes is a highly efficient and reliable company. However, their services may have some downsides against the numerous advantages. 

Without further ado, let’s quickly look at the pros and cons of Lowes microwave pricing and installation services in the table below:

Lowes issues a concise quote once a product is requested forThe installation price is extremely high
You can install and purchase a product in the same locationThe installation often incurs extra shipping, supply, and labor charges
They install, repair, and test the microwaves over and over after installation or repairLowes installation pricing is quite expensive
They install appliances using highly trained professionalsLowes mostly contacts the services of third-party professionals and not their agents

How Much Does Lowes Charge For Microwave Installation?

Maybe you just purchased a microwave and would want to know how much Lowes charges for installing one.

It could also be that you want to replace a defective microwave and are looking for information.

You are right because I have explained how much Lowes charges for microwave installation. So read on.

As I mentioned earlier, Lowes microwave installation charges from $100 to $185 when installing built-in microwaves.

However, for over-the-range microwaves, installation costs range from $100 to $185.

On the other hand, the price for installing new parts or ducts on the microwave is different from that of a new one.

The price for part replacement could be as low as $100 to $150 for non-vented microwaves and as high as $150 to $300 for the replacement. 

Notwithstanding, if you intend to add a new venting duct to your kitchen after installing your microwave, it could cost you over $600.

The price range is almost double for installing a new microwave due to the workload involved since labor charges are only sometimes reflected in the service rendered.

The tools used in installing microwaves are a Stud finder, safety goggles, an electric drill, a level, and a screwdriver, among many others.

There are key cost factors to look out for when installing microwaves, especially over-the-range models in your kitchen. 

While I have mentioned the labor cost, there are a few others, and they include:

●      Labor charge

●      The cost of a new microwave

●      Cost of electrical cables, outlets, and socket

#1. Labor Cost

Generally, for most microwaves, installation costs range from $400 and may be as low as $50.

The price could get that high if a lot of background electrical work must first be installed.

#2. The Cost of a New Microwave

When installing a new microwave, the cost is a key factor in the installation price. Most of these microwave prices are around $160 to $700.

However, on average, they could cost you $250 to $300. Additionally, the price of a microwave is the size, power carrying capacity, brand, wattage, model, and convection heat.

Also, the inverter heat is a key determinant of the price of a new microwave.

#3. The Cost of Electrical Outlets

When installing a microwave, the services of an electrician are needed. You may pay them $40 to $100 per hour for the wiring.

On the other hand, electrical outlets generally cost $150 to $350, while electrical panel rewiring costs as high as $800 to $2000

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Remove An Installed Microwave?

Like microwave installations, Lowes charges a fee for removing an installed microwave. 

Most Lowe’s professionals and electricians charge homeowners $30 to $100 for removing an installed microwave.

It could go higher if they rewire or install new electrical outlets after removing the microwave. However, factors such as the microwave’s size, model, and power capacity are all considered.

Additionally, the labor and supply charge affects the price of removing an installed microwave.

Nevertheless, if you contact Lowes customer services for an installation job, you will not be charged any fee for uninstalling the old microwave.  


Generally, the installation cost for most microwaves is around $100 to $300—however, the factors such as the labor cost and the cost of a new microwave.

The cost of electrical cables, outlets, and sockets determines how much you would install a microwave.

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