How Much Does A Septic Lift Pump Cost? (Full-Breakdown)

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Every household generates waste. Liquid waste falls among the most generated waste in a home. Dealing with these wastes can become a problem.

A good waste disposal system should be portable, healthy, and affordable. Using a septic tank is a portable way of disposing of waste.

Here is all you need to know about how much it will cost you to have a septic pump.

Depending on your liquid waste disposal method, various septic lift pumps can choose. A septic pump would cost you within the range of 400 dollars and 5,000 dollars to purchase. If in doubt, make sure you contact a professional who is best for you and most affordable.

How Much Is A Pump for A Septic System?

How Much Does A Septic Lift Pump Cost

The price of purchasing and installing a new septic pump for your sewage disposal system ranges between 500 and 5,000 dollars.

This price depends on the type of septic pump you purchase and the installation cost. The septic system is a waste disposal system popularly used in domestic and commercial areas.

The septic system of waste disposal is suited for liquid waste generated from homes or industrial settings. The septic system consists of a septic tank in an underground chamber.

This underground chamber can be made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic through domestic wastewater flows for storage and treatment. 

Liquid wastes are any form of waste in fluid form. These wastes consist of sewage, domestic wastewater, processed water, or any other liquid from the home or industry. 

A septic lift pump is a machine that uses gravity to lift or move the liquid waste from the septic tank into a drain field.

Most septic tanks are located underground, and the septic tank serves as a temporary store for liquid waste. 

When the septic tanks become filled up, the septic pump is used to drain the liquid waste into a drain field.

There are different types of lift pumps. These differences are based on the working mechanism of the pump.

Common lift pumps include Centrifugal pumps, Reciprocating pumps, and Air pressure pumps. The centrifugal pumps are used commonly in homes and small establishments. 

The pump works via a mechanism of centrifugal force. An impeller inside the lift pump revolves to throw the waste to the periphery.

The sewage entered the pump at one end and revolved quickly out of the septic tank. 

How Long Do Septic Lift Pumps Last?

It will not last forever. Most septic lift pumps are designed to last for a period of 10 to 15 years.

Constant usage would subject it to wear and tear even if you buy a high-quality lift pump. The septic pump may experience certain breakdowns.

This fault requires you to get a professional to fix them. After which, the pump returns to its original shape. 

Some factors are responsible for the longevity of the sewage pumps. These factors depend on how long they have been in use and the frequency of the maintenance.

The type of lift pump is crucial in determining how long your septic lift pump lasts.  An alarm may notify you that your septic lift pump is damaged.

This alarm is built into the septic lift pump, and a sound will notify you whenever something goes wrong.

With regular maintenance and good usage, most septic lift pumps can work for up to 30 years.

There are other ways to tell if your septic pump is not working properly. One such way is the noise it makes. The septic lift pump is supposed to work without making so much noise. 

The noise generated by the septic lift pump is soft and that of a smooth working engine.

If this sound changes to something louder or reduces, your lift pump may need maintenance. Any time you hear any strange sound, make sure you contact the engineers to look at it.

Other signs that can be experienced when your septic pump is faulty include leakage of dirty water when working.

Failure or struggle to start the pump and failure to stop it after it has started. When you detect signs of fault, it is important to give immediate attention to the septic lift pump.

Do not allow the fault to deteriorate further. Further deterioration can cause the pump to break down completely and expose you to health hazards due to improperly handled waste.

A good maintenance regimen and appropriate handling can make your lift pump last longer.

It would be best if you did the disposition of sewage with care due to the potential hazard you can face due to improperly disposed waste. 

These liquid wastes can accumulate in the septic tank. They can also leak into the surroundings or drain into other systems like your house’s water system.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Septic Lift Pump?

Replacing your septic tank will cost 500 dollars and 5,000 dollars. This cost does not cover the charges of installation by the professional. There is a range of septic lift pumps to choose from.

Before you choose the type of septic pump to purchase, make sure you know the exact type that Got damaged.

This knowledge will enable you to reinstall the same type for the smooth running of your sewage system.

The charges for the installation depend on the professional you contact. After selling the septic lift pump to you, most companies would also assist with the installation.

You will not be charged for the installation; this arrangement keeps the cost of replacing the septic lift pump low. 

It would be best if you visited the dealers. They have plumbers with professional skills that can determine the best lift pump to buy and would not charge you an installation fee. 

How Much Does an Ejector Pump Cost?

The sewage ejector pump costs between 300 and 800 dollars at retail cost. This amount does not include the installation cost, as you must hire a local plumber. 

There are various ejector pumps to choose from. Contact your plumber for advice on buying the best ejector pump.

The cost of an ejector pump is affected by the horsepower of the pump. An ejection pump is a mechanical device that pushes water through the pipelines for onward disposal.

An ejector pump enables liquid waste to reach the primary drain line from where it is disposed into the septic tank.

Ejection pumps are indispensable when you need more than gravity to send liquid waste down the septic tank.

Other factors determine the price of the ejection pump, a very crucial factor is the brand name of the ejection pump.

These brands have been known over the years as popular and have made quality products. Some brands of ejection cost more than others. 

Some of these brands are known to have ejection pumps with a high horsepower hence a high-cost price.

The higher the horsepower, the more water the ejection pump would push out in an hour. This translates to a shorter work time and hence a longer period of use. 

You should maintain an ejection pump monthly. This maintenance system makes the ejection pump last longer.

During the maintenance process, the ejector pump may be cleaned, some minor damages repaired, and some parts replaced to avoid total pump breakdown. 

The best way to keep your ejection pump working is to watch what you flush down the toilet.

On your part, you can preserve your ejection pump by imbibing best practices with the use of your toilet.

The ejection pump collects all the liquid waste from the drain. Any waste that is not liquid can block the ejection pump. Clogging your drainage could damage the ejection pump. 

Always use a substance that can easily break down when using the toilets. These substances easily mix with the liquid and allow a free flow in and out of the ejection pump.

When this blockage happens, it becomes difficult to trace the location of the clog down the pipeline.

AreasSeptic lift pumpEjector pump
Cost of Replacement500 to 5000 dollars3000 to 800 dollars
Cost of Maintenance200 to 500 dollars200 to 500 dollars


Septic lift pumps are a part of the sewage disposal system. Its longevity period is dependent on maintenance and usage. It costs about 500 to 5000 dollars to buy a septic lift pump. 

Appropriate usage and maintenance can make the septic pump last up to 30 years. It will cost about 500 to 5000 dollars to replace the septic lift pump. Sewage ejector pumps cost about 300 dollars to 800 dollars to purchase.

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