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This is How To Play Slideshow On Samsung TV With USB!

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Using Televisions to view media files is easy by connecting your TV to external storage. The shared external storage for TV is primarily a USB device.

Although, the standard media files you can view on your TV are pictures or videos. However, you might need to view the pictures as a combination.

Hence, you’ll need to use a slideshow to view multiple images. You might wonder if playing a slideshow on a Samsung Tv with your USB is possible.

Playing a slideshow on a Samsung TV with a USB involves using a USB drive or mobile device. The TV set has USB ports that can easily accommodate any USB device. You only need to access the files via the TV on a USB drive or mobile device. Then, you can select and play the slideshows you want.

Can You Play a Slideshow on a Samsung TV Using a USB?

Play Slideshow on Samsung TV With USB

You can play a slideshow on a Samsung TV using a USB. New Samsung TV models have USB ports that can accept USB drives or connect your mobile device via USB.

Once you plug the USB drive or mobile device into your Samsung TV, you can access everything on the storage and play your slideshows on the TV screen.

You will have to access the folders on your USB drive or mobile device to select the files for the slideshow. Then, the file will load automatically, and the slideshow will begin to play.

How Do I Play a Slideshow on My Samsung TV From a USB?

Firstly, you need to power on the TV. The TV must be on before and during the entire process. Then, you can use your USB drive to play the slideshow.

The process of playing a slideshow on your Samsung TV from a USB drive involves the steps outlined below.

#1. Plug in the USB Storage

It would help if you located the USB port on your Samsung Tv. Then, plug the USB storage device into the USB port.

A pop-up message allowing you to access the device’s contents will appear quickly. You can choose any item you want from the contents.

#2. Press the Source or Home Button

  • Locate the source button on your TV remote and press it. A menu showing TV, HDMIs, screen mirroring, and USB devices will appear.
  • Next, you need to select USB devices; it will bring up folders in the USB. 

Alternatively, you can try a second method to access the files on the USB drive.

  • Press the home button on your Samsung TV remote, search the menu and navigate to the sources.
  • Choose a USB device. The folders on the USB device will appear on the TV screen.

#3. Choose the Media

  • After the page “My Content” containing all the folders from the USB drive appears. Please search for the media you want to view and click on them.

#4. Press the Enter Button

Press the enter button on your TV remote to confirm your chosen source and media. The action will prompt you to the control panel, and then you should press the play button.

#5. Press the Return Button

After the media finish playing, you should press the return button to go back to the “My Content” page. Then, you can select any other media you want to play on the page.

Alternatively, you can connect your mobile device via USB to play the slideshows following the steps outlined below.

  • First, plug a compatible USB cable into your TV and mobile device.
  • The mobile device will begin charging to indicate that it is connected.
  • Locate the source button on your TV remote. Then, press the button.
  • Choose the USB option on the Source menu.
  • The screen of your phone will now automatically show on your TV.
  • Then, access your phone’s storage using your TV remote.
  • Locate the file you intend to play as a slideshow. Then, press the enter button to select the file.
  • Press play on the next display you see on the screen.

Knowing that only a few TV models support using your mobile device as a USB device is vital. You can only use this method on those TV models.

Also, you must ensure you are using the right USB cord that is compatible with your mobile device and USB port.

What Format Does USB Need to Be for Samsung TV?

Much older Samsung TV model generally supports the FAT32 USB format, while recent models also support the exFAT USB format. The exFAT format is best for files larger than 4GB.

Samsung TV accepts USB formats according to the type of TV series. Every model differs according to the TV screen technology the brand applies.

Therefore, the brand divides its TV into three following this principle. The three series include Samsung QLED smart UHD TV, Full HD TV, and Premium UHD TV.

Each TV series accepts different USB formats. The USB format, according to the TV series, is below.

Samsung TV SeriesUSB Formats
Samsung QLED TV and Samsung UHD TVFATexFATNTFS
Samsung Full HD TVFAT32FAT16NTFS (Read Only)

Furthermore, you can access your Samsung TV manually to know its compatible USB format. You can also check the USB audio, video, and image format.

Use the following steps to check the USB format for your Samsung TV. 

  • Select the ‘settings’ option on your remote.
  • Go to supports, then click on instructions.
  • Search for notes and instructions on the instructions menu, then click on enter.
  • Navigate to “must read before playing photo, video, or music files.”
  • Read through the following note under it to know your TV’s compatible USB format.

Additionally, you should always use FAT USB format because it is generally the most acceptable for TVs, especially older Smart TV versions.

However, the exFAT format would be best if you intend to play a media file above 4GB. Although, it would help to know your TV’s USB format before plugging in a USB drive.

How Do I Put Pictures on My Samsung TV?

First, you must ensure all your pictures are on your USB flash drive. Then, you can copy them from your computer, mobile device, or standard camera.

Then, plug the USB flash drive into your Samsung TV’s USB port. The USB contents will automatically appear on the TV’s photo viewing app. 

You can scroll through the contents to select the pictures you intend to view if your TV doesn’t bring up the pictures.

You can open the USB drive on your TV and select the pictures you want. In addition, you can use the method below to put pictures on your Samsung Frame TV.

  • Power on the Frame TV.
  • The TV would automatically enter the TV mode by default. But it would be best if you changed this to Art mode.
  • Press the power button on the TV remote.
  • Press the down button on the directional pad on your TV remote to open the “Samsung Collection” menu.
  • Press the right button on the directional pad to open “My Collection.”
  • Choose the “ My Collection” option.
  • Search and select the USB device you want.
  • It will display all the pictures on the USB drive. Then, highlight and select any picture you want to view.
  • Next, press up on the directional pad and select save to save any picture you want.
  • Highlight and choose any picture you intend to save.
  • Press the directional pad and click “Save Selected.”
  • Hold on for a few seconds for the pictures to save on your Frame TV.

Where is the USB Port on the Samsung TV Frame?    

The USB port is always on the back of any Samsung TV frame. The ports are usually close to the left or right side of the base frame.

Generally, you will see at least two sets of ports behind every Samsung TV. The ports will include a USB port and an HDMI port.

However, some Samsung TV models have multiple HDMI and two USB ports. In addition, some TV sets have all the ports in a single combination.

So, you should check appropriately to identify the USB port on the TV frame. Then, once you plug your USB flash drive into the port, your TV will automatically recognize it.

However, the TV cannot recognize a USB flash drive due to an incorrect connection. Therefore, you need to remove and reinsert the USB in this case.

Also, a connection problem could make the USB flash drive unrecognizable. The USB port or device could develop faults sometimes.

In addition, it is vital to follow some precautions while transferring files from the USB device. The precautions include:

  • You must not remove the USB device during file transfer.
  • It is best to back up all your files before connecting your USB device to the TV.
  • It would help if you ensured the USB device was virus-free before connecting it to the TV.
  • Finally, you must format any corrupt file from the USB drive before connecting it.


Using your USB flash drive on your Samsung TV would quickly help you view pictures on a large screen. Although, it is essential to follow the correct principle.

Once you follow the principle in this article, you can view pictures in any mode effortlessly. Also, you can use the principle to save pictures on your TV memory.

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