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How To Reset A Maytag Centennial Washer? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

A more significant population of the global community has attributed the weekends to serious laundry.

Imagine washing the shirt you would use on a Monday morning, your very first day at work, and your Maytag Centennial washer stops functioning correctly.

In such a situation, you would have no choice but to reset the washer.

There are several easy steps you can take to reset your Maytag washer. The foremost step is to disconnect your Maytag washer from any power outlet. After that, press the Start button for a few seconds, and connect your washer back to the power source.  After following these steps carefully, the washer will start operating normally again.

Do All Maytag Centennial Washers Have the Reset Button?

The Maytag centennial washer does not have a reset button. Therefore, finding a Maytag washer with a reset button displayed on its surface would be difficult.

However, does this mean the Maytag washing machine does not have the reset feature? Of course, the answer is no.

Every Maytag centennial washer has the reset feature as the tendency of encountering a washer error code is high. 

A Maytag washer with this feature is the Maytag Centennial Series MVWC6ESWW 27 4cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer White. 

Why Do You Need to Reset the  Maytag Centennial Washer?

There are several reasons why you would need to reset your Maytag centennial washer.

First, being a manufactured appliance, it is susceptible to several errors, which would hinder your washing experience. 

The reasons you may need to reset your Maytag washer include:

#1. Error Codes

Washer error codes are the foremost reason for resetting a Maytag washing machine. These error codes represent a specific fault in the washer.

To access these error codes, you need to take the following steps:

  • First, disconnect your washing machine from the power source.
  • Next, give the washer control dial at least three 360° rotations to the right( the 360° rotation sequence represents a full rotation.)
  • With your hands on the knob, rotate it to the right by three clicks, to the left by one click, and to the right by one click. 

Note: The time range between these clicks is zero point five to one second.

If you rotate the knob for longer than one second between the clicks, you may have issues accessing the error codes.

  • Once you succeed, the lights on the washer will flash. You will encounter three options: “Manual diagnostics,” ” Automatic Diagnostics,” and “View Stored Error Codes.”
  • To access ” View Stored Error Codes,” rotate the knob to the right. Do not stop until only the “Done” light is active.
  • Press Start.

At this point, you will be able to see the error codes displayed on the washer. The Centennial washer errors may be more numerous, but the washer will only show four recent errors. 

There are several error codes in the Maytag Centennial Washer. Some of them include:

Error F0:

Error code F0 means that there is no fault with your washer.

Error F0E2:

Error F0E2 means that the washer drain has an issue. The cause of this issue is mostly residue from soap, resulting in soap suds.

Error F0E4:

Error F0E4 means that the temperature of the water in the rinse cycle has exceeded 105°

Error F0E5:

Error F0E5 means that the waste is off balance.

Error F1E1:

Error F1E1 means that the central control of the washer has a fault.

Error F2E1:

Error F2E1 is activated when the control key is pressed for more than 15 seconds.

Error F3E2:

Error F3E2 is activated when the sensors of the water valve fail to monitor the temperature of the valve.

Error F5E1:

Error F5E1 is activated when the lid switch feature has an issue that needs to be resolved.

Error F5E2/ F5E3:

Error F5E2/ F5E3 means the lid lock and lid unlock features are extraordinarily vital elements of any washing machine, including the Centennial washer.

This error code is activated when these features are at risk.

Error F7E6:

F7E6 error kicks in when the motor of the Maytag Centennial Washer has a fault.

Error F7E7:

Many Maytag washers have a target spin speed. This error code will activate when the sensors sense that the washer has not met this target.

Error F8E1/ F8E3:

The Maytag washer automatically fills itself with water. When there is a distortion in this water filling, these error codes will activate.

Thus, the error codes will activate if the pressure sensor detects that the washer is not being filled up or it has been overfilled.

Error F9E1:

This error code activates when the sensors detect that the draining system of the washer is faulty.

Note that there are many more error codes in the Maytag washer.

You should write these codes down and store them in a safe place so that you easily identify the problem the next time the codes’ icon pops up.

#2. When the Washer Won’t Start

If you try to turn on your Maytag washer and discover that it is not starting, you may need to reset the washer to resolve the issue. 

To fix this, try unplugging the washer from the power source for a while and reconnecting it.

If it does not start, take other measures. 

What are the Steps to Take While Resetting Your Maytag Centennial Washer?

There are several steps you can take to reset your Maytag washer. These steps are straightforward and can be executed without any stress.

They are:

  • Turn off the washer by pressing the power off button.
  • Next, ensure the washer is not connected to any power source.
  • Begin a new cycle by pressing the button as indicated on your Maytag washer.
  • Press the “Start” button for five to ten seconds.
  • Finally, connect your washer to the power source.

Alternatively, you can take the following steps:

  • First, disconnect the washer from any power source.
  • Then, connect the washer back to the power source.
  • Next, consecutively lift and lower the centennial washer lid. You must do this six times and in a twelve-second time frame.

To clear  the error codes, you can take the following steps:

  • First, hold the “Start” button for three seconds.
  • The previous step exits the Centennial Washer Diagnostics and erases the codes from the washer.

To reset the error codes, take the following steps:

  • Hold the Delicates button
  • Press the Knits button alongside the Delicates button for nothing less than five seconds.
  • The washer’s lights will begin to blink, which means you have successfully reset all the error codes.

How to Troubleshoot Your Centennial Washer?

Troubleshooting the centennial washer has proven to be another serious issue. For clarity, troubleshooting your Centennial washer simply means repairing the washer.

To successfully troubleshoot your Centennial washer, take the following steps:

#1. Take an Assessment of the Load

A washer load is the amount of Landry placed into a washer. The Maytag washer often develops faults because too much load has been put into the washer.

To resolve such issues, check your load capacity and reduce it if necessary. 

Note: Never overcrowd your load.

#2. Ensure the Washer is Plugged into a Stable Power Source

Your washer may be experiencing many issues as a result of power shorts. These power shorts are a result of an unstable or malfunctioning power source.

To resolve this, repair your power outlet or have it replaced.

#3. Ensure the You Lock the Centennial Washer Securely

If your lid lock switch or lid lock feature is damaged, ensure you contact a licensed technician to execute repairs immediately.

A default in the Centennial washer lid would only cause your washer to malfunction and even cause harm to you.

#4. Check the Drain Hose

If the drainage system of the washer is damaged, then the washer would find it difficult to dispose of excess water.

Ensure you check your drain hose for foreign materials and discard them upon discovery.

#5. Replace Faulty Parts

This is the most crucial aspect of any troubleshooting exercise. Faults should not be left unchecked.

If faulty parts are discovered, and You cannot repair them, endeavor to replace them immediately, or they will affect the functioning of the washer.

For instance, if the washer timer is damaged, the top load washer will be stuck in one wash cycle, leading to further complications.


Whenever your Maytag washer stops functioning correctly, rather than panic, take steps to reset the washer.

If resetting the washer does not change anything, try troubleshooting the washer. If you still have challenges, contact a licensed technician immediately.

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