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How Tall Does Basil Grow? (Explained)

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 03:45 pm

The height of plants is an essential part of the species’ ecological strategy. They are used to determine the plant’s seed mass, expected reproduction time, longevity, etc.

There are several reasons why basil cultivators may want to know the height of their herb. It may be vital information to make gardening decisions or just to satisfy the cultivator’s curiosity.

Whatever the reasons are, let’s find out the true answer.

So, how tall does basil Grow? There is no general height level to which all basil plants grow. Basil height usually ranges from  4 – 8 inches and can also be as tall as 12 – 24 inches. These heights are not fixed as it varies from one basil type to the other. Others can just be a few inches tall such as 2 to 4 inches, which happens to be the minimum level to which basil can grow.

How Tall and Wide Does Basil Grow?

Basil has a wide range of varieties. It varies both in color and other physical characteristics, including the height to which it grows. In other words, the herb grows to variable height levels depending on the variety or species planted.

Basil can grow to extremely great heights as high as 12- 24 inches with a width of about 1-3 inches. However, various species grow to a different extent in height and width.

Some species of basil, especially the ones used for ornamental purposes, don’t grow tall. It is majorly grown in containers and therefore spreads rather than growing tall.

How tall or wide the basil grows is also dependent on the cultivator. Basil requires special handling and specific basic procedures to be followed implicitly to exhibit its full potential.

There are some factors that help basil achieve its full potential.

1. Certain habits from the gardener, such as plucking the leaves when the plant gets to a particular height, like about 2 – 4 inches, can boost the growth of this plant.

Continuously doing this ensures the plant grows in its full strength and not be limited by any environmental factor.

It also gives room for the plant to stretch, increasing height and width.

2. The prevailing weather condition at the location of the basil plant also influences the growth rate of the Basil plant. Certain weather conditions are favorable while others are not.

The favorability of the weather determines the level at which the plant grows in height and width.

Why is my Basil Growing so Tall?

Basil are tropical plants with a distinct characteristic of growing so tall. It is a special kind of vegetable with a unique quality of growing tall compared to other vegetables.

However, the plant growth rate is dependent on so many factors and habits of the cultivator. Now, your basil Is growing so tall due to many environmental and human factors.

These factors can influence productivity, especially the growth rate of the plant. The following factors could be the reason your basil is growing so tall.

1. Type of Basil grown:

There are about 60 varieties of basil that you can grow, which differ in appearance, height, color – green, purple or red, and other times in the cultivation method.

So, the type of basil you’re growing in your garden determines the extent or how tall your basil grows.

Your basil can be growing so tall, probably because the type of basil in your garden is that which grows very tall.

The different types of basil do not grow to the same level. So when you see your basil growing so tall or not as tall as expected, you look out for the type of basil it is.

2. Pruning period:

How often you prune your basil also determines how tall your basil grows. Basil plants grow quickly, and pruning is an essential factor influencing their growth considerably.

Not cutting your basil early and often can make it grow vertically upward, resulting in very tall basil.

Trimming a basil plant helps create a V shape and grows other stems by the sides instead of just growing straight up.

Doing this often also reduces the hormone level in the stem and helps it to side shoot resulting in branches in the plant.

So, your basil is growing so tall, probably because you haven’t been trimming it or the trimming isn’t enough to ensure its proper growth.

Trimming of Basil ought to be done as often as possible, especially if you want the plant to keep growing. The proper time to trim basil is when the basil has grown up to about 6 -8 inches tall.

This encourages the growth of new leaves and rich basil.

3. Favorable weather conditions:

The climatic condition of the area basil is cultivated has a significant impact on the growth rate of basil.

Your basil could be growing so tall due to some favorable environmental conditions the plant is exposed to.

Such favorable conditions include Adequate sunlight, a moist environment, fertile soil, amongst others. Under these conditions, basil will be at its best and exhibit its full growth potential.

Why is my basil not Growing Taller?

There are several reasons why your basil is not adding noticeable height.

One primary reason your basil is not growing taller is due to a lack of adequate sunlight.

Without adequate sunlight, basil will not produce everything they have, neither would they get to the size they’re supposed to.

The reason is that a significant factor needed for their proper growth is not supplied; hence, stunted growth is experienced.

1. Basil requires a specific growing environment if you desire them to function to their full potential.

If your basil is going through some growth problems, such as not growing as tall as it should, it implies you haven’t provided everything it needs to grow correctly.

2. Another reason could be soil malnourishment. When the soil is not fertile, it lacks certain essential nutrients required for its growth. As a result, your basil plant may not grow as tall as expected.

3. Also, improper draining of water from the soil can prevent the basil from growing to a great height. Soils that hold water for a more extended period are not suitable for basil growth as this could lead to wilting and possibly the death of the plant.

Basil needs more water than other plants because it requires a high amount of moisture. However, too much water could be harmful to the basil plant.

(I) Other times, when basil is not adequately spaced as it ought to, it could prevent them from growing tall.

(II) More so, basil is a temperate plant and is very sensitive to extreme weather conditions. So, ensure not to allow the plant to get too hot or too cold as this could make the plant wilt, cease from growing, or probably die.

How do you keep basil from growing too Tall?

Below are essential tips on how you can control the growth rate of your basil plant.
  • Ensure to trim your basil garden regularly.
  • Do not trim when the plant is still small; wait until it is about 6 inches tall before trimming.
  • The more often you trim, the leafier and branchier the basil plant. Unfortunately, this prevents the plant from growing to a great height.
  • Conclusion

    Basil plant is a plant with great height, which ranges from as little as 6-8 inches to about 12-24 inches.

    Its growth is determined by so many factors such as favorable environmental conditions, adequate and proper trimming, and most importantly, the variety of basil grown.

    The absence of all these can lead to stunted growth of the plant.

    Furthermore, ensure to trim your basil plant as often as possible and watch your basil grow its full potential.


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