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How Tall does Cilantro Grow? (Explained)

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 03:06 pm

Have you ever planted a crop and just wondered the full extent of its height potential? Well, you’re not the only gardener who does that.

The height of any type of herb and its usefulness depends on every gardener and the purpose of growing shrubs. Some people may find a crop’s size intimidating, while it may be just suitable for others.

And if you’re planting cilantro for the first time, you may wonder how large it will get.

So, how tall does cilantro grow? Cilantro typically grows to a height of 20 inches under favorable conditions. However, this sometimes varies, with some cilantro species averaging a height of 18 – 24 inches. This height range is about the size of average aromatic herbs, as most of them grow within this range.

How Tall And Wide Does Cilantro Grow?

Cilantro is an annual herb; it takes only less than a year for the plant to reach full maturity.

During that time, its leaves, stems, and flowers should mature enough to determine the size accuracy during the blooming season.

Cilantro should grow to a height of 20 inches with every condition necessary for their growth, with some growing a few inches less or above that point.

The flowers of Cilantro appear feathery and form clusters on tiny stalks, with each growing to about one-fourth of an inch and the others about three-sixteenth of an inch.

In the same way as the height of cilantro, the flowers may also grow a few inches smaller or bigger than average and constitute its size during the blooming season.

The ability of Cilantro’s flowers to form inflorescences and the possession of their broad green leaves give the plant a 12 – 18 inches width.

This height is pretty average for most aromatic herbs and shouldn’t be a bother if you are worried about the size of the plant.

How Tall Should The Cilantro Plant Be?

Supplying Cilantro with the right conditions to thrive should be enough to enable the plant to grow to the average height of any Cilantro plant.

Preventing pests and diseases should also be a top priority for any plant, but fortunately, Cilantro doesn’t have much problem.

Thus, only necessary conditions such as soil efficiency, water, pruning, and environmental conditions should play here.

Cilantro should be about 18 – 24 inches in height at full maturity under the right conditions. Anything less can be a result of an underlying problem that caused the plant to grow subpar.

Excess fertilizer, compost, and water stress may be common problems for the cilantro plant and gardeners.

Growing to a point below the average standard for Cilantro growth may also be characterized by other undesirable features like leaves yellowing or browning of leaves caused by stress during the growth period.

The exact proper height for every cilantro can’t be precisely stated. However, your plant should grow to about 18 inches tall or more.

Why Is My Cilantro Growing Tall?

Your Cilantro would grow to a mature height of 20 inches under the right conditions. However, this may sometimes vary to about less or more than average.

Your cilantro growing tall shows that the plant is healthy and is likely about to reach its mature stage to produce flowers and then die off as it would have completed its life cycle.

Certain conditions that you may or the conditions in your garden have laid out for the plant may be the reason for the tall growth of your cilantro plant.

Your cilantro grows tall due to the following conditions you make available.

1. Frequent Watering:

Cilantro needs moist soil and atmosphere to grow. Giving your Cilantro the right amount of water about twice a week is enough to cause your cilantro to grow tall, as this is ideal for them.

During heat periods, an increase in the amount of moisture also positively affects the growth of Cilantro.

Water stress in cilantro is common, especially when you plant them in pots without sufficient holes to remove excess water.

2. Proper nutrients:

Your Cilantro may be growing tall because it has been planted at a spot where it is getting the right amount of nutrients needed for its sustenance.

Its growth can also be bolstered by the amount of compost you supply to the plant growing in that area.

3. Suitable soil for growth:

The Cilantro plant grows tall in soil that is not easily waterlogged but can still retain moisture and is slightly acidic.

4. Perfect atmospheric temperature:

Cilantro grows tall and does best in atmospheric conditions ranging 50 – 800F with some amounts of shade.

Your Cilantro plant may be growing tall due to the atmospheric state of your garden or area it is located.

5. Pruning:

With proper pruning, your Cilantro will grow to become tall and produce more leaves.

If you have a habit of pruning the herbs in your garden, with the cilantro not being an exception, chances are this is why your Cilantro is growing tall.

Cilantro loves this pruning activity, especially during the summer.

Will Cilantro Grow Back After Cutting?

Like most herbs, the leaves of the cilantro are beneficial and are easily one of the essential features of the plant to the gardener.

As such, harvesting the leaves either for medicinal or culinary delight or as a means of pruning before the flowers come in may have crossed your mind.

Cilantro would grow bushier and taller if they are pruned down a bit during their growth stage, and they should do fine if they are cut.

When cutting, ensure not to cut too much as to impede the growth of the cilantro. Cutting off a few stems or leaves should be enough to encourage the development of the herb.

It is best to start pruning your cilantro plant when it has grown to about three to four inches tall, cutting off small sections of the plant.

When the cilantro is at its growth stage, you can cut off vegetative parts often, and the plant will continue to grow until it reaches full maturity.


Cilantro grows to a height of about 20 inches and about 12 – 18 inches wide on average and may be less than or surpass this average based on the factors surrounding its growth.

Good soil, proper watering, and favorable atmospheric conditions play a factor in the healthiness and, ultimately, the height of the cilantro plant.

If you do not intend to allow your cilantro to reach such growth, you can limit such conditions given to the plant though this may not be the best idea. 

Cilantro only needs about a year to complete its growth process; hence, instead of reducing the plant’s height and maturity, you should just let them grow.

Cilantro is a pretty average herb in terms of growth time and height; as such, it shouldn’t be a bother to you in your garden. All you need to do is ensure that you provide all it requires for growth.


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