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How Tall Does Parsley Grow? (Explained)

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 03:01 pm

Having Parsley in your garden is a great idea. It tends to produce well and provides enough leaves for you to use in good condition. Nevertheless, you may want to know the extent of its productivity.

So you may wonder, “how tall does parsley grow?” Parsleys grow to be over 6 – 12 inches which are about a foot tall.

Therefore, parsleys are mostly really tall and broad plants and may continually produce year in year out. Nevertheless, there may be variations in the height of Parsley chiefly due to the type of Parsley and the environmental conditions it grows in.

How Tall Does Cow Parsley Grow?

Cow parsley proliferates from planting to maturity and stretches to a height of 3 – 5 feet (90-150 cm). Therefore, they may require at least a space of 90cm to enable them to bloom properly.

It would be best to avoid planting other crops too close to your cow parsley. This spacing is to prevent any form of competition for space and nutrients.

Because cow parsley towers over most plants, it may take up the majority of the nutrients in the soil, leaving them to suffer and die.

Furthermore, all parsley plants never grow to full bloom if they are subjected to complex agricultural applications. Parsley is a simple and easy-to-grow herb that can be grown anywhere.

All you need to do is water it correctly, prune it at the right time and also allow it to get enough air and sunshine.

How Tall does Italian Parsley Grow?

Italian Parsley is a species of Parsley that grows vast in size and height depending on its type.

So far, there are three types of Italian parsleys, each with varying characteristics. They include:

  • The Italian dark green with a height of  18-32 inches is around 2.70 ft.
  • The giant of Naples has an approximate size of about 30 cm, which is about 2 feet.
  • Lastly, the Gigantic Cat Parsley grows to a height of 1 ft. to 2.67 ft.

You can therefore conclude that Italian Parsleys grow to a height of 1-3 feet.

However, the height of these types of Italian Parsley does not affect the plant’s tastes, size, or flavor. Parsley

How Tall does Curly Parsley Grow?

Italian Parsley is known to be either flat or curly. Curly parsley grows to a height of 12 inches, that is, a foot tall.

However, some factors are responsible for proper height or stunted growth in curly parsley. These factors may be:

1. The amount of sunlight

The plant receives affects its growth. Curly parsleys thrive and bloom in the presence of the sun, which is vital for photosynthetic processes.

They do not like to be exposed to the half sun but would quickly take a balance if it is well planted in full sun.

2. The moisture content

The soil is also an essential factor that determines the height of your parsley. Moisturizing soil components such as water which are primarily used in the watering of parsley, should not be over large quantities.

Parsleys love a little bit of dry soil and would grow better in such. It would be best not to let the soil dry out completely. It is wise to water your parsley once every two days.

3. The frequency of pruning

Tends to affect the parsley’s height. Parsleys do not need to be pruned regularly but do not start with the nearest growth or even cut off half the entire plant when you need to.

If you do, this may make the plant’s growth quickly stated.

How Does The Height of The Cow Parsley Differ from the Italian Parsley?

The cow parsley and Italian parsley barely have differences in their physical characteristics except for their apparent differences, like their leaf span and height.

Furthermore, when it comes to the height of the Italian parsley and cow parsley, the latter is a much bigger and taller plant with a height of 3-5 feet, and the former is a plant that grows nearly up to 3 feet.

To avoid excessive height differences in your parsley plants, choosing the appropriate area of land is critical.

After that, you’ll have to choose between the various types of parsley to plant. The next thing you must consider is to know how far a particular variation of parsley can grow.

It would be best to select parsley varieties that do not differ in height too widely. Having these kinds in your garden will keep your garden looking sharp and in good form.

Do Parsleys Ever Stop Growing?

No, parsleys never stop growing. Parsleys are naturally perennials even though they are sometimes planted as an annual crop.

Therefore, they produce year in year out, which makes it almost impossible for one to run out of it in the garden entirely.

Because most varieties of parsley are invasive, they tend to grow virtually forever.

You can only continue to have more of it grow and spread all over your garden, almost as if you can stretch out of your hands to get a handful of Parsley whenever you want to use them.

All you need to do is to make sure that you do not cut the regrowth during Pruning or over had


All varieties of parsley are perennials. They are tall plants and can be used for many purposes. Among all sorts, Cow Parsley is a much bigger and taller plant with a height of 3-5 feet.

On the other hand, the Italian parsley tends to be the runt as it barely grows up to 3 feet.

Some factors such as sunlight, water, moisture, and pruning are responsible for the height and growth of parsleys.

One of the advantages of growing parsley is that you can grow them in the garden and expect never to need them again.


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