How Tall Is A Refrigerator? (Things You Must Know)

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The height of several varying models and brands of refrigerators has been the basis of many arguments.

Nonetheless, this can also be an essential question when looking to purchase a specific kind of fridge.

Well, the dimensions of a refrigerator are a pretty important factor for almost all users.

On the one hand, many people may be curious about this issue due to the space available to place their refrigerators.

But, on the other hand, whatever it is, the question of the specific height of a fridge still lingers.

Most refrigerators carry a height between 62 to 72 inches. However, French door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators tend to be taller than their counterparts. On the other hand, several mini fridges have a height between 20 to 40 inches. Consequently, one thing to keep in mind is that different models and designs of refrigerators possess different heights.

How Tall Is A Standard Refrigerator? 

Standard-sized refrigerators fall within the height range of 67 to 70 inches. In traditional refrigerator styles, such as the top-mount freezers, there is always a height of 65 to 70 inches.

On the other hand, side-by-side refrigerators are between 67 and 70 inches. 

Well, when considering the height of a standard-sized refrigerator, also look at the width and depth.

This is because a combination of these three would give you the total volume of the fridge.

And with this, you can decide on which fridge to purchase because you will have a clear idea of its carrying capacity.

From the look of things, standard refrigerators are the ideal refrigerators for small families.

The average height, width, and overall dimensions describe something that would support a family of five thereabouts.

Going forward, you have the right to say standard refrigerators are just tall enough if someone asks you about the height of these appliances.

How Tall Is A 20 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? 

On average, 20 cubic foot refrigerators carry heights of 65 inches; however, this can vary with different models and designs.

Nevertheless, it’s okay to conclude that this is the ideal height for a 20 cubic foot refrigerator when looking at the overall perspective.

Subsequently, several other popular 20 cubic foot refrigerators have heights between 67 to 70 inches.

Refrigerator manufacturers look for the best widths, heights, and depths when designing these appliances.

These dimensions combine to provide a fantastic grip and the needed strength for the fridge to function optimally.

In the end, these fridges are staunch and compact and occupy relatively small spaces in your kitchen.

In the general outlook, almost 20 cubic foot fridges include a width of 30 to 36 inches and a depth of 29 to 35 inches.

Consequently, refrigerators with these dimensions fall under standard-sized refrigerators. So, these fridges are large enough to support a small family.

How Tall Is An 18 Cubic Foot Refrigerator?

Most 18 cubic foot refrigerators have total heights of 66 inches. However, the depth of these refrigerators does not equal the height due to the functional elements which propel them.

For some models, the height surpasses 66 inches to a large extent. For example, other 18 cubic foot refrigerators brands can reach as high as 83 inches.

For refrigerators with a height of 66 inches, there is always an accompanying width of 30 inches and a depth of 32 inches.

However, the depth jumps to 58.5 inches when you open your fridge. You can purchase the Kenmore 18 cubic foot refrigerator.

One of the most popular 18 cubic foot refrigerators is the Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator.

Being available in stainless steel material, white or black finish, this refrigerator possesses some in-demand characteristics, such as its ideal dimensions, which describe its frame.

So, while an 18 cubic foot refrigerator may actually be a little tiny for you and your household, it is pretty ideal for two roommates.

It doesn’t take as much space, and its interior provides enough room to store your food.

How Tall Is A 17 Cubic Foot Refrigerator?    

On average, a 17 cubic foot top freezer refrigerator has a height of 65 inches. On the other hand, a 17 cubic foot upright refrigerator can be as tall as 67 inches. 

So, there is also a depth of 29 inches when the door is shut and 56 inches with an open door for the top freezer refrigerator. This refrigerator also has a width of 28 inches.

On the other hand, the 17 cubic foot upright refrigerator boasts 34 inches of width and a depth of 28.5 inches.

The top freezer and upright refrigerators are precisely similar when you consider the capacity. However, these dimensions differ individually.

This refrigerator is okay for you if you live alone, but it may be too tiny for even a small family as it carries just a few materials.

How Tall Is A 16 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? 

Most 16 cubic foot refrigerators stand 60 inches tall. This value comprises the refrigerator’s height to the top of its door hinge.

Also, there is an overall depth of 29 inches for a good number of these refrigerators and a width of around 30 inches.

Consequently, all these factors account for the dimensions of these 16 cubic foot refrigerators. 

For refrigerators with a little over 16 cubic feet, such as the 16.6 cubic foot refrigerators, the height can be as high as 66 inches.

However, these values are still not absolute, as they vary with each model and design of these fridges.

Well, one can always tell that these kinds of fridges are preferred in tight spaces and primarily by people who wouldn’t need to share.

Consequently, students and single people are the most significant users of these refrigerators. 

How Tall Is A 15 Cubic Foot Refrigerator?

Usually, a 15 cubic foot refrigerator is designed to be 67.9 inches tall. This is quite a great height when you consider the overall volume of the fridge.

Additionally, these fridges boast a width of 27.6 inches and a depth of 26.6 inches.

These refrigerators are optimized for relatively small spaces, and they are okay if your flooring is quite old or does not possess enough bolster.

On the one hand, 15 cubic foot refrigerators do not carry as much load as standard-sized refrigerators.

On the other hand, you should also remember that most 15 cubic foot refrigerators are bottom-freezer refrigerators.

In another vein, there are a few 15 cubic foot top-freezer refrigerators such as the Frigidaire fridge. However, these refrigerators weld at a height of around 60 inches.

These refrigerators are pretty popular in the stainless steel and white finish. 

How Tall Is A 14 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? 

Usually, a 14 cubic foot refrigerator has a height of 62 inches. These refrigerators also have depths of 32 inches and widths of 28 inches.

The most common 14 cubic foot refrigerators are top-freezer refrigerators. Also, the most popular build is the one with a stainless steel body.

One thing to note is that 14 cubic foot refrigerators carry a freezer capacity of 3.87 cubic feet. Additionally, these fridges possess a refrigerator capacity of 10.46 cubic feet.

These add up to the total capacity of the refrigerator and provide its required dimensions.

So, the dimensions of these 14 cubic foot refrigerators allow you to know exactly what you want. It also helps you pick out the specific brand that fits your home space and needs.

How Tall Is 10 Cubic Feet Refrigerator? 

The 10 Cubic foot refrigerator has a height of 60 inches. Also, it is 26 inches in depth and 24 inches in width. However, several other 10 Cubic foot refrigerators carry a height of 65.5 inches.

Therefore, these refrigerators now have 22 and 22 inches of depth and width, respectively.

10 Cubic foot top freezer refrigerators mostly carry heights of 60 inches. However, other designs of the top freezer refrigerator can be as tall as 67 to 69 inches.

But here, the width and depth maybe a little smaller than those with smaller heights.

Although this refrigerator may seem a little large, it’s, in fact, a medium-sized refrigerator that can hardly cater to the needs of a large family.

Nonetheless, if you’re not a big fan of chilled foods, it’ll be okay.

How Tall Is 9 Cubic Feet Refrigerator? 

A nine cubic foot refrigerator is usually about 55 inches tall. However, several other nine cubic foot refrigerator designs exceed this height.

But this entirely depends on different dimensions of the refrigerator, such as the width and depth.

For instance, a nine cubic foot Avanti refrigerator with a height of 55 inches has a depth of 23.3 inches and is also 23.5 inches wide.

On the other hand, a nine cubic foot Frigidaire refrigerator with a height of 65.4 inches possesses a more minimal width and depth.

This is just a number rule that seeks to balance the overall standard refrigerator dimensions.

However, some nine cubic feet of refrigerators with over 65 inches of height still possess the same width and 23 inches.

This is still understandable because the volume remains the same because of the thick body of the refrigerator. 

How Tall Is 8 Cubic Feet Refrigerator? 

An eight cubic foot refrigerator usually has about 50 to 60 inches of height.  So, these kinds of refrigerators are generally referred to as compact refrigerator models.

Others may call them apartment fridges because they are ideal for use in small-spaced apartments.

In a more relatable perspective, eight cubic foot refrigerators are tinier than almost all standard-sized fridges.

This is because standard refrigerator sizes have dimensions around 10 to over 30 cubic feet.

Also, standard-sized refrigerators are generally above 60 inches in height, and this height can even exceed 80 inches. 

The eight cubic-foot refrigerators do not possess the capacity to support a side-by-side system. So, their freezers are always directly below or above the refrigerator compartment.

These refrigerators are used mainly by students and people who live in tiny apartments.

How Tall Is 7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator?

Seven cubic foot refrigerators can get as tall as 55 inches. This is another definitive example of a compact refrigerator.

Well, this refrigerator size falls well below the average size of fridges. Nonetheless, it is still a hot commodity in the market. 

Seven cubic foot refrigerators are pretty suitable for smaller apartments where there’s not enough space to support the larger ones.

Also, these seven cubic foot refrigerators are mostly top freezer refrigerators or bottom-freezer refrigerators. However, this size does not support the side-by-side design.

In addition, these fridges render you with outstanding flexibility in storing your food.

This is due to the accessible nature of its temperature controls which keep the temperature at an ideal level, thus pushing food safety levels to the peak.

How Tall Is 6 Cubic Feet Refrigerator? 

This is another model of compact refrigerator. The six cubic foot refrigerator can get as tall as 34.1 inches.

In addition, these refrigerators boast a width of 23.6 inches and a depth of 23.3 inches.

Six cubic foot refrigerators are basically top-freezer refrigerators. This is understandable because they do not possess the versatility and size to support a side-by-side system. 

Like other compact refrigerators, the six cubic foot refrigerators are highly effective in maintaining internal temperature.

This feature allows them to preserve your food in a far more desirable fashion effectively. 

I wouldn’t advise someone with a medium-sized family to purchase this size of a refrigerator. It simply isn’t big enough to store all the food you’ll need to keep. 

How Tall Is A 5 Cubic Feet Refrigerator? 

Usually, a five cubic foot refrigerator has a height of around 20 inches. However, this highly compact refrigerator design isn’t as popular as other refrigerator sizes

This is because only a few people go for it due to its small size and inability to hold and store much food.

Most five cubic foot refrigerators carry designs that give them a firm grip on the floor. The upright design would create a vulnerability and tendency for the fridge to crash down to the ground.

So, it’s okay to conclude that a five cubic foot refrigerator is tall enough for its size. But, in the long run, this small-sized device does not satisfy the needs of an individual who uses it regularly.

How Tall Is A 4.5 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? 

A 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator is usually 43 inches tall. Also, it has a width of 19 inches and a depth of 20 inches. Therefore, you can refer to this compact refrigerator as a mini-fridge.

This fridge also comes with a separate freezer for added convenience.

And although this refrigerator can easily keep your sodas and snacks cold, it consumes as much energy as a full-sized refrigerator.

The size creates an advantage for those living in small apartments. However, if you want a fridge to store foodstuff, the 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator isn’t for you.

On the other hand, most 4.5 cubic foot refrigerators are taller than refrigerators of similar capacity.

How Tall Is A 3.2 Cubic Foot Refrigerator? 

Usually, 3.2 cubic foot refrigerators carry a height of 33 inches. Additionally, these refrigerators have a width of 19 inches and a depth of 20 inches.

Therefore, this mini-fridge is one of the most miniature refrigerators on the market. These refrigerators are ideal for dorm rooms, small offices, kitchens, and playrooms.

However, you may not want to purchase this fridge for use in your home if you’ve got even the smallest of families.

The advantage of this refrigerator is the high refrigeration level. The level of food refrigeration is high so that it effectively preserves hour foodstuff. Now, its small size accentuates this feature ideally.

How Tall Is A 3.1 Cubic Feet Refrigerator?

Usually, most 3.1 cubic foot refrigerators also possess heights of 33 inches. Many only merchant websites place these refrigerators in the same category as the 3.1 cubic foot refrigerators.

These fridges are also 18 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep.

In reality, this is one of the most miniature refrigerators on the market. Its compact nature pushes its refrigeration effectiveness to the peak.

However, this refrigerator also tends to consume a lot of energy compared to its size. If you’re looking for something to chill your sodas and snacks, this is the ideal appliance.

However, I wouldn’t advise you to pick it up if you have a complete family at home.

Final Thoughts

Different sizes of refrigerators fit entirely different conditions. Also, these refrigerators function in different ways, from standard-sized refrigerators to more compact mini-fridges.

So, you should consider the several factors outlined in this article before you pick one. 

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