How To Tell The Age Of A Whirlpool Furnace? (Let’s See)

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The Whirlpool furnace has your back to get comfortable with the air in your home in the presence of air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and window air conditioners.

As a result, you’ll experience an improvement in air quality in every nook and cranny of your home.

 But it’s necessary to know the age of your Whirlpool furnace for proper maintenance. So, how can you tell your Whirlpool furnace’s age?

You can tell the age of a Whirlpool furnace by looking at the digit serial number. The two letters at the serial number indicate the month and year of manufacture. Thus, the age of a Whirlpool furnace on the data plate or data sticker is in the serial number.

Is It Possible To Find Whirlpool Furnace Age From Serial Number?

Yes, it’s possible to find the age of a Whirlpool furnace from the serial number. Every brand has its serial code number, likewise Whirlpool. It gives details of the manufactured date.

After purchasing an appliance, it’s advisable to go through the manufacturer’s manual guide.

The guide tags along with the product and has the necessary information about what you may need in the future.

The reason is that some producers are usually sneaky about hiding the age serial numbers.

Nonetheless, if you can’t find the serial number, it might be missing, faded out, or carved in the hardware. Often, the digit serial numbers are in the form of letters and numbers.

The number signifies the year and week of the appliance’s manufacture.

Sometimes, its serial number masks the code. And since Different companies make whirlpool appliances, the furnace’s age may be tricky to determine.

So, you may need a serial number decoder or contact Whirlpool customer support to know your Whirlpool furnace’s age.

Moreso, you need to know the model numbers of your appliance for recognition.

When it breaks down and requires replacement or repair, it will make it easier for you to get another spare for your technician for a correctly done job.

It’s important to know that the serial number of a Whirlpool furnace is usually on the data sticker or plate.

What Is The Best Way To Determine Whirlpool Furnace’s Age?

Determining the age of a furnace isn’t for the fun of it. The primary reason is the ideal way of managing a home, which is evident, which needs replacement about every 15-20years.

Knowing the age of your Whirlpool furnace will make it easy to include the budget in your plans.

 Also, it will be easier to save money for a replacement. Finally, when you comfortably manage your home, it will make your furnace last longer.

The exciting thing about the Whirlpool furnace is that it suits anywhere you want to place it. 

There’s a specific size for the available space in your home. Fixing a more oversized furnace for a small area can be detrimental.

On the other hand, you turn your home into a haven when you maintain your furnace regularly.

 In addition, the older the furnace is, the more complex it is to find the age.

Moreover, no one size fits all in determining the age of your Whirlpool furnace because most manufacturers change the pattern of decoding the serial number every ten years.

#1. Easy Tips To Determine Furnace’s Age

  • Remove the entryway of your furnace. Scan through the inside of the door for a tag posting the furnace’s serial number. There’s a probability it shows the actual maker’s data provided by the manufacturer who produced it. 
  • The first two digits of the Whirlpool furnace stand for the year, while the third and fourth go for the month or week. For instance, a serial number may read 9502, suggesting the exact time of its invention.
  • Some old furnaces have the serial number labeled on the fans and fan blades with the needed information. To check the fan blades, you’ll have to switch off the unit’s power or disconnect it from the main fuse. 
  • Another factor to consider is the last date of service. You can find it on the tag. The furnace age can be determined by the day of its installation, though this may not be accurate.
  • You may need to contact the maker’s customer’s support to get the furnace’s age. The support agent can look at the picture and suggest the manufacture date without a serial number. On the flip side, you may need the intervention of an inspector.

Lastly, the best way to determine the age of your Whirlpool furnace is by checking the letter and digits.

In early 1970, the letter shows the decade of manufacture accompanied by the week (G = the 1970s, H=1980s, J=1990s, K=2000s).

For example, H614LXLXL = 14th week of 1986

Where Is The Manufacture Date On A Serial Number?

The first two numbers represent the year, while the third and fourth digits stand for the manufacturing week. On the product label, you’ll find the date code.

You can find the production date in the first three numbers of your serial number.

The first number signifies the year of manufacture, while the second and third digits represent the month of manufacture.

 On the other hand, the first two numerals represent the year, while the third and fourth digits represent the manufacturing week. Finally, on the product stamp, you’ll find the date code.

These symbols show where date codes are on tags.

Additionally, an age serial number is a unique number or code assigned to a piece of appliance. In most cases, the numbers appear in sequential order.

It consists of letters, symbols, and digits. Model serial numbers are to identify genuine products and prevent counterfeiting. 

Also, model serial numbers are used by manufacturers to track down the place a gadget came from and when the exact time of its invention.

In addition, they can help discover whether there’s an error in the manufacturing process.

Without a unique identity, manufacturers would be unable to track individual gadgets. 


The average lifespan of a furnace varies. You should know the age of your Whirlpool furnace isn’t far-fetched. Some furnaces can’t last beyond 15 years.

When buying your product, try to inquire about the appliance’s serial age. Repairing your furnace after exceeding the limit may cost you more.

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