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How To Tell Age Of Whirlpool Oven? (Read This First)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:26 pm

All devices come with a particular set of numbers that aids in determining the day and month the company made it.

For the whirlpool devices, you have to check for the appliance serial number, which would help you decode the numbers and letters that indicate the appliance’s age.

In addition, there is a particular method by which you can decrypt the data, which would help you in the long run. 

To determine the age of your whirlpool oven, you would be using the data code, which is the third number to the last on your model serial number. Some letters represent the year the engineers made these appliances; for example, the letter” k” means the year 1982 or 2001 and “L” for 1983.

How Do I Find the Manufacture Date of My Oven?

In this case, you should use the appliance serial number, not the model, serial number, to determine the date of your oven`s manufacture.

Knowing the date is very useful as it can help you assess your appliance’s warranty status.

 Apart from this reason, it is essential to know when the company made your whirlpool oven so you can determine whether it is time to replace your appliance. 

To find serial numbers, you should note that it always begins with two letters before it is, followed by six numbers and a letter at the end.

These two letters at the beginning tell you the exact month and year your oven was made, in that order.

So, for example, if the number of your appliance begins with the letters “AD,” it could mean that your device became functional in January 2014 or even January 1990, according to the manufacturing date code chart. 

I’m going to provide you with a link to the chart in the reference link section to visit it to determine the manufacture date of your device based on the knowledge you have already gained from here. 

How Old Is My Appliance by Model Number?

You cannot determine the age of your device using the appliance model number; instead, the key to finding the age of your device is its serial number which means you need to find the serial number instead.

The model numbers are usually print labels or ID tags that can be underneath the device, under footplates, or inside the wall of your device. 

In simpler terms, the appliances model number is a set of unique numbers given to each product made, and the computer hardware manufacturers usually provide this.

The use of the model number allows the manufacturers to keep track of each hardware device which would aid in helping them identify and replace parts when the need arises. 

Where Is the Serial Number on My Whirlpool Oven?

You can locate your whirlpool oven’s serial number at the left rim of the oven tub or the left edge inside the broiler drawer.

You should note that your whirlpool serial number’s location varies depending on the size you’ll be getting.

Also, your oven’s serial number is hidden to protect it, so don’t be worried when you do not see it outside the oven.

I highly recommend you locate and note down your model number before installing your whirlpool oven for the first time or any other device you are getting. 

It would be much easier to have your model numbers in one place, so finding them later wouldn’t be an issue. 

If you missed the opportunity of writing down the serial number of your whirlpool oven before you installed it, then you would want to follow these steps:

#1. Open the Oven Door

Most times, the serial numbers are hidden behind the oven doors to protect them, and before you find it, which we would get too much later, you should open the oven door because that’s to find it. 

#2. Check the Oven Tub’s, Left Rim

Sometimes, this number is on the rim at the oven’s left. It is usually a tiny yet sturdy sticker that would have a code like the ones below; 

  • WGE463H4RF
  • WFG500M5RD
  • WFE757H8HB 

#3. Alternatively, Check The Left Rim in the Broiler Drawer

Your serial number could be on the side you look after opening the oven door but just beneath the door of the oven.

Then, unfortunately, you still need to search for the sticker along that same left rim in the broiler drawer.

 Most times, you would find your serial number at this spot, and it is better because the number is not exposed to much heat, making it less susceptible to wear, tear, and fading of the ink. 

As long as it is a whirlpool branded oven, it should start with the serial number “W,” making it easier for you to tell it apart from other brands.

Unfortunately, after finding the serial number of their whirlpool appliance, most people do not know what to do with it.

 You might think the serial number of your appliance is unnecessary, but it has a lot of practical applications.

Some of the most frequent applications of the serial numbers are when you would need to buy replacement parts, find your owner’s manual, call a repair service, and file a warranty claim

How Do I Decode a Whirlpool Serial Number?

Decoding the whirlpool serial number is relatively easy, and once you get it, it’s sure to stick. So, the breakdown for the whirlpool serial numbers is

  1. The 1st alpha character is the manufacturer’s division code. 
  2. The 2nd alpha character is the appliance’s year of manufacture.
  3.  (we’ll provide you with a table to guide you with this). 
  4. The 1st and 2nd digits signify the week of the year of the appliance manufacture.
  5. The 3rd through to the 7th digit show the manufacturing order that week. 

I will be providing you with a link with a more explicit table, so you understand all these more. 

Codes From 1970-1989

code year Code Year 


Determining the age of your whirlpool oven is not much work once you’ve chosen the serial and model number of the oven, which is inside the device, you are good to go.

The best thing to do is to write out vital information about your whirlpool oven and keep it safe. 

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