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6 Easy Steps To Change Code On A Keypad Door Lock!

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Keypad lock codes are very convenient. They allow the homeowner to give temporary access to others with different access codes.

They also allow the homeowner to withdraw access as easily. This function is crucial to the purpose of the door lock. 

If the homeowner or guests should enter the wrong combinations, the door will lock them out as a security precaution. This is where changing the code to the one you remember is handy.

Changing the code of a keypad lock generally involves you deleting the old code and replacing it with a new one. It is a necessary process to protect your privacy and that of any other person with access codes to your door lock. Although changing the code is important for security, that does not make it too complicated to do on your own.

Six Quick Steps for Changing Code on Keypad Door Lock

change code on keypad door lock

To change the code of your keypad door lock, it has to be in program mode. In some door keypads locks, their program mode is automatically activated. It makes changing the keypad door lock code easier and faster.

However, the process below will help owners manually activate their door lock program mode.

#1. Step 1– Open the Door and Keep it Unlocked

You can get locked in your house if there is an error in changing your door lock code. 

Of course, anyone would want to avoid this, especially if you do not have any other exit door in the house or apartment. It might be a slim possibility, but it is a risk that one can easily avoid.

It is why you should take the precautionary measure of keeping your door open during the process. You can tell your door is unlocked if the deadbolt is not extending outwards.

#2. Step 2– Remove the Back Panel Cover

The interior cover window is at the back panel of your door keypad lock. Move before the panel and check if the screws hold it in place. 

In some keypads, you will find two screws on the sides of the back panel. Get a screwdriver to loosen the screws and place them where you can easily find them to fix the back panel back into place after.

If no screws are holding it, you can remove the interior cover window by simply lifting it upwards.

#3. Step 3– Locate the Program Button

Once you find it, press the program button once. The program button should be easy to find once you remove the interior window cover because it is the only button. 

To make things even easier, sometimes there is a label on the button that shows it is a program button. 

#4. Step 4– Enter New Access Code

Move back to the front of the lock keypad and enter your new access code. Your new access code should be within the range of four to eight digits.

It should be unique, more specifically, the first four digits. Prepare your new code beforehand on a piece of paper or your phone. 

It enables you to enter your new access code as fast as possible because the keypad locks out after being inactive for five seconds. Once it locks out during the process, it is a failure, and you would need to start all over. 

#5. Step 5– Press the Lock Button

Immediately after entering the new access code, press the lock button. You can locate the lock button on your door keypad, which is wider than the other numbered buttons. 

Most lock buttons have a lock label for easy identification, but if it does not, go for the widest button on the keypad. After pressing it, you should hear two short beeps.

#6. Step 6– Test the New Code

If you have changed the access code, lock your door but keep it open. It means the deadbolt should extend outwards to show that it is locked. 

Now, enter the new code. If the deadbolt immediately withdraws into the lock, the process will succeed.

If the door stays locked, you should repeat the steps more carefully this time to avoid any mistake you could have made the first time.

How Do I Change Keypad Code on Kwikset?

Changing the Kwikset door keypad code requires you to replace a previous code with a new one.

The following are 12 detailed steps on how to go about it.

#1. Step 1– Use a Door Stop

Doorstoppers to keep your door from closing and lock you in. It is an important precaution to take before you attempt to fiddle with your Kwikset door lock keypad. 

In the absence of door stoppers, use any available object to hold the door open. The deadbolt should not be extended outwards when it is unlocked.

#2. Step 2– Enter the Programming Code 

It is also called a master code, and the default programming code for Kwikset locks is 0-0-0-0.

If you have not changed the default master code yet, enter 0-0-0-0. If you have previously changed it to another code, enter that code. 

However, if you do not remember the master code to your Kwikset door keypad lock, reset the master code by following the steps in the table below.

Return to factory settings.Remove the back lock’s battery cover and press the reset button. Three beeps mean success.
Unlock the door.Keep the deadbolt inwards. Outwards means it is locked.
Trigger the door lock.Touch the keypad and enter a pair of random codes.
Program the code.Enter the new 6-12 digits master code. Then add #.
Confirm the code.After a beep, type in the new master code again.

#3. Step 3– Press the Lock Button 

After pressing the lock button, you should hear a beep.

#4. Step 4– Press Number Three

On the keypad, the number three button starts the process of changing a Kwikset access code.

#5. Step 5– Press the Lock Button

Again, pressing the lock button strengthens the action. You should hear a beep after. 

Do take care to press the lock button just once because pressing it more than once can jeopardize the entire process.

#6. Step 6– Enter the Old Access Code 

Press all 4-10 digits of the access code you want to change or remove from your door lock.

#7. Step 7- Press the Lock Button 

This action deletes the old code and confirms and ends this part of the process. Two beeps should come soon after to show success. 

However, repeat the process from scratch if you try to enter the old code, and it still works on your keypad.

#8. Step 8– Enter the Master Code Again

To create a new access code, you should enter your master code. Do not pause in-between digits as you enter the code because the keypad will lock you out.

#9. Step 9– Press the Lock Button

It submits the master code and gives an answering beep.

#10. Step 10– Press Number One

Press the number one button on your keypad only once. Then, follow this action by pressing the lock button again to confirm the action with a beep.

#11. Step 11– Enter New Access Code

As you enter your new access code, avoid repeating numbers and stay away from predictable number combinations like your birthdate

Also, do not use your master code combination as your access code.

#12. Step 12– Press the Lock Button

This ensures that your new access code is embedded in your Kwikset lock’s system program. 

You will hear two beeps after to show that you have successfully changed your access code.

How Do I Change the Code on the Schlage Keypad Door Lock?

Changing the access code of a Schlage Keypad Door Lock is made easier by following simple steps.

#1. Step 1- Locate the Programming Code 

For a brand-new Schlage door lock. You can find the master code in the manual or behind the back cover of the keypad. 

If it is not brand new and you can not remember the previous code, restore the lock system to default settings.

#2. Step 2– Enter the Master Code 

Entering the code will make the Schlage button flash orange three times and then make three beep sounds.

#3. Step 3– Press the Number One, and Schlage Buttons

Do this simultaneously, and the Schlage button will flash orange and beep three times again.

#4. Step 4– Enter the New Access Code

It must be an entirely different 4-digit code you have not already used as a primary or guest entry code. The first four digits need to be unique.

#5. Step 5– Re-enter the Access Code 

After this action, the Schlage button will be green and let out a drawn-out beep to confirm the new code.

What Is the Lockey Digital Door Lock Reset Code?

There is no general reset code for your Lockey digital door lock, as the reset code for your door is unique to your keypad.

Look through your user’s manual where the manufacturer should have written it to find it. However, if you do not have a manual, the only other place to find it is in the back of the lock.

Reaching this place is not quite as easy as using a manual because you have to remove the entire keypad lock to get it. 

However, the manufacturer designed it that way to keep anyone who is not the house owner away from having a chance to get it.

The sticker in the lock has three codes; the preset master and access codes. With these codes, you can reset the entire lock system.

How Do I Reset Code on Keypad Door Lock?

Resetting the code requires you to activate the programming mode of the keypad door lock only if it is not already active. 

However, if it is already active, you can go straight ahead to reset the master code following the steps in the table above.

Changing the master code enables you to reset the access code. You only have to delete the previous access code and create a new one.

You can program up to nineteen different access codes into your keypad door lock system. The only primary entry access code should be very private. 

Guests could have a couple of other guest access codes, which you can easily disable if necessary.


Making your access code as unique as possible is paramount to your safety and home safety. 

Do not let your access code remain the same for too long, as do the guest codes with outsiders. Change the codes after a maximum of a year for your security.

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