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7 Easy Steps To Clean A Bug-Infested Refrigerator!

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What happens when you walk up to your refrigerator and discover bugs? That could be frustrating, and not knowing how to eliminate them is worse. 

That begs the question of how to clear out a bug-infested refrigerator. The proper cleaning method will prevent this infestation from occurring again in the future.

You only need to pay keen attention to the cleaning process and monitor your refrigerator properly to prevent future occurrences. 

To clean a bug-infested refrigerator, clear out all the bugs before taking preventive measures to stop them from returning. A good wash with baking soda solution and a little detergent should do the trick. After which, you can use vinegar and water to eliminate the foul odor from the refrigerator.

How Do You Clean a Fridge Infested With Bugs?

How to Clean a Bug-Infested Refrigerator

If you find out your fridge is infested with bugs, make sure to clear it out as soon as possible to prevent yourself from getting diseases. Consuming drinks or food from such a refrigerator will only cause harm to your body.

Below is a step-by-step guide to aid you when cleaning your bug-infested fridge.

#1. Switch Off the Refrigerator 

The temperature of your refrigerator makes the environment a comfortable place for bugs.

Turn off the refrigerator when you want to clean. Working on a refrigerator while it is off is much safer.

#2. Clean the Outside

Use a bug spray to clear out all bugs outside the fridge properly. A good spray would prevent the bugs from returning. Ensure to spray all areas as they may have laid eggs.

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#3. Remove All Foods From Refrigerator

Remove everything you may have stored in the fridge. It’s better to dispose of the ones that may have gone bad to prevent yourself from getting diseases upon consumption. 

#4. Remove and Wash Removable Parts of the Fridge

You will be cleaning your refrigerator, so every part of it should be neat. Bugs could hide in certain areas and multiply quickly, so wash all parts of your fridge. 

#5. Use baking Soda Solution with Detergent to Clean.

After making the baking soda and detergent solution, get a cloth to use for cleaning the fridge.

Remember, this is like a wash process, so ensure you scrub properly. Do not leave water in the refrigerator. Use the rag to clean excess water. 

#6. Use Vinegar Solution for a Final Clean

Vinegar serves as a disinfectant and eradicates all odors. Moisten a neat cloth with the solution and use it to wipe over all refrigerator areas as a final rinse. 

Chlorine is a good alternative to vinegar. Chlorine prevents fungi formation and growth. 

#7. Leave the Refrigerator Open for a While

To get rid of all smells in the refrigerator, including the vinegar smell, leave it open for about 30 minutes. 

How Do You Get Bugs Out of Appliances?

You’d agree that there’s no worse feeling than walking into your kitchen and finding bugs in every appliance you pick up.

Let’s see how to get rid of bugs from appliances completely. 

  • Regularly cleaning your appliances would go a long way to getting rid of bugs. Always clean thoroughly.
  • Check and clean all areas where you keep your appliance. Use bug sprays to clear out all bugs from those areas.
  • Carry out regular kitchen checks to ensure bugs do not return. If they do, be more strict with clearing them out this time.
  • Boric acid roach powder is a good option for eradicating bugs. It is safe for humans but not for bugs. That is why it is a good option. 
  • Bugs are lovers of alcohol. Pour alcohol into a glass and place it in the appliance; the bugs will fall in.
  • Place sticky monitor traps in your kitchen, especially at night when they move around. These traps would fetch you a good number of bugs by morning.
  • Seal all cracks around the house where bugs enter. Use a strong seal to cover all cracked areas.
  • Cover all holes on the floor of your kitchen. Leaving holes on the floor will only give bugs free access to your home and appliances.
  • Trash bags always serve as breeding areas and attraction sites for bugs. Always do well to take out your trash to prevent bug infestations. 
  • Bugs are generally attracted to food. Always cover your food. If you’re not consuming it, put it in a tightly covered flax or plate.

Some bugs are stubborn, and you would require professional methods to eradicate them. Therefore, you can call a pest control company to help clear bugs from your appliances.

Why Are There Bugs In My Refrigerator?

Found bugs in your refrigerator? You can see the possible explanations for why you have bugs in your refrigerator below. 

#1. Your Refrigerator is Dirty and Stinky

Bugs love dirty and stinky environments. That’s where they love to feed and reproduce.

If there are bugs in your refrigerator, your refrigerator might be very stinky and the best site for bugs. Clean your refrigerator regularly to prevent big infestations and be safe.

#2. They’re Bugs in Your Home

You store food in your refrigerator, and bugs are attracted to food. If bugs are in your home, they will try to make their way into your refrigerator.

The bugs in your home would certainly want a site for constant food supply. Hence your refrigerator will be a good target for bugs.

#3. From Veggies or Food at the Store

If your food store or supermarket has a bug problem and you get your food from there, you’re not safe.

You’re likely to have problems along with the food. Considering how bugs multiply so quickly, you could easily get an infestation. 

The table below will go a long way in helping you. You’ll find the various reasons why you find bugs in your fridge, how to prevent such issues and what to do when you have them already.

An extra tip to help you tackle all the issues above to prevent bug infestation.

Why are there Tiny Dead Bugs in Fridge?

Besides the contamination of food these dead bugs cause, they also give a foul odor to your refrigerator.

The common bugs you’d find dead in your fridge are baby cockroaches, gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies. 

When these bugs enter the fridge, it’s difficult to withstand its cold temperature. They freeze to death which is why they curl up and are stiff.

Some of these bugs starve to death because the cold temperatures restrict their movements to areas where they can find food.

These bugs are generally attracted to the food or fruits you place in your refrigerator.

If your refrigerator is dirty, these bugs would also make their way through into the refrigerator. That is why you should always ensure your fridge is clean and bug-free. 

If you discover dead bugs in your fridge, clean the fridge properly because a foul odor will begin to emanate soon enough.

Also, do a thorough clean-up to prevent recurrent cases in the future. They may have had babies. Therefore, a proper clean-up will be necessary.


Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your refrigerator help to prevent the infestation of bugs.

If your refrigerator is bug infested, take some time to thoroughly clean up with baking soda, detergent, and vinegar.

After cleaning, you will have a clean, odorless, and bug-free refrigerator. If. If you have difficulties clearing bugs, you should call a pest control agency for help.

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