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How To Clean Samsung Dishwasher Filter?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Dishwashers can trap and retain food particles, debris, contaminated water, dish soaps, detergent, and even microorganisms. It is for this reason that you need to clean your dishwasher filter frequently.

However, some brands of dishwashers require a different technique of cleaning them despite the general methods. With a Samsung dishwasher, this becomes a relatively easy task.

To clean a Samsung dishwasher filter, take out the filter, rinse it, and then roll out the coarse filter from its space in the dishwasher. Detach the filter and check in the slump to see any buildup of debris or food particles. If there is, remove it and discard it. After this, rinse it under running water to remove other tiny particles that may remain, then switch on the faucet to get steam or hot water running. Add dish soap to the water and make it form lather which you can use to wash the entire filter compartments.

Samsung Dishwasher Filter Location?

The Samsung dishwasher filter is located beneath the spray arms and looks like a cylindrical glass installed in the bottom. Like all others, Samsung dishwashers have different types and filters situated at different places and sizes.

The filter section is often located inside the dishwasher. However, every brand of a dishwasher has variable locations of the different parts of the appliance.

Unlike other dishwashers, Samsung dishwashers are installed in a way that enables you to have easy access to the drain pump and filtering system inside the tub for convenience while running a wash cycle with the dishwasher.

However, a filter is not referred to as one part of the filtering system. Still, it consists of other parts like the internal fine mesh filter, internal coarse filter, external mesh filter, and other minor supporting parts.

Dirty and brutal water that runs through the dishwasher’s pipe is often the leading cause of clogging, which is why you should regularly clean the dishwasher filter. When clogging occurs, the dishwasher will constantly have a half-filled pump or slow circulation of water during every washing cycle.

When cleaning the filter, it is expected that you will clean the inlet and drain filters first and also use laid down error codes on the electric panel. The dishwasher employs this method to stop itself from tripping and breakages that can happen due to clogs or contamination by food particles.

How To Remove Samsung Dishwasher Filter?

You need to follow critical steps during the cleaning process when removing the filters from the entire dishwasher.

Dishwasher filters are removed from the dishwasher as a maintenance obligation that you should carry out often to avoid spoiling it. Dishwashers have different compartments, but that depends on the brand you have. Some have more or less of what another can have.

There are three parts of the Samsung dishwasher joined together. We have the coarse filter, the primary filter, and the fine filter. These filters are disassembled one after another because they have different functions and sizes. For example, the coarse filter only traps larger particles of food in them.

Let’s now discuss how these different parts of the filter and how you can remove them.

1. Coarse and Fine Filters

Gently press down the entire filter assembly and turn it anticlockwise to remove the coarse and fine filter. After cleaning, place it back in where the dishes sit and turn in a clockwise direction. If these filters are not reassembled properly after removing them, it can make the dishwasher malfunction and can also cause damage to dishes, cutleries, and other utensils.

2. Main Filter

The primary filter is easily exposed once the coarse and fine filters are disassembled from the other. It requires washing off large food particles that have caught up and hid in the sump area. When removed, you should not place it upside down.

How Do I Clean The Filter On My Samsung Dishwasher?

The filter on your Samsung dishwasher can be cleaned by disassembling all the major and minor parts of the filter.

Your dishwasher filter will notify you if it’s due for cleaning when it starts giving out offensive odors. However, you shouldn’t wait until this point because you can quickly determine if your dishwasher filter needs cleaning when you can begin to see visible dirt and particles.

Your dishwasher will also make so much noise if there is an accumulation of dirty particles of food and debris in the filter. Before attempting to clean your filter, you must have at least an idea of what you should do. If you are cleaning it for the first time, then a manufacturer’s manual is required.

A Samsung Dishwasher especially has different parts of the filter, and they are cleaned differently. The filter is cleaned to avoid damage, maintain hygiene, and enable the dishwasher to work efficiently.

The filter assembly has also been designed to remove food particles from running water when washing dishes. There are, however, some resilient particles or contaminated water that will not go or be removed if it is not carefully cleaned.

A Samsung Dishwasher can be cleaned using these steps;

1. Ensure to take out the rack and all the dishes to avoid distractions when cleaning.

2. Open your Dishwasher and carefully take out the dish rack to expose the back. You will see the spray arms, cylindrical glass filter, and a coarse filter. Take them out because you will need to clean them first.

3. The next thing you have to do is turn the cylindrical filter in an anticlockwise direction, then lift it as you press down the propeller. The cylindrical filter is another name for the fine filter.

4. Detach the compartments from each other, i.e., remove the rough filter and the smooth filter and clean separately.

5. Use a small soft brush to scrub out food particles and debris from the rough and smooth filters. Do this under running water or a bowl of water.

6. The next step is to check the sump area for any visible particles of dirt then clean it.

7. Rearrange the coarse and smooth filters back together and place them back in the correct positions.

8. The last and final step is to reattach the filter into the dishwasher and turn it clockwise to fit perfectly.


Samsung dishwasher filters require regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dirt and junk in the filter. They are cleaned by removing the entire filter panel and washing them with hot water and detergent or dish soaps.

However, extreme care is required when removing, cleaning, and replacing the dishwasher filter of a Samsung filter. This article has provided detailed guides to these processes. All you need is strict adherence to make your DIY project a success!

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