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How To Grow German Chamomile? (Answered)

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 11:42 am

Planting German chamomile is a very easy task as it requires very little. Unlike its counterpart Roman chamomile, German chamomile is an annual plant that is best sowed in May, which is some weeks before the frost comes.

So, whether you’re new to gardening or not, it’s a pretty simple process. Nonetheless, if you would like a thorough breakdown of how to grow German chamomile, then this article is for you.

How To Grow German Chamomile? In order to grow German Chamomile, Begin your cultivation from seed either indoors or outdoors. Make sure it is planted where it can receive enough sunlight and part shade. Scatter your sources on the soil and ensure you water regularly till it begins to germinate.

How Do You Plant German Chamomile?

The process of planting your German chamomile indoors is not very different from how you do it outdoors. It is the same plant; just that location is the only distinguishing factor. So you will have to make the condition of the site favorable to the plant.

How exactly do you plant German chamomile?

There are certain steps you need to take to plant German chamomile. They include the following:

1. Get A Seedling Tray Or Pot

Multi-container tray

The first thing to consider is getting a seedling tray which should preferably be a multi-container tray. You can also use a pot for sowing. The only thing the pot requires is the proper spacing of 8 to 10 inches between each seed.

Also, place your pot in a position that it would be exposed to sufficient light. For example, you should put it around the kitchen window.

Finally, your pot should be placed at a sunny spot and taken back to its normal cold position during the day, in almost the same natural condition as your outdoor plant.

2. Prepare The Soil And Fill Your Pot

Fill your container with soil. Go for one that has proper drainage with very rich nutrients and moisture. In your garden, look for a spot with the same type of soil and wet it.

3. Sow Your Seeds

Take your seed and begin to sow. If you are using a multi-container, drop six seeds in each of the containers. While for pot and in the garden, you drop the same amount of sources at a spot, then measure 8 to 10 inches before sowing the next set of seeds. Do this for all your seeds.

When sowing seed, use your finger to bore a hole of about one-sixteenth of an inch beneath the soil so you can drop the seeds. Cover your seed very lightly with soil after sowing. It should still be visible under the soil.

4. Water The Seeds

Your potted seed should not be left to go dry on any occasion. Try to spray your seed at least once a day that will be able to keep it moist. Check your outdoor seed from time to time also and moisten it when necessary.

Also, if you are normally busy, you should cover your pot with a thin piece of plastic that has an opening for aeration. Doing this will help make your soil stay moist for a longer time.

5. Prune Your Plant

Pruning Shear

After some time, you can choose to thin your plant leaving only the healthy seedlings. Then, if you wish, you can continue your cultivation indoors or transplant it into your garden.

If you go for the latter option, make sure you take your plant outside for some time before transplanting. This will make it adapt well to the outdoor environment.

How Long Do German Chamomile Take To Grow?

Anytime within two weeks of sowing your German chamomile, it should have already sprouted out fine and green. Once it has been established, you need not care too much about it any longer.

Climatic conditions do not have much effect on the time of growth of your plant. German chamomile can self-sustain until it reaches maturity. This is possible provided adequate care is given to it at the early stage of its growth.

It takes German chamomile six to ten weeks to grow and reach maturity, which is almost three months. Since the best suited time for cultivation is within May, then your plant should be due for harvest by August.

Where Do Chamomile Grow Best?

Chamomile is also a sun-loving herb plant, but it does better when there is part shade. Sunlight helps the plant maintain a bloomy and attractive appearance which adds beauty and style to your garden.

Cultivating your chamomile plant outdoors in your garden is a very nice option. When planted outside, it will receive the full glory of the sunlight it requires to bloom. But, unfortunately, it is most time grown indoors due to the fear of being covered by frost.

Normally, your chamomile plant can be harvested throughout a growing season. But seasons can easily hinder that as the plant is not compatible with frost. When you have your plant indoors, it is easy to monitor and protect from frost.

It tends to grow better in hot southern climates where it receives full and direct sunlight and some afternoon shade which helps keep the bloom from going loose or saggy.


Ensure you follow the steps required in planting your German chamomile diligently. This will save you a whole lot of stress as your plant will be able to do well independently after it is established.

The climatic condition of your environment should not be a discouraging factor in the cultivation of chamomile. You can as well do a better job indoors. Furthermore, it does not influence the time required to grow your chamomile plant.


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