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3 Steps To Pair Vizio Soundbar With Subwoofer!

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By combining the speakers into a single, stylish sound bar that stands in front of your TV, Vizio reduced the clutter that outdated home theater systems cause in TV areas.

If you recently bought a new subwoofer and can’t wait to pair it with your Vizio soundbar. Pairing things up can be difficult for a new owner. Lucky for you, we can assist.

When they are turned on for the first time, the Vizio sound bar and subwoofer immediately pair. First, check the light behind your subwoofer to see if it has been linked with the soundbar. The next step is to put both in pairing mode and couple them. You must reset your soundbar if any of these don’t work.

How Do I Pair Vizio Soundbar With Subwoofer? 

how To Pair Vizio Soundbar With Subwoofer

You must first ensure that both the Vizio soundbar and the subwoofer are turned on before you can couple them. 

The next step is to pair them together after setting them to pairing mode. You’ll need to reset your soundbar if none of these solutions work. You can pair the subwoofer and the Vizio soundbar in a few different ways.

Try the following 3 steps if the devices don’t seem to be pairing.

#1. Verify That Both Devices Are Powered On

Confirm you turn on your devices to establish a Bluetooth connection.

Checking the power of the devices is the first step to ensuring the pairing process works smoothly, but occasionally people overlook it.

Following that, they wonder why their devices won’t link with one another. Then, make sure the Vizio soundbar and subwoofer are turned on first. After that, you need only: to switch on your subwoofer.

  • Connect it to a power supply.
  • Look to see whether there is a power button you’ll need if you turn on your soundbar and your subwoofer receives power.

Due to the need for an electrical signal from your soundbar, your subwoofer will only turn on when it detects an audio input.

When that occurs, it will turn on by itself. Additionally, it will switch off if it doesn’t. Now follow these instructions to switch on your Vizio soundbar:

  • Ensure that it is plugged into your TV and connected.
  • Switch on the TV.
  • Either press the soundbar’s Power button or the “Power” button on your remote control.

To see if the soundbar is on, try adjusting the volume. The volume indicators will be lighted if the Vizio soundbar is powered on.

#2. The Soundbar and Subwoofer Should Be Set to Pairing Mode

Put your Vizio soundbar and sub in pairing mode as the next step. Vizio advises placing them a foot apart if you’re pairing them for the first time.

But don’t worry; they can travel farther once paired. When both devices are matched for the first time, they must be closed. To activate pairing mode on your subwoofer:

To pair or link, look for a button that says those words.

  • Press the button, then let go.
  • It’s also quite easy to do for the “pair” option.

You then press pair. Alternatively, you could hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Holding the pair button is particularly valid for more recent Vizio soundbar models.

#3. Check If the Devices Are Paired

Finally, your soundbar and subwoofer should be connected. Once pairing mode is enabled on both devices, this procedure ought to be automatic.

In fact, for some systems, even during the initial setup or the first time you set up the system, the sub will automatically link with the soundbar.

Try these repairs if your subwoofer and Vizio soundbar won’t connect:

  • Plug both gadgets’ power wires out.
  • Wait a short while.
  • Replug them in.
  • Put them back in pairing mode.

Sometimes, these two pieces of equipment are mistaken as the same. 

Although both subwoofers and soundbars are pieces of audio equipment, their functions are very different.

The table below explains the differences. 

It has one audio channel that provides a wider range of frequencies.It has multiple audio channels used for high-range frequencies.
Subwoofers emit low frequencies.Soundbars emit low, mid, and high frequencies.
They do not require an external power source.It always requires a lower source.
It captures and emits low-frequency bass.A soundbar is not a surround system on its own. 

Where Is the Pairing Button on Vizio Soundbar? 

Let’s say you want to connect any device to your Visio soundbar. To do this, press the soundbar’s power button.

The light indicating that it’s on is visible. The painting button is located in the center of the soundbar and resembles a “sideways bowtie.”

Holding for approximately five seconds causes light sequencing, indicating pairing mode. The average duration of pairing mode is fifteen minutes.

Why is My Vizio Soundwoofer Not Pairing? 

You should disable the Eco-mode if your Vizio subwoofer frequently breaks its connection with the soundbar and re-establishes it.

The subwoofer on your Vizio soundbar has a history of randomly disconnecting while Eco-mode, also known as Energy Star, is activated.

Holding power and volume down buttons on the Vizio soundbar for five to ten seconds will turn off eco-mode. Eco-mode is activated if two vertical lights are on the left side of the soundbar.

It is disabled if not. If your Vizio subwoofer keeps disconnecting, try these fixes:

  • Restore factory settings on defaults.
  • Reconnect the subwoofer to the soundbar in your Visio.
  • The Vizio soundbar should be Power Cycled.
  • Disable Eco-Mode (disable the Energy Star feature).
  • Update your software, then recheck the subwoofer’s connectivity. 

Eco mode, often known as Energy Star, is a function on Vizio sound bars that can lead to various problems, including the soundbar sporadically turning on and off.

After some inactivity, the soundbar will shut down in eco-mode. It is also simple to see that the Eco-mode usually results in problems that prevent the subwoofer from functioning, connecting, or pairing properly.

It is advised to disable this functionality if your Vizio soundbar and subwoofer are not functioning correctly together.

When repairing a Vizio subwoofer, Vizio’s assistance advised us to set Eco-mode/Energy Star mode off. The most intriguing aspect is that Vizio has this setting turned on by default.

Therefore, after performing a factory reset, burn it off. On a Vizio soundbar, follow these steps to disable Eco-mode (Energy Star):

  • Hold down the Vizio soundbar Power button for a few seconds.
  • Next, press the volume down button simultaneously for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Your soundbar’s Energy Star/Eco-mode option is currently disabled if there are no vertical lights on the left side of the device.

Before running a software update, your Vizio soundbar or subwoofer will continually disconnect, pause, work, or not pair.

Unfortunately, it’s trickier than you expect to try to update the firmware on a smartphone without WiFi.

You must install the appropriate software update for the specific model soundbar to do a software update on a Vizio soundbar.

Alternatively, you can call customer care or contact Vizio technical support and request that a thumb drive is mailed to you. Yes, in some circumstances, a software update could fix the problem.

However, there was no mention of this being a repair for a subwoofer not working with our Vizio soundbar when we contacted support about the issue.

You likely need a new subwoofer and soundbar if the light is still blinking and the subwoofer is still not working.

When Vizio subwoofer and soundbar connection problems arise, many people buy a replacement Vizio subwoofer.

How Do I Reset My Vizio Subwoofer? 

You will lose any custom choices you set up and software upgrades if you reset your Vizio soundbar and subwoofer to their default settings.

Even if this does resolve your problem, it might only do so temporarily. The problem will probably come up again.

Performing a factory reset on a Vizio Subwoofer & Soundbar is as follows:

  • Hold the “Volume Down” (minus symbol) button on the soundbar while pressing the Bluetooth button.
  • Hold both buttons for a total of 5 seconds.
  • Verify that the LEDs on the left of your soundbar are all flashing.
  • Your Vizio Soundbar has just undergone a factory reset.

The Vizio subwoofer must be correctly paired and connected to its soundbar. Finally, don’t forget to turn off eco-mode (energy star function) (energy star feature).

By default, Eco-mode is on, which is known to potentially obstruct the subwoofer’s ability to function properly with the soundbar.

Setting the Eco-mode on default settings obstructs the functionality of the subwoofer. Therefore, another factor is considered when choosing a new subwoofer. 

You can get as many Vizio subwoofers because it has too many issues. So, in the meantime, purchase subwoofers and soundbars and appreciate the sounds. 

Can I Pair My Vizio Subwoofer to a different Soundbar? 

No, you cannot use a separate subwoofer attached to a soundbar of different system brands, especially without technical or expert knowledge. 

Many companies design their goods to be bought together by consumers and usually only function in conjunction with one another.

It is only possible if you are a sound professional or have the soundbar Bluetooth connected to a compatible wireless transmitter plug into the soundbar’s sub out.

According to how the company programmed the soundbar device, you can connect any subwoofer if the soundbar has a dedicated wired subwoofer preamp output.

However, you would utilize a wireless subwoofer with the Vizio brand if the soundbar only offers a wireless connection option.

The backup system’s sub won’t function. It won’t function because both soundbars are designed to be used with a wired subwoofer, and neither has a wired input.

The soundbars’ Bluetooth connection is for receiving audio, not for connecting, and is an input button.

If you can find the appropriate wireless transmitter to hook into the sub out of the soundbar, you can add a wired or wireless subwoofer.


In summary, Vizio Subwoofer repair involves a long process of troubleshooting that includes a factory reset, power cycling, turning off eco-mode, and updating soundbar software.

It’s critical to pair the Vizio subwoofer and soundbar properly and follow all the instructions I just gave if the subwoofer continues separating from the soundbar.

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