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3 Steps To Remove TV Plus From Samsung TV!

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Samsung TV Plus is a beautiful feature of Samsung TV because it has numerous free channels that users might love.

However, not all users want to have it on their TV. Also, it can annoyingly pop up while watching your favorite TV show.

In addition, your TV may switch to TV plus and show inappropriate TV shows to your kids during their movie time. Therefore, do you want to remove TV plus from your TV?

Press the down button on your remote till it shows the “Move” and “Remove” options. Then, choose the Remove option, which will further bring options allowing you to remove TV plus. Afterward, select “Disable,” which partially removes TV plus from your TV.

How to Remove TV plus from My Samsung TV? (3 Steps)

Three Steps To Remove TV Plus From Samsung TV

You can’t wholly uninstall TV plus from your Samsung TV because it’s an inbuilt feature in your TV. But, here are several ways to remove TV plus from your Samsung TV, although it’s almost impossible. 

Below is the breakdown  of the steps/ways to remove the TV plus feature from your Samsung TV:

#1. The Most Basic Way of Removing TV plus from Samsung TV

The most basic way of removing TV plus from your Samsung TV is by using a remote control. Then, you’d be able to access the option through the Samsung TV plus app.

  • Select the Samsung TV plus app and scroll through it.
  • Press the “down” button that’s on the remote control till the “Move” and “Remove” options become visible.
  • Choose the “Remove” option, which will bring up options allowing you to disable the TV plus services.
  • Then, move through the options and click on “Disable,” which disables and removes the TV plus service.

#2. Through the App Settings Menu

  • Turn on the TV and locate the App settings menu by opening Samsung settings and choosing Apps from the options.
  • Afterward, navigate the options and select Samsung Free App from the list.
  • Then, select Samsung Free Settings and choose Manage Channels
  • Hence, choose the Channel listing page and switch”Toggle” off.

#3. By Locking TV Plus 

As we mentioned earlier, it is impossible to uninstall or remove it because it’s an inbuilt Samsung TV feature. 

So, locking the TV plus serves a similar purpose to removing it entirely from the TV. Below are the two methods to use to lock TV plus in your Samsung Television:

#1. Method 1

  • Press the Home button on the remote control and select TV from the numerous options. 
  • Press the channel list button on your remote and select “Edit channels.” You’ll find the edit channels option at the top of the menu bar.
  • Afterward, select “All TV plus channels” and delete to remove the TV plus from your TV.
  • However, because TV plus is inbuilt, there’s a possibility of it returning to your TV by itself. 

#2. Method 2

The second method to lock the TV plus is by locking the app through the source button with a PIN. 

Below are the steps for locking the TV plus on a Samsung TV through the source button:

  • Press the Source button on the remote.
  • Navigate till you come across the Apps menu, and then select it.
  • Afterward, press the options button from the remote control.
  • Then, select the “Lock/Unlock” option and input the PIN. After that, click on the TV plus app and lock it to make it unavailable for further usage.

How Do I Remove Samsung TV from My Phone?

Samsung TV is an excellent feature as it offers numerous free TV channels. However, it drains phone batteries unnecessarily and wastes data.

Thus, below are the ways to remove Samsung TV from your phone, although it’s inbuilt and can’t be easily uninstalled.

  • Enter your phone launcher’s settings menu and locate and click on the “Leave Samsung Free” option.
  • Then, pinch or long press on any space on your phone’s home screen. 
  • Do this till it shows its leftmost preview option, and click on it. Then, choose the “Leave Samsung Free” toggle and select off toggle.
  • Afterward, repeat the long press on an empty bar on the home screen. Then click the “Apps” button and choose “Options.” 
  • Check for the delete icon on the right corner of your phone screen. Then click on it and confirm Delete and then select Ok.

Another way to remove the Samsung TV app from your smartphone is by disabling it from your phone settings. Thus, it won’t function on your phone again, and you can easily uninstall it.

Meanwhile, it’s crucial to back up your phone’s data consistently, as you can lose it when installing TV plus again. 

How Do I Disable Samsung TV Plus?

You can disable Samsung TV plus through your settings menu or by pressing the X button on your remote. 

Unfortunately, long pressing the X key will shut all apps on the TV, and you’ll need to restart it before enabling it.

Also, you can use the Down button on the remote, which will bring up the ” Move” and “Remove” options. Then, click “Remove” and select “Disable” to disable the Samsung TV plus.

Here are the Pros and Cons Of disabling Samsung TV Plus:

Aids device battery lifespanRisk of losing data when TV plus resurfaces on your TV 
It prevents unnecessary data wastagePartial absence of free channels

Why Does Samsung TV Keep Switching to TV Plus?

Samsung TV plus constantly switches or is stuck to TV plus due to a glitch and because your TV has Aynet +. Also, Samsung TV switched to TV plus because the TV plus is an inbuilt app.

Below are reasons why Samsung TV keeps switching to TV plus:

#1. TV Plus Is An Inbuilt App

TV plus is an inbuilt app, so you can’t entirely remove it from your Television. Also, it plays channels from the app by default.

Samsung TV changes to TV plus because TV plus is an inbuilt app. Therefore, when new channels are available on the app anytime, the TV switches to TV plus.

Additionally, it shows up on your TV when the app makes an automatic update. This regular switching to TV plus will make you aware of happenings in the TV plus app.

#2. Glitch

Glitch is a common problem that happens randomly to modern TVs. It occurs mainly from the need to update your television software version.

Also, the glitch doesn’t take much time before it leaves after occurring on your Television.

#3. Samsung TV Technical Malfunction

Samsung TV switches to TV plus when there is a malfunction or error from your TV. This error makes your TV think it’s receiving, thereby making it switch sources by itself.

Get a professional TV technician to repair any TV malfunction because TV malfunctioning is always complicated to repair by yourself.

#4. Presence Of Aynet +:

Aynet + is an element of your TV that enables communication between your TV and externally connected HDMI devices.

Therefore, when Aynet + is turned on, it does the work of automatically informing your TV. Thus, your TV will automatically switch to TV plus once this occurs.

You can always use your remote control to turn the Aynet + off to stop this from happening. You can do this with the Basic, IR, or Smart Remote Samsung remotes.

Here is how to prevent Samsung TV from switching to TV Plus:

Why Does Samsung TV Keep Switching to TV Plus?Solution
TV plus is an inbuilt appAlways disable the TV plus whenever it resurfaces 
GlitchUpdate your software version regularly
Samsung TV Technical MalfunctionHire a professional technician for all TV repair
Presence of Aynet +Turn off the Aynet +

How Do I Delete Apps on a Samsung Smart TV?

They are deleting apps from your Samsung Smart TV is necessary to free up space or when the apps no longer serve you.

You can delete apps using different methods depending on the one you want at that moment.

Therefore, below are the steps and ways required to delete apps on your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. You can delete apps just by disabling the app from the settings using your remote.
  2. Scroll through all the apps that you have on your TV till you reach the endpoint
  • Continue to scroll till you see a four-circle overlapping in pairs of two’s to form a square. Then, use the direction signs on your remote to move and select it. 
  • Click on the app you want to delete from your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Then choose Delete from the list of options and select Delete again to confirm.

4. Scroll to settings from the home screen.

  • Then, navigate through and click on “Apps” under “Device.”
  • Select the apps you want to delete under ” Downloaded apps.”
  • Afterward, choose Uninstall and then click on OK to confirm.

5. Press the home button on the remote to open the home screen menu and scroll to Apps. 

  • Then, click on the settings icon at the screen’s top right corner.
  • Click on the app that you want to delete, and select Delete. Then, click ok Delete again to confirm the deletion process.

Final Thoughts 

It is essential to know that although you can use the above ways to remove TV plus from your Smart TV or smartphone.

But, it doesn’t guarantee completely removing TV plus from your TV because it’s an in-built app that you can’t thoroughly uninstall.

Therefore, it’s best to repeat the methods above whenever the TV app resurfaces on your TV or smartphone again.

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