7 Steps To Reset A Kenmore Refrigerator in 30 Seconds!

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There always comes a day when you experience issues with your refrigerator. For example, the inner walls of your refrigerator might get frozen, and the frost maker won’t work anymore. 

This issue is a popular complication among Kenmore refrigerators. However, before you freak out and hire an expert, this article entails seven simple steps to help you restart your Kenmore refrigerator in 30 seconds.

From opening your ice manufacturer chamber and using a dryer to melt those frost build-ups inside your refrigerator to set the right temperature, you can restart your Kenmore refrigerator in seven simple steps to save money by hiring an expert to handle that for you.

How to Reset Kenmore Fridge Within Seconds 

Seven Steps to Reset a Kenmore Refrigerator in 60 Seconds

If you are having problems with your refrigerator, it is best to reset it before you do anything else. Why should you reset your refrigerator? 

The main reason behind this is that if you do not reset the refrigerator, it will not work correctly and may cause more damage to your appliance than initially caused. 

Also, this could lead to other problems in the future, such as an increase in electricity usage, which could affect your bill.

You should reset your Kenmore refrigerator because it helps keep your food’s temperature consistent. 

A fridge not set to a proper temperature can cause foods to spoil or go bad. It also affects the taste of meals and drinks.

There are different reasons why a refrigerator might stop working correctly. When this happens, there are different ways in which you can reset your refrigerator without any damage to it.

If you are having problems with your Kenmore fridge, it is time to get the most out of it.

Here  are seven helpful steps to help you reset your Kenmore refrigerator within seconds:

#1. Assess The Condition Of Your Frost Maker

The first step you need to take if you want to reset your Kenmore refrigerator in no time is to open your refrigerator and take a quick look at your frost maker.

The frost maker is on the left side of the door for the classic side-by-side and french door-type refrigerators.

#2. Detach the Frost Storage Caddie

The following step you should take is to detach the frost storage caddie. Again, removing it by lifting it from its position would be best.

Once you open it and look inside, you will notice the inside of the chamber has a build-up of frost. 

The cause of this build-up of frost might also be why you will find the frost tray stiff and difficult to move. It becomes stuck.

But here is the real issue, the frost tray in the refrigerator cannot be removed because the part of the refrigerator which enables it to move is frozen shut!

This issue is why your frost maker can not produce ice because every time you fill water into the tray, it eventually overflows.

This event occurs when there is no frost released inside the tray yet.

But note that the overflowing water does not just disappear into thin air! Instead, it flows to other components of your refrigerator. 

So this leads to a continuous build-up of ice even when you set the refrigerator to a high temperature. 

This observation means that the ice will continue accumulating on your Kenmore refrigerator’s inner walls regardless of the high or cold temperature.

Then, you also notice that your refrigerator is not cooling your food and grocery items as it should. 

This problem might arise due to the excessive moisture within the refrigerator. Chances are that you could have a complication with the sensor as well.

Consider assessing your water valves and checking for possible replacements when the water line freezes now and then, especially after some time.

If this is your case, resetting your refrigerator might not be able to revive the refrigerator to 99% working condition.

You will need to contact the Kenmore customer care or support team to fix your refrigerator’s faulty parts permanently!

#3. Press the Button to Rotate the frost tray

This button is slightly peculiar from the regular “on” and “off” switch you occasionally see when you open your appliance. However, this button is somewhat visible as you cannot see it easily.

This button is responsible for the rotation of your ice tray. You can locate it under a little white panel on the left side of your refrigerator, just underneath the “on” and “off” switch.

Once you find the button, press it multiple times till your ice tray rotates 180 degrees. After this, the frost tray would deposit a block of ice.

At this point, the machine begins to fill the frost tray with water, and it will produce a set of ice into blocks. 

If this procedure works, then you can decide to skip the following step. If it did not work, bummer! You need to read the following step.

#4. Melt the Excess Frost With a Dryer

If the button does not work, no matter how many times you have tried pressing it. It means your ice tray and everything within it are frozen, and the frost tray itself cannot rotate. 

For you to be able to fix this, you need to hasten the process by melting the frost build-up with a dryer (a hair dryer works just fine). 

You need to direct the hair dryer towards the rotating machine within the tray to make it able to rotate.

If you see any other refrigerator components frozen, blow some warm air over those parts. 

After doing this, try pressing the button again and repeatedly. The frost tray should be able to rotate now and release ice blocks. 

But note that the frost tray would leak melted ice and spread everywhere, so you should place a towel beneath your ice tray. 

The ice’s time to melt completely could range from 5-10 minutes, depending on the ice’s thickness. It is time to move on to the following step.

#5. Make Sure You Have a Dry Compartment

After successfully resetting the frost maker, ensure the refrigerator’s chamber is clean and dry. You need to make sure it is dry because of the moisture that fills the chamber after troubleshooting it.

You can use a hair dryer to hasten the process or a clean cloth or towel to wipe off the moisture and wet surface areas. It is time to move to the following step.

#6. The Caddie and the Cover of the Ice chamber Need to Go Back to Their Original Positions

After drying the chamber of your Kenmore refrigerator, it is time to return all the parts to their original positions. First, insert the frost storage caddie back into the refrigerator. After that, you need to close the chamber with its cover.

It would be best if you were cautious here as you do not want any gaps for warm air to penetrate. It will lead to moisture, and this can lead to a faulty refrigerator once again.

#7. Set the Perfect Temperature for Your Kenmore Refrigerator

After drying and returning the separated parts of your Refrigerators to their original positions, it is time to set the perfect temperature.

If your refrigerator’s temperature is too high, your ice maker will not function even after you have reset it. So make sure you check and set it to a suitable temperature.

The standard temperature for a refrigerator is approximately 37° F‌, while for freezers, it is 0° F‌ .

Is There a Reset Button for Kenmore Refrigerator?

The Kenmore Refrigerator is a reliable appliance that keeps your food fresh but can also be temperamental. You might think that all hope is lost when something goes wrong with the fridge. 

You cannot just throw away the product and buy a new one because it will cost you a lot of money to replace this appliance. 

Fortunately for you, there are ways to fix most problems with refrigerators that do not require a professional maintenance specialist.

Suppose your Kenmore refrigerator is not responding or is not cooling correctly.

You should check the temperature of the refrigerant before calling for help from an expert in the refrigeration field.

If water leaks or drips are coming from anywhere in your fridge, try unplugging it for at least 15 minutes. Water can drain from where it leaks onto other items inside the fridge (like food).

If you are unsure what a reset button is, it is a button on your refrigerator that you can press to reset your refrigerator’s settings. 

Unfortunately, there is no restart switch on a Kenmore refrigerator. However, there are certain things that you can do to get the appliance working again.

This article has shown you how to reset your Kenmore refrigerator in the seven steps above. Kindly review them again to find out how to reset your Kenmore refrigerator manually.

How Do You Hard Reset a Kenmore Refrigerator?

If your refrigerator or freezer is not working correctly and you want to restore power, you can easily do so by hard resetting your Kenmore Refrigerator.

If you need to troubleshoot a Kenmore appliance, sometimes it is necessary to reset it hard. 

You may also have to do this if you have changed all of the settings on your appliance and can not figure out how to change them back.

Hard reset is a process that restores your device to its original factory settings by erasing all user data, including applications and settings. 

It is like starting your smartphone fresh again after installing an O.S. update or upgrading your phone’s firmware. 

This process also helps in fixing problems such as software issues, errors, and bugs.

Also, ensure to remove any food item from the refrigerator inside so there is no chance of contamination when resetting it back to its original state. 

How Long Do I Unplug My Fridge to Reset It?

If you want to try unplugging your refrigerator to reset it, there is no issue. It is safe and okay!

However, most refrigerators models take between four to eight hours to reset. Therefore, you should keep your fridge working during this period to ensure it resets.

But note that it might not take this long for all refrigerators. This is just an average time. It might be longer for some. 

Refrigerators that have digital displays might take up to 24 hours for those displays to reset. 

Refrigerators with ice manufacturers might take up to 48 hours for it (the frost maker) to reset. So it all depends. 

P.S. Unplugging your Refrigerator might seem harmful, and you might have doubts about doing so. But, it is safe and will not damage your fridge.

Check the manufacturer’s instruction manual to find out how long you should unplug your appliance to reset it. The easy way to reset your refrigerator is to unplug it for a couple of hours. 

Doing this will clear out any destructive codes or settings in the refrigerator and allow you to turn it back on. 

However, if you have a problem with your refrigerator, you should call a technician for help. Because, If you are having trouble with your refrigerator, something is likely wrong. 

Often, this can be as simple as cleaning the coils or setting the temperature correctly. 

However, if this does not fix the issue, you should contact an appliance repair technician to come and look at your appliance. 

Note that once you plug in your refrigerator to a power supply, you need to wait for it to cool on the inside.

Here are some refrigerator brands and their cooling times:

Refrigerator BrandTypeCooling Time
GEBottom Freezer24 hours
SamsungFrench Door2 hours
WhirlpoolSide-by-side24 hours
FrigidaireMini Fridge4 hours
GalanzeMini Fridge4 hours
LG ElectronicsFrench Door2-3 hours


That is it! Now you know how to reset a Kenmore refrigerator. Also, go through the manufacturer’s guide; you will find some helpful information on resetting your refrigerator and the perfect temperature for your appliance.

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