5 Steps To Reset LG Refrigerator in Few Seconds!

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LG refrigerators are popular for their reliable, innovative, and high-quality products. 

Though they manufacture one of the best fridge units in the market, you can also encounter issues while using their products. 

However, resetting the fridge can easily resolve some of these issues. The reset process takes seconds to get the refrigerator up and running.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step instructions to reset your LG fridge if there is an error code on the display screen.

Resetting your LG refrigerator involves unplugging it from the power source and letting it reset for 30 seconds. While the fridge is disconnected from the power source, it loses energy and clears its memory. Next, replug the refrigerator and adjust the temperature setting. However, before resetting your fridge, identify the issue to be sure a reset is necessary.     

How Do I Reset My LG Refrigerator Within Seconds?

How to reset Lg refrigerator

To reset your LG fridge, you must identify the error, remove all food items from the fridge, and disconnect it from the power outlet.

Next, wait a few seconds before plugging it into the power source. Set the fridge temperature, and leave the fridge running for 24 hours until the fridge is cooling properly.

When your LG fridge has any issues, it usually displays an error code on its display screen. Once you notice the error code, take note of it and identify the meaning of the code.

The meaning of the error code will tell you if a reset is a necessary solution to the error.

Below are step-by-step guidelines to reset your LG fridge:

#1. Step 1– Identify the Error on the Control Panel

If your fridge runs into an issue, your control panel displays an error code. Visit the LG website to determine the meaning and possible cause of the error display.

You cannot fix some error codes by just resetting your fridge. So you must determine the meaning of the code to help you determine if a reset is necessary.

An LG fridge displays about 20 error codes on its control panel. Unfortunately, you can fix only a few error codes among these codes by resetting the fridge.

The table below shows the codes you can fix by resetting your fridge:

Error CodeMeaning
FFAn abnormality with the freezer fan
rFAn issue with the fridge fan motor 
dH, FdH, rdH, ErdHThe freezer keeps defrosting for about an hour
IF, F1An abnormality with the ice maker fan

Most of the issues you can reset are due to ice build-ups. If you notice any of these error codes on your control panel, move to the next step to reset your LG refrigerator.

If there is a different code on the display panel, consult your manual to determine the code’s meaning and solutions.

The table below shows some of these tables:

Error CodeMeaning
IS or 15 The ice maker fan motor or sensor is damaged. 
22An issue with the compressor relay.
67There is a gap between the fridge door  
CFAn issue with the condenser fan that dispenses heat
COIt signifies a communication error with the control board and display. 
C1It signifies a Communication problem with the LCD screen and dispenser. 

Ensure the error can be resolved by resetting before proceeding to reset your appliance. Resetting your refrigerator unnecessarily can cause more harm to it. 

However, if you are resetting your fridge due to a power outage, you can move to step 3.

#2. Step 2– Empty the Fridge of Food and Drawers

If your LG fridge displays one of the codes in the first table, you must reset and defrost the refrigerator.

However, before resetting your fridge, ensure to empty your fridge to avoid spilling and wasting food. Move any perishable food to another fridge or a cooler to keep the food from spoiling. 

Also, remove any ice in the fridge, ice bin, and food from shelves. If your fridge is empty, you can reset it before restocking the LG refrigerator with food supplies.

#3. Step 3– Disconnect the Appliance from its Power Source

LG refrigerators do not have a reset button. Therefore to reset the fridge, you must do it manually by turning it off directly from the source.

However, if you cannot reach your fridge plug, you can disconnect the power directly by cutting off its power source. To disconnect it, turn off the circuit breaker connected to the LG refrigerator.

#4. Step 4– Reconnect the Refrigerator

After disconnecting your LG refrigerator from its power source, allow the fridge to sit for a while.

The time you let it sit depends on the type of error code you encountered:

  • For rF, IF, F1, and FF errors, let it sit for 8 hours minimum.
  • If there was a power outage, it should sit for 30 seconds minimum
  • If the fridge was not cooling properly, it should sit for 30 seconds minimum.
  • For dH, FdH, rdH, ErdH error, let it sit for 2 minutes.

Letting the fridge sit for a while allows the compressor and condenser system to reboot. The reboot process also increases the cooling efficiency of your fridge.

After letting it sit, reconnect your fridge to its power source. If you turn off the circuit breaker, switch it on. This step completes the reset process.

#5. Step 5– Adjust Your Fridge Temperature

After connecting the fridge to the power source, adjust the temperature to your desired level.

However, it should not be higher than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended temperature setting to avoid damaging your preserved foods. 

After adjusting the temperature, allow the fridge to stabilize for 24 hours. However, if the reset does not fix the issue, contact the LG help center.

Is There a Reset Button On an LG?

LG fridges do not have a reset button. However, you can reset your fridge by unplugging it from its power source for 30 seconds. 

Next, connect the refrigerator back to its power source and adjust the fridge temperature. However, it might take a while before your fridge stabilizes after resetting it.

If resetting your fridge does not fix the error code, you can contact LG support or an expert to inspect the fridge.

Take note that frequently resetting your LG refrigerator can damage the fridge compressor. Therefore, ensure the error you are fixing requires resetting before trying the reset method.

Although you can get rid of the message by resetting the fridge, it might reappear on the panel if you do not correct the underlying issue.

How Do You Hard Reset an LG Refrigerator?

Hard resetting your LG refrigerator is almost identical to the usual reset process. However, in this case, you are resetting the main functions of the fridge.

To hard reset your fridge:

  • Open your freezer, locate the freezer switch, and long press the switch for 30 seconds.
  • If your LG fridge has a water filter, locate the filter icon on the display panel. Long press the icon till the icon light disappears.
  • Go to the fridge section, locate the refrigerator icon, and long press it for 30 seconds. 
  • Unplug the fridge from its power outlet and let it sit for 30 minutes before replugging it to the power outlet.

How Do I Reset the Control Panel on My LG Fridge?

If you want to reset our refrigerator’s control panel, open your fridge door and locate the refrigerator and ice plus switch. 

Once you find the buttons, press and hold them simultaneously to reset the display panel. 

After it resets, the control panel will give a sound and activate the temperature settings, which confirms the reset.

The fridge control panel or display mode is a feature in LG refrigerators that disables the cooling functionalities in your fridge.

The display mode helps conserve energy and keeps the fridge in display mode, especially if it is barely used. The control panel on your LG refrigerator displays OF F before the control panel resets.

Follow the steps below to reset your control panel:

  • Ensure an OF F code is on display and the fridge is connected to a power source before proceeding.
  • Open the door on the right-hand side of the fridge and keep the left side shut.
  • Locate the Ice Plus or Lock button and the Refrigerator button. Then press and hold both buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold the buttons for three to six seconds.
  • The control panel will return to its default setting with an audible sound.
  • The panel will also display the temperature numbers on the panel while the fridge dispenser activates.
  • You can adjust the settings to your desired temperature for the fridge and freezer.

If your LG refrigerator is a new model, the dispenser control panel might not activate. It might be due to the static energy from pulling off the plastic covering over the dispenser.

To get the panel working, unplug the fridge or turn off the refrigerator’s circuit breaker and let it sit for 30 seconds to reset the dispenser control.


Sometimes, resetting your fridge is the best solution to certain error codes. In addition, it will save you the expense of paying an expert technician to inspect the refrigerator.

To reset your fridge, you only have to unplug your LG refrigerator, let it reboot for a few minutes, and plug it back.

However, before resetting your fridge, confirm the meaning of the error codes and their possible underlying causes and solutions.

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