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Have you been trying to turn on or off your Samsung ice maker, but nothing seems to work?

You might’ve tried all possible means, but it keeps proving difficult. Well, I understand how frustrating this can be.

However, putting off the device is not as difficult as you think; you just need the right guidance. 

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! 

To put on your Samsung Ice maker, you need to look for the ice maker button, which might differ depending on the model you’re using, and you need to check your manual. Then press the ice maker Button once. If the ice maker is off, it’ll light out off, and if it is on, it will light out on.

How Do I Turn the Samsung Ice Maker On and Off?

Turn samsung ice make on and off

Turning on and off your Samsung ice, you need to know where the ice maker button is located and how to indicate whether the ice maker is on or off.

To turn the Samsung ice maker on and off, follow these few steps:

  • Find the ice Button on your ice maker. The button usually carries the ice symbol and is mostly located close to the ice maker
  • Plug your ice maker into a source of electricity. Make sure it is properly plugged in and the ice maker is on.
  • Press the ice button on your ice maker to put it on the ice maker. If it is off, it will display an off symbol, and if it is on, it will display an on symbol.

You can now check to see if your ice maker is making ice properly. To turn it off, press the ice button on the ice maker, and it will stop producing ice. Allow it to cool down before using it again.

How Do I Know if My Samsung Ice Maker Switch is On or Off?

If you cannot detect if your Samsung ice maker switch is on or off, then you’ll have to check the ice maker if it’s working or not.

Nevertheless, if your Samsung ice maker is turned on, it Will show an icon ON, and this also implies when it is turned off, it will also show an off icon.

Pressing the switch multiple times can give you an error result. However, all you have to do is press the switch button once and watch whether it’s the on or off icon that’ll show.

Also, if your ice maker is making ice, it is on, but if it’s not making ice, it’s off or possibly has some errors or problems that need to be taken care of.

Due to some issues, a Samsung ice maker can be on but not make any ice, and sometimes it’ll not turn on.

Some of these issues are:

#1. The Child Lock Feature

What does the child lock feature mean? Well, it is a feature of the Samsung ice maker.

This feature helps you to lock the control panel of your refrigerator so that no one can change the settings of your refrigerator.

People with curious kids are advised to use the child lock when they’re off to work because your kids can temper with the features of your refrigerator.

If foods are in your refrigerator, to avoid spoilt and smelling bad, it is advised to put them on at an ideal temperature so the foods will remain cool.

To remove this:

  • Open your fridge
  • Carefully look for the panel. It is usually on the right side
  • Check for the control pick button, which is usually at the bottom of the panel
  • Press it for about 3 to 5 seconds
  • The padlock symbol will blink and go 

After removing it, you can follow the same process to put it on whenever you want to put it in the child lock feature.

#2. System Error

Have you tried turning on your ice maker button but didn’t notice any changes? If this happens, then there is a possibility that your fridge has a system error.

The solution is energy and time efficient when your fridge has a system error. But, you must first reboot, restart or reset your fridge to eliminate the system error.

To reset your Samsung refrigerator.

  • Unplug your refrigerator from the source of electricity( outlet)
  • Leave it unplugged for about 2 to 3 minutes
  • Plug it back
  • Put your refrigerator on

It might clear off the errors in the refrigerator’s system, and your refrigerator will restart. Another method of resetting your refrigerator is by the circuit breaker.

  • Turn off the circuit breaker if your refrigerator
  • Allow it for about 2 to 3 minutes
  • Put the circuit breaker back on

#3. Multiple Commands

Unlike humans, these electronics cannot perform more than one action at a time, and it becomes an error when it receives the same or different commands simultaneously.

When the commands are many, it does nothing and becomes overworked. If you try giving a command, wait for a while before you perform another action.

Since it cannot perform the actions simultaneously, it stops receiving commands and acts like it is off.

To fix this, you must leave the refrigerator for some time before performing any further action on the refrigerator. It might be why your ice maker is not turning on or any other function in the refrigerator.

After you’ve left the refrigerator for about 3 to 10 minutes to rest, try putting on the ice maker by pressing the ice maker button to see if it’ll start working.

#4. Frosted Ice Maker

It could be an accumulation of frost on your ice cream that hinders it from turning on or working.

When you don’t always dispense off the ice in the ice bucket of the ice maker, it might build up to a level that the whole compartment will be frosted.

Sometimes even if you want to remove the ice bucket from the ice maker, it might not be able to come out because it is completely frozen.

To fix this, you have to defrost the refrigerator. Some common defrost methods.

  • Using a hair dryer to melt off the ice
  • Automatic defrost using the defrost button ( it is not usually present in all refrigerators)
  • Manual defrost by putting off the refrigerator for a while and allowing it to cool down.

After you defrost the ice maker, bring out the ice bucket and dry it with a towel—also, clean and dry the inside of the ice maker.

#5. Water Supply Valve

If you notice your ice maker comes on but does not produce any ice, there might be an issue with your water supply valve.

If the water supply valve of the ice maker is blocked, the ice maker will come on but will not make ice cubes.

Since it’s the water, it is used to make the ice, and there’s no water; in the same way, the ice maker won’t produce any ice.

To do this, you must seek a plumber’s service to check if the water pipe needs to be fixed or replaced.

#6. Faulty Control Board

Have you been trying, but all the button seems not to be working, but the refrigerator is on.

The control board may be faulty or damaged. The only way to fix this is by replacing the damaged one with a new one.

To do this, you have to seek the service of an expert. You might damage something in the process, so experts best handle it.

How Do I Turn Off My Samsung Ice Maker Manually?

Usually, manually turning off your refrigerator can help eliminate system errors whenever you’re having an issue with your refrigerator.

Without any issues, manually turning off your refrigerator is not advised. However, manually turning off the refrigerator will automatically turn off the ice maker.

Even if the refrigerator is on, the ice maker can not make ice unless it is turned on, but whenever the refrigerator does not have any electricity, it cannot turn on.

Manually turning the refrigerator off means disconnecting it from the power source without turning the refrigerator off. It is mostly used in resetting the refrigerator.

Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Refuse to Turn Off?

Have you tried turning off your ice maker, but it wouldn’t respond, and you were wondering if the ice maker is damaged?

Well, there is some reason why a Samsung ice maker will come on and then refuse to turn it off when it is no longer needed.

#1. Child Lock

Also, if the ice maker is on when the child lock setting is activated unknowingly or knowingly, 

Always check if your ice maker is on before putting it on child lock mode. If it is on for a long time, it can accumulate ice, and the ice maker will become frosted.

#2. Control Board

If the ice maker is on before the control board goes off, you cannot turn it off again because the buttons will no longer function.

If this happens, turn it off manually to avoid frost. However, please do not leave it for a long while.

#3. System Error

Errors in the refrigerators system can also make the ice maker not turn off after being turned on. This happens when the refrigerator system detects some errors.

Why Ice Maker Is Not Turning OffSolution
Child lockRemove the refrigerator from child lock mode.
Control BoardReplace with a new control board
System errorReset or reboot the refrigerator

Why is My Samsung Fridge’s Ice Dispenser Constantly Running?

You turn off your ice maker, but you still notice some ice in the ice maker. That means there is a leak in the ice maker.

The constant dispensing of ice could be low pressure in the water inlet valve or a faulty water inlet valve.

The pressure needed to shut the water inlet valve is 20 psi minimum. If there is a lower pressure, water will leak into the ice maker.

All you have to do is check the pressure of the water inlet pipe, and if the pressure is more than 20 psi, then you need to check your water inlet valve.

Your water inlet valve might not close fully, and water will leak into the ice maker, making it run constantly. If it is the water inlet valve, then you need to replace your water inlet valve.


You must take good care of your ice maker to last long. Always dispense the ice from the ice bucket once it is full.

Keep your ice maker off whenever you don’t need ice to avoid frost in the ice maker compartments.

In conclusion, take adequate maintenance measures to avoid issues with your refrigerator and always fix them immediately after you detect an issue.

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