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4 Steps To Watch Apple TV On LG TV!

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The innovation of virtual TVs like Apple TV is an added benefit in today’s entertainment world. 

Entertainment has taken an even better turn since Apple TV became available on the LG platform in February 2020. This update makes it possible to watch any of your favorite shows on your TV.

And the good news is that you do not need to use an Apple TV media player.  Nonetheless, it is possible to access them on select older LG models. 

To watch Apple TV on your LG TV, first install the app on your TV. After the installation process, the next step is to enter your Apple identification number. When you have entered your ID, you can select and watch anything you want on your TV. These steps are easy to follow with your remote.

Can I Watch Apple TV on My LG TV?

How to Watch Apple TV on LG TV (Four Steps to Do It)

You can access Apple TV on any LG smart TV with the media player. However, this practice is slowly going out of date.

Now, you can download the Apple TV app directly from the content store. In 2020, LG effected a major upgrade in their devices.

This update allows users to use the Apple TV app without owning the media player. Below are a few steps to follow to access this app on your television. 

#1. Connect Your Television to Wi-Fi

The first step is ensuring you have a Wi-Fi connection because you will need internet access to download and install the Apple TV. 

To connect your television to your preferred Wi-Fi network, you need to:

  • Open the home launcher by pressing the smart button. On some LG TV models, this button is the home button.
  • On the pop-up menu, click on Network.
  • Click on Wi-Fi connection, select your preferred network, and enter the password to gain access.

You will see a label under the Wi-Fi or wired connection if there is already a Wi-Fi connection. This label reads: Connected to the Internet or connected to Wi-Fi.

Another method of establishing this Wi-Fi connection is directly connecting your television to your Wi-Fi router using an ethernet cable. 

For the webOS 6.0, go to General Settings under Settings and select Network. If your LAN cable connects properly, you will see a label under Network that reads, Connected to Wired.

#2. Go to LG Content Store

The LG content store is the application store where you can download any LG-supported programs or apps. 

To get to this store, press the home button and search for the store among the options. The store icon is usually pink and, therefore, easy to locate.

Asides from downloading apps, you can use the LG to stream any movies of your choice.

In addition, you have the option of exploring different genres. You can also access games from the store and much educational content.

#3. Search for and Install the Apple TV

Select apps on the content store page and search for Apple TV. When you find it, click on it to install it on your TV. The install button is usually under the app logo.

An easier method is to select the search icon. This icon is usually at the top right corner of your screen.

Then type Apple TV into the search bar, which will take you to the app install page. You can follow the same step above to install it on your television.

#4. Set up the Apple TV Application

After installation, exit the content store and return to your home page. Check your app list for your newly installed tv and click on it to open it.

Click on settings when it opens and go to accounts to sign in with your Apple ID details. Your Apple ID enables you to enjoy all Apple services, and you need only one across all your devices.

If you do not have an ID, you can easily create one. Once you log in, all you need to do is to select and watch anything you want on your LG TV.

Where Is the App Store on My LG TV?

The app store is on your home launcher page. You can access this by pressing the home button on your remote control.

On LG Smart TVs, the app store is the LG Content Store. Depending on your TV model, the icon is the first in the row of apps. However, the app store icon is always pink.

Once you click on the icon, there is a display of top movie and app recommendations. The available recommendations always shuffle every couple of seconds.

The available apps are usually under two categories: most popular and newly updated. This categorization also applies to movies. 

However, instead of newly updated, the second category is genre. Alternatively, you can always use the search button if you have a specific program or application.

This button is typically on the top right corner of the store page. The app store allows you to access different shows, movies, games, news, and educational material. 

However, you should know that to have full access to any app; you must install it on your TV.

You will have to create an LG account to have unrestricted access to the apps in the content store. 

How to Set Up an LG Account?

You can set up an LG account with your mobile phone, computer, or on your TV with your remote control. These options will appear on your TV so that you can select anyone.

To set up your account, press the home or smart button on your remote control. Then navigate to settings which will open up a menu. 

The settings icon is typically the last option on the app row at the bottom of the page. When you find it, click on Quick Settings. On some models, the available option is All Settings.

On the next pop-up menu, click on General and then Account Management. The next prompt will show an option to set up your LG account.

You will have to read and accept the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions include terms of use, TV membership, and privacy policies.

After agreeing, you will have to fill out a form containing relevant details and click on OK. Then, LG will send an authentication email to the email address you used to sign up.

Confirming this authentication email is the last step to creating your account. After this, you can sign in on your TV.

The LG account works like the Apple ID. When you create this account, you can sync it across other LG smart appliances like air conditioners.

Is Apple TV Free on LG Smart TV?

The Apple TV is free to install on LG smart televisions. With the app, you can watch several movies and series. However, there are some shows and movies you might not have access to.

These shows and movies are original Apple content, and you need an Apple TV+ subscription to access them.

Apple TV+ is an Apple streaming platform where you can watch Apple’s exclusive shows and movies.

Examples of these exclusive shows are CODA and The Morning Show. The subscription for this exclusive streaming platform costs $4.99 a month.

Identifying and differentiating between Apple TV +, the Apple TV, and the Apple TV app can sometimes be challenging.

Below is a table that summarizes the differences.

CriteriaApple TVApple TV appApple TV +
What is it?A media playerAn applicationA streaming platform
How to use it?Manual connection and remote controlDownload from the device app storeRequires subscription
Access to Original Apple ContentYesNoYes

What TVs Are Compatible with Apple TV?

When it was first launched in 2020, the Apple TV app was made available for some LG TVs. The first models were the 2018 webOS 4.0 models

Meanwhile, since 2021, it is also available on some 2016 and 2017 models—for example, the B6, C6, E6, and G6 2016 LG OLED series.

Currently, Apple TV is compatible with 15 models and at least 50 different LG TV series. However, Apple has compiled a list to help you confirm that your LG TV supports Apple TV.

If your device is not on the list, do not panic. You can use third-party measures to watch Apple TV on your LG TV.

These third-party measures involve connecting devices like Amazon Firestick, Roku, and iPhones. You can get the Amazon Firestick for as low as $39.99, while Roku sells at $29.99.

Installing any of these devices on your LG TV enables you to access apps like Apple TV. They also help you stream different movies and shows.

Like with an LG TV, you can install the Apple TV app through these third-party devices. Also, you will need to subscribe to Apple TV + to access Original Apple content.

This subscription still costs $4.99 every month. In addition, the Apple TV media player can connect with most modern televisions, including LG.


LG keeps making updates to help its users easily access their favorite entertainment platforms. 

However, if Apple TV does not work, even if your TV is a compatible model, reach out to their customer service. Apple supports contact through chat, email, or by phone.

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