How To Unlock The Control Lock On A Maytag Washer?

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The control lock feature on a Maytag washer is a child safety lock feature to prevent kids from turning the machine on or off and preventing unintended use while running.

This safety feature can be used whether the washer is operating or not. However, if the control is locked, you will be unable to start or change the cycle. 

To unlock the control lock, press the cycle end signal for three seconds and hold it till the control light goes off. After this, push the drain and spin button on the control panel to unlock the control lock. If it does not work, you may have to unplug and plug in the washer to reset it.

How Do You Turn Off The Control Lock On A Maytag Washer?

Unlock The Control Lock On A Maytag Washer

If the control lock on your Maytag washer is activated, the control will not function. The code LoC or LC will show if you try pressing the buttons.

It is simply a reminder that the control lock is activated, and it has to be deactivated to allow the washer controls to function.

The error code doesn’t mean the door is locked, as the door still works when the command is locked, but the washer won’t run.

To activate the control lock, touch and hold it for three seconds to prevent unwanted operations. The digital display will show a countdown each second you hold down the control lock.

For example, you will see 3, 2, 1, and then LoC or LC. If the countdown is not displayed, press the power button, try unplugging the machine, power it on, and try again.

The central lock may be a stand-alone key or a dual function key.

To turn the control lock off, touch and hold it for another three seconds to deactivate it.

How Do You Unlock The Door On A Maytag Front Load Washer?

If the door on your Maytag washer won’t unlock, it could be that the washer is still filled with water or a door interlock switch issue.

Cancel the wash cycle, push the cycle end or cancel button and wait for a few minutes for the door to unlock on its own.

If it does not open, then the water level may be too high in the tub. If the washer is filled with water, drain it completely before unlocking the door.

If it still doesn’t unlock, you can troubleshoot by locating the safety lever (tear-shaped tab) at the bottom of the door lock.

Pull it till you hear the clicking sound of unlocking the door manually. You can access this safety lever from inside the washer. You might be wondering how to go about this.

The first step is removing the power from the washer. Remove two screws on the lower corners of the washer.

Pull down the bottom of the front panel and remove it from the plastic clips at the top. Lift the top of the washer and remove the top panel to access the safety lever.

If you cannot open your washer door after doing this, there might be an obstruction or a faulty part preventing the door from opening.

What To Do If Your Maytag Front Load Washer Is Not Working It can be frustrating if your Maytag front load washer is not starting.

There is always a reason for that. Listed below are a few troubleshooting tips you would need.

#1. Check The Power

If the start button is not working, there might be a power issue. First, check the power cord to ensure it is damage-free.

Do not use extension cords that are not capable of transmitting the required voltage. Also, check your circuit breaker box and reset any ripped ones.

You could also reset your washer by unplugging it or turning off its circuit breaker for a minute.

#2. Check If The Control Lock Is Activated

This control lock feature locks all the control panel functions. The deactivating process varies based on the model of your washer.

For example, some models have a control lock button that can be pressed and held for three seconds to deactivate, while others have a dual function process that requires two keys to halt.

#3. Settings Issues

Check the control panel to ensure you selected the correct settings before starting a wash cycle. For example, you may have enabled the delayed start settings if your washer is on, but it does not start.

Error codes on the control panel alert you to issues that prevent your washer from starting. Read your user manual if you do not know the meaning of the code displayed and how to clear it.

Also, if the start button is not pressed correctly, your washer won’t wash. Ensure you press and hold the button for three seconds to start a wash cycle.

#4. Broken Parts

A broken part may be why your Maytag front load washer is not starting.

Parts like the thermal fuse, control board, and timer require a professional repair if they are bad. Ensure you seek professional help.


In conclusion, read your user manual to find out the proper process to unlock the control lock for your washer model. Always clean the door area of your washer for soap build-up.

If the door does not unlock at the end of a wash cycle, unplug the washer, wait for two minutes for the control to reset, and reconnect it.

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