Boost Ice Fast: Ice Plus On LG Refrigerator Explained!

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Stepping into your kitchen on a hot day, you crave a cold drink. You open your LG refrigerator and find the Ice Plus feature, a cool secret that works like magic.

With the press of a button, it delivers more ice, faster than ever. Perfect for birthday parties, surprise guests, or a chilled lemonade.

Discover how this frosty friend in your fridge makes life cooler and more convenient. Let’s explore the icy world of the Ice Plus feature on LG refrigerators!

Ice Plus Feature on LG Refrigerators

  • What It Is: Ice Plus is a special mode in LG refrigerators that enhances freezer performance for rapid ice production.
  • How It Works: By activating Ice Plus, the freezer’s cooling system is maximized, speeding up ice production and increasing the amount of ice made.
  • Usage: Easily activated via the fridge’s touchscreen or control panel, it runs for 24 hours or can be turned off manually.
  • Benefits: Ideal for situations requiring a quick and steady supply of ice, like parties or gatherings.
  • Considerations: Frequent use may lead to early compressor failure, reduced efficiency, and increased energy costs.

Ice Plus Feature Meaning in LG Fridge

The Ice Plus feature is a special mode you can find on your LG refrigerator. When you activate it, it takes your freezer’s performance up a notch.

How Ice Plus Works:

  • Activating Ice Plus maximizes the freezer’s cooling system.


  • The ice maker isn’t just making ice; it’s doing it faster.
  • Ice production speeds up, thanks to extra cold air.
  • In three hours, the compressor works non-stop, making more ice than usual.

This mode is particularly handy if you need a lot of ice, and quickly. Whether you prefer cubed ice or crushed ice, Ice Plus is there to fill the ice bin.

What to Expect with Ice Plus:

  • A freezer set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
  • The freezer compartment gets colder, so ice trays make ice faster.

When you use the Ice Plus mode, your LG InstaView refrigerator ensures you always have ice at the ready.

How To Use the Ice Plus Feature on LG Fridge?

To begin, tap the screen of your LG fridge to wake it up. This will bring you to the display where you will find various options.

Look for and select the settings option. Your next step takes you to the Refrigerator Manager.

Here’s what to do step by step:

  • Find and select the Ice Plus feature.
  • To turn the feature on, simply touch the Ice Plus option.
  • Once selected, a snowflake icon or an indicator light will be illuminated, showing that Ice Plus is now active.

Remember, this Ice Plus feature is designed to increase ice production. When you activate it, your fridge’s compressor works harder to pump more cold air.

If your LG fridge has a control panel with buttons, the Ice Plus feature is even easier to access:

  • Press the Ice Plus button on the control panel.
  • The Ice Plus icon will light up, and it’s all set.

The Ice Plus feature runs for 24 hours and then turns off automatically. You can also turn it off sooner if you like.

Just press the Ice Plus button again or do it via your fridge’s touchscreen. Want to control Ice Plus from your phone? Download and install the LG SmartThinQ™ app.

This allows you to toggle the Ice Plus feature to on or off and hit ‘Save’ after making your choice.

Pro Tip

  • To stop making ice, especially if you won’t need your fridge for a few days, head over to the main ice maker switch in the freezer and switch it to off. This saves energy and keeps you from having more ice than you can use.

Pros and Cons of Ice Plus on LG Fridge

What Is Ice Plus on LG Refrigerator?


Steady Availability of Ice

Your LG fridge’s Ice Plus feature ensures you have ice whenever you need it. Hosting a party? You’re covered with a constant supply of ice for the duration.

Rapid Ice Production

If you’re in a hurry and need ice quickly, Ice Plus speeds up the production so you won’t have to wait long.

More Ice Production

Not only does it make ice quickly, but Ice Plus also increases the amount you get. It’s perfect for when you need a lot of ice for parties or gatherings.


Early Compressor Failure

Using Ice Plus too often may cause your fridge’s compressor to overheat. This could shorten its life or cause it to make loud noises.

Reduction of Efficiency

Overusing Ice Plus might make your fridge less effective over time. The feature pushes the compressor to work hard, which might lead to issues. Here’s additional information on the fridge’s freezing and cooling capability.

Additional Costs on Energy

Ice Plus uses more energy to produce cold air, which can add to your electric bill. Keep an eye on your energy consumption if you frequently use Ice Plus.

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