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Our daily consumption of ice relatively demands more to be produced even faster. However, when all the ice cubes in the bin have been used up.

It takes a while for the ice maker in the refrigerator to make new ice. Therefore, the LG ice plus feature produces more ice swiftly.

The Lg ice plus is a feature that boosts certain functions to make more ice in no time. This feature enhances the fridge’s freezing and cooling potential to make more ice. During this process, the compressor increases cold air in the freezer compartment. Nevertheless, this feature goes off automatically after a day.

What Is Ice Plus on LG Fridge?


The ice plus LG feature is a special function mode. Which, when activated, optimizes the freezer compartment to its full potential.

The ice plus on LG fridge functions by pressurizing. Their fridges come in innovative features like the ice plus LG mode, wireless network, app accessibility, and more with advanced technology.

Usually, the ice maker has the capability of making ice cubes. However, the ice plus feature equipped on the LG fridge makes the process a lot faster.

When this feature is selected, the fridge’s compressor operates ceaselessly for three hours, Increasing ice production by adding more cold air in the freezer compartment.

Moreover, the increased amount of cold air in the freezer compartment when this ice plus feature is enabled allows the ice bin in the freezer compartment to accumulate more ice quickly, Thereby making ice continuously available for use.

How Do I Use Ice Plus on My LG Fridge?

You can use the LG ice plus feature by turning it on from the refrigerator manager.

You can find this on the refrigerator setting, which comes up upon entering the display setting using your LG touchscreen feature.

Most times, LG manufacturers add extra features to their products. Many consumers ignore it; others want to see how this feature works. But unfortunately, those curious customers won’t know how to use this function.

In the same way, some LG fridge users have the ice plus feature equipped on their fridge but have little or no idea how to use it, not you, at least not anymore!

Furthermore, with advanced technology, you can also access this LG ice Plus function through a smartphone by installing the LG SmartThinQ™ app. When this app is installed, connect it to your LG fridge.

After you’re done with the process, you can turn On/Off the ice plus function by clicking your preferred options on your phone. Ensure to click on ‘Save’ after picking your preferred choice.

Nevertheless, some models of LG refrigerators come with buttons, but that doesn’t exclude them from having the ice plus function. These models even make accessing the ice plus more accessible.

Surprisingly, just by pressing the ice plus button from the control panel! After pressing this button, the ice plus icon will illuminate for 24 hours and can manually be turned off at any desired period. However, the ice plus feature goes off automatically after 24 hours.

When you’ve successfully set up this function, it initiates operation. The fridge’s compressor will increase the amount of cold air by pumping additional ones.

Further, when you feel there’s enough ice or the refrigerator won’t be used for several days, you would want to put a hold on the operation of the automatic ice maker.

First, go to the main ice maker switch, usually in the freezer compartment. Then, switch it off.

Pros and Cons of Ice Plus on LG Fridge?

Generally, anything that has advantages also has its shortcomings. For example, even though the ice plus feature can reinforce the ice maker to produce ice faster, do you know it reduces the efficiency of the compressor?

What Is Ice Plus on LG Refrigerator?

With that said, the ice maker in your LG fridge can operate without the effects of the ice plus feature.

Nevertheless, for the convenience of customers who want their freezer’s ice-making process faster and want their ice cubes more in quantity. Therefore, manufacturers equipped the LG fridge with the ice plus feature.

The ice plus feature equipped on the LG fridge increases the cooling and freezing potential of the freezer compartment.

But despite this, the ice plus feature designed on modern LG refrigerators equally has its downsides and conveniences.

Let’s see those pros and cons below;


1. Steady Availability of Ice:

One can’t overemphasize the fact that the ice plus feature in the LG fridge makes ice cubes readily available. For instance, An occasion in your house that may last for the whole day?

With the ice plus feature, all the ice needed for the event would surely be available. So what you’re to do on your side is to ensure the ice plus mode is running.

2. Rapid Ice Production:

Sometimes, due to our tight schedule, we get pissed off because of the time it might take for the ice maker to produce new ice, after which the previous ice generated has been used up. So with the innovation of the ice plus feature in the LG fridge, the ice maker produces ice in no time.

3. More Ice Production:

Despite the LG ice plus feature is capable of speeding up ice production. It also increases the number of ice cubes in the ice bin, making ice accessible on a mass scale and at one’s disposal.


1. Early Compressor Failure:

Usually, a fridge’s compressor functions for 10-15 years before repair. The compressor compresses refrigerant and circulates it, bringing about the cooling nature of the refrigerator.

However, regularly using the ice plus feature can cause excess mechanical heat around the compressor.

It can lead to overheating the compressor, causing the compressor to work and stop abnormally. This could lead to a compressor failure or cause the compressor to make loud humming sounds.

2. Reduction of Efficiency:

While this may be true, the ice plus feature can reduce the fridge’s freezing and cooling capability over time due to frequent usage.

The ice plus LG feature boosts the fridge’s compressor to work restlessly for three hours, pumping additional cold air into the freezer compartment.

When this operation happens regularly, it might cause the compressor to develop issues. Eventually, reducing the efficiency of the fridge and the compressor itself.

3. Additional Costs on Energy:

If activating the ice plus feature turns into a regular habit, it can lead to extravagant spending on the cost of electricity. That is because the force required to pump cold air needs some extra units of energy.

However, when these units pile up and appear on the electrical bill. Eventually, you’ll pay for the energy consumed, which will take some extra bucks from your pocket.


The freezing and cooling potential of the freezer compartment can be increased with the ice plus LG feature. However, this process requires the fridge’s compressor to pump additional cold air into the freezer compartment.

When this feature is activated, it enhances the ice maker to produce more ice faster. Nevertheless, after activation, this mode shuts off automatically after 24 hours.

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