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Is Catnip Easy To Grow? (Let’s Find Out)

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Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 09:15 am

Growing any garden plants may be easy or difficult. Although some are generally more demanding than others, it mostly depends on the plant’s requirements regarding the soil, temperature, or weather conditions.

Catnip is no exception. Just like other plants, it has its specifics and needs.

So, is catnip easy to grow? Growing catnip is relatively easy to do. Its seeds generally have a standard germination time. Also, the plant grows well in any type of container, raised bed, or garden. In addition, it can grow well in both full sunlight or partial shade. Catnip does not have any extraordinary needs, and it can thrive almost anywhere.

Is Catnip Easy To Grow From Seed?

Growing catnip from seed is relatively easy to do. This is because the plant will still germinate even if the seed is planted in a location with poor soil or where the temperatures are not ideal. However, if the soil is impoverished, the germination period may be staggered.

On the other hand, if the soil PH is suitable, the temperature meets the requirements for growing catnip, and the soil is well-drained, the plant will proliferate without incident.

That being the case, I’ve provided an easy guide for growing catnip from the seed below. If you follow the instructions below, you’ll find that growing catnip from seed is probably one of the easiest things you’ve had to do.

Catnip Seeds

1. First of all, you should soak the catnip seeds you intend to plant in water overnight for best results. Although some gardeners recommend freezing, I think soaking them suffices.

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2. Let the seeds stay in water before planting, this is because, like most perennials, catnip seeds are tough. As such, they need to be well prepared to ensure even germination. Make sure you keep them in the water for at least 24 hours.

3. Sow the seeds carefully, press them into the soil, and cover them with soil. Not too much, a light cover is preferable for catnip.

4. The seeds will likely germinate over a period of five to ten days under ideal soil, temperature, and weather conditions. Otherwise, the seeds will take a more extended period, at least 20-30 days, before it germinates.

5. Soil should be 60°F, loamy, and well-draining. Catnip grows in any kind of soil, but it thrives best in the above conditions.

Is Catnip Easy To Grow From Cuttings?

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Growing catnip from cuttings is as easy as growing from seed, if not more so. If you are a newbie and you’ve never propagated perennials from cuttings, catnip is an excellent place for you to start. It propagates easily from cuttings.

So, if you want to grow catnip from cuttings, simply remove a little bit of new growth when the plant is still in its early stages of growth, put in a new pot of planting mix, and water it adequately until new growth emerges. Don’t water excessively; just water enough to keep the soil moist.

Additionally, it is preferable to grow catnip cuttings in pots indoors, considering their tenderness. Also, cuttings do better with filtered light and not harsh light from the sun. So, keep the pot on a window and use fluorescent lights to provide heat and light.

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Is Planting Catnips A Bad Idea?

Catnip is not a must-have in your garden patch or large garden, but it is a very beneficial plant. So no, planting Catnip is not a bad idea. On the contrary, it is an excellent idea.

One thing about catnip or catmint as it is otherwise known is that it is a favorite of cats. It has euphoric effects on about 75% of cats and other felines.

But that aside, it serves as a good companion plant for your garden herbs and plants. Because it is a member of the mint family, catnip has the pungent oil’s characteristic of its kind.

Therefore, the oils help repel bugs, pests, and insects and keep your herbs and plants healthier. In addition to that, there are other advantages of planting Catnip, such as

1. You can use dried catnip leaves to make delicious teas. To do that, you can place the leaves in a dehydrator to dry them naturally for your use.

Catnip tea helps with relaxation, sleeplessness, fevers, and it also reduces stress. It looks like cats aren’t the only ones who benefit from catnip after all.

2. Humans can also explore the pest repellent qualities of catnip plants. Other gardeners have said that if you rub catnip leaves on your arms, for instance, the oils will repel bugs, bees, and insects for several hours.

3. Catnip also has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. This seems to lend weight to the age-long belief that it can be used to clean wounds.

So you see, catnip has many attractive qualities that make it a prime choice for a garden plant. Or even your indoor plants, if you prefer to grow them in a pot indoors or the garage, or even your indoor plants.

Growing Catnip in your garden is not a bad idea, except you don’t want any visits from the neighbor’s cats. In that case, you might want to think twice because catnip is to cats what chocolate is to children.

How Long Do Catnip Take To Grow?

The period it takes catnip to grow varies slightly, depending primarily on the Neutral soil temperature and whether you’ve planted seeds or cuttings.

Under ideal conditions, seeded catnip may sprout within five to ten days. That is, the germination times for seeds, cuttings, on the other hand, will usually take about three to four weeks to take root.

Thus, seeds germinate faster than cuttings. However, both are usually looking good in about three months and are ready to be harvested.

Furthermore, it will take about 12-15 weeks before the catnip plants will be fully grown. It is only after that time that you can start harvesting leaves from the plant.

Below are the requirements to plant Catnip:

  • Loamy, well-drained soil
  • Your soil thermometer should read at least 60°F before you plant.
  • Catnip grows best in temperatures of 55°-85°F.


Gardening is not always a manageable undertaking because some plants are not very easy to plant, grow and cultivate for different reasons. However, catnip is not one of them. It is a hardy perennial and grows in many adverse conditions in which other plants will likely not survive.

Growing catnip from seed or cuttings is not difficult, and the planted catnip does not take an absurd amount of time to grow. And there are also several beautiful upsides to planting Catnip. So if you’ve been considering growing it, go right ahead.


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