Jenn Air Refrigerator Water Filter Stuck (Causes & Solutions)

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To keep your water clean and fresh, you must change the refrigerator’s water filter once in a while.

I suggest you change your water filter once every six months to get the best quality from the refrigerator. 

Due to the space between these changes, it is often common that your water filter might get stuck. Knowing how to navigate this can save you a lot of stress. 

It is often to come across a Jenn Air refrigerator with a water filter that won’t release from its hatch. In such a case, you mustn’t panic; it isn’t completely spoiled. Always remember that there are a few ways you can go about fixing this problem. 

Why is My Jenn Air Refrigerator Water Filter Stuck?

Jenn Air Refrigerator Water Filter Stuck

There are a few reasons your Jenn Air refrigerator water filter is stuck and won’t come out. The reason might be as simple as not accessing that refrigerator compartment often.

So as a result, debris and sediments have gathered there over time, making it difficult for the mechanism to work. You can try pushing the button several times to release the filter if it is a button hatch.

If it is a quarter-turn hatch and it isn’t opening, you should try putting a little more back into it. Ensure you turn the handle to the left or anticlockwise if it’s a quarter-turn hatch. 

Turning it in the wrong direction wouldn’t open the hatch. The manufacturers usually leave the hatch bar horizontal; turning it to the left should release the filter. 

Try wiggling the hatch a few times to get rid of the debris. You can also use something to clean it up. 

Sometimes, these mechanisms for easy release don’t work due to how long it’s been in a stationary position.

And so, if the problem persists even after trying these fixes, you should contact a professional to help you out. So you don’t end up damaging any parts of the refrigerator.

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In addition, it is common for you to find your water filter wet after you’ve pulled it out, don’t panic. If it is wet, then it is doing its job. 

How Do You Get a Stuck Water Filter Out of a Jenn Air Refrigerator? (Step by step)

Guides on how to change water filters are often straightforward. Once you find the assembly and release mechanism, push, twist, or unlatch, depending on the model, you are good to go. 

Although, in some cases, getting a water filter released from its hatch isn’t so simple.

Perhaps the mechanism won’t twist free, or the button doesn’t eject the filter; what do you do then? These failures always happen in refrigerators; your Jenn Air refrigerator is no different. 

As the models are different, there is the possibility of a quarter-turn filter or push button filter on your refrigerator.

Both these mechanisms have their fixes. And if you are looking to fix a stuck water filter, below are some steps to help you resolve the problem: 

#1. Removing a Quarter Turn Filter

If the model of your Jenn Air refrigerator has a bar across the back to grip and turn, this fix is for you. 

  • For safety purposes, unplug the refrigerator. 
  • A diagram shows you how to twist just above or below the bar. Follow the diagram and twist a quarter turn to the left. 
  • The rotating mechanism should be vertical from your angle after rotating the latch counterclockwise. At this position, the latch is free, and you can open it to access the water filter
  • If the filter hatch won’t open up, try shaking the hatch door a little bit, but not too much, so you don’t damage it.  
  • Turn the water filter anticlockwise to remove it from its housing unit and disconnect it from the cap. Turn until you can remove the filter completely.
  • Put the new water filter in and ensure it is properly aligned with the cap and fitting properly in its housing unit. 
  • Turn the filter clockwise to connect it to the cap. 
  • Close the hatch and turn the latch quarter clockwise to secure the filter in its position. 

Note: Remember to be careful while turning the filter, either to remove it from the cap or to fix it so you don’t damage the cap.

You could also use a piece of clothing to hold the cap and fix it without damaging it. You can also opt for a better grab tool like a pair of pliers so you can turn the filter loose if it’s stuck to the cap. 

#2. Removing a Push Button Filter

Another common water filter mechanism in Jenn Air refrigerators is the push button. Once you push the button, it opens the hatch so you can access the filter.

This model is probably the most common filter model in most modern refrigerators. The theory behind this mechanism is really simple. Push the button, and the water filter hatch will open.

But if your water filter is stuck, it’s because you’re not pushing the button all the way. It is common for buttons to need a firm push, especially if you don’t push them often.

However, if you push the button firmly but nothing happens, you will have to open the filter hatch with some effort. 

Unplug the refrigerator from the power source. Turning the refrigerator off alone isn’t enough; you must unplug it completely for safety reasons.

Next, firmly press the button and tug on the filter hatch to try and open the filter unit. You should find the release button close to the filter hatch. 

It may just need a little bit of force to get the hooks clear. I suggest you use your thumb to transfer more force to the button. 


  • Press the button until you are sure the hatch to the water filter is open.
  • Pull the water filter away.
  • If this doesn’t work, try pressing and tugging on the hatch door simultaneously.

Sometimes, the mechanism fails when you release the button due to age.

If the above steps don’t get the filter door free already, you should try cleaning both the buttons and the water filter door to get it free from whatever is holding it.

Try pressing the button while pushing the filter door inward. Repeat the process but this time, pull the filter door outward. 

Repeat a couple of times and try pulling it out again. The process should eliminate hard water residue, long-term moist dust exposure, and sticky spills that may hold the filter hatch in place.

If the base grill is getting in your way, you can remove it for better clearance. The same goes for anything removable that is dampening the “wiggling.” 

If any of the above steps haven’t worked, try pressing the eject button repeatedly. The button may not function because it has been in the same position for a long time.

Pressing it several times should get it free again. These steps should help you safely get your stuck water filter out of its unit.

But if, after trying all these and the filter still won’t come free, you should contact a professional, so you don’t damage the filter unit. 

With these two water filter mechanisms dominating, it may interest you to know the advantages and disadvantages of both.

I will be comparing both mechanisms to help you know which mechanism will suit you best. 

Quarter Turn Filter HatchPush Button Filter Hatch
Don’t get stuck oftenIf you push it too much, it might get stuck
The latch will hardly get damagedMore suited to a smart refrigerator
Going out of fashionBecoming more rampant
It needs a little bit of force to twistIt needs no effort at all to operate

Jenn-air Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Instructions

There are two water filter hatches on every model of the Jenn Air refrigerator, the quarter turn hatch and the push button hatch.

I will outline the steps for each hatch below: 

#1. For The Quarter Turn Latch:

  • Turn the latch on the quarter latch anticlockwise till it claps into position to open the hatch. 
  • Turn the water filter anticlockwise to free it from its unit. Use a piece of cloth and place it on the cap so you can turn the filter better and also protect the filter cap from damage. 
  • Align the new water filter you got with the cap and turn it clockwise into position. You can use a piece of clothing to hold the cap firmly while turning. 
  • Close the filter hatch and turn the latch clockwise till it claps into position. 

You have successfully replaced the water filter hatch for your quarter hatch. 

#2. For The Push Button Latch

  • Push the button to open the filter hatch so you can access the water filter.
  • Turn the water filter counterclockwise till it is free from the cap. You can use a protective cloth to hold the cap to get a better angle on the twist and prevent the cap from damaging due to excess force. 
  • Get the new water filter, align it with the cap, and turn clockwise until it is firmly secure. 
  • Close the filter hatch. 

Follow these steps accordingly, and you will replace your water filter. 

What is the Location of a Jenn-air Refrigerator Water Filter?

Regularly changing your water filter keeps your water fresh and clean. You must change the water filter on your Jenn Air refrigerator often; once every six months would be nice.

However, you can’t change the water filter if you don’t know where to locate it. It is very easy to locate the water filter on your refrigerator and replace it.

You should find your refrigerator’s water filter in the top right corner of the refrigerator. You can open the hatch and twist the filter to the left, and it will come free. 


Water filters are a standard in modern-day refrigerator designs. If you have a freezer with an ice maker, or it simply produces cold water, then you have a filter in the refrigerator.

Every Jenn Air refrigerator model requires water filter maintenance one to three times a year, depending on the model.

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