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Kenmore Appliances Age? (5 Ways To Find It)

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Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 05:04 am

Looking at home appliances, you know they’ve been around for a long time. But telling their age is not always shown plainly in front of them.

When you buy a new house, you will probably want to know the age of the appliances. Knowing the age of your appliances helps to know if they’re too old and need replacing.

Moreover, you don’t want appliances that will likely disappoint you. Hence the need to know how to tell the age of your Kenmore appliances.

You can tell the age of your Kenmore appliances by looking up their serial numbers. The first few numbers/letters of the serial number identify their manufacture dates. However, using the serial number to tell the age is not always easy, so contacting your manufacturers is another way.

Five Ways to Find Appliance Age

Kenmore Appliances Age

Sometimes, you want to find this appliance’s age to know if it’s old enough and due for replacement.

For example, when you buy a house with these available appliances, you can’t tell how long it’s been working.

However, when you know the manufacture date, you will learn how long others have used it if it has not exceeded the years the appliance ought to last.

Besides, you will want your Kenmore products to be up to date and work smoothly. No one likes disappointments because disappointment attracts expenditures.

I don’t want such situations to use the money meant for something else. So how can you find the age of your home appliances? There are some ways you can find the age.

Below are some ways to find the age of your appliances;

#1. Serial Number

This method is the most common and accurate way to find the age of your appliances.

Manufacturers of different brands have their coding system installed in every appliance to know them individually and the date they were manufactured. 

Although this method can be time-consuming, it is still the best option. Every manufacturing company has various codes and interpretations; some are straightforward to understand.

#2. Internet Code Search Sites

Since it’s quite time-consuming to decode the serial codes on your own to get the date, this option is a remedy.

Instead of decoding with no 100% assurance that it will be correct, you can get your model and serial number to a site, and it will provide you with the date.

Code search sites will provide the manufacturer date when you fill in the appliance information. In addition, there are sites like Appliance 411 that you can try out.

#3. The house

If you know the age of the house, you can have a rough guess of how old some appliances are.

For instance, if they built the house within 2010, they undoubtedly installed the appliance. 

#4. Manual

The manuals of your appliances will also contain some details about your appliances. For example, most of the manuals include the date of manufacture.

If you can’t find the manual, you can contact the former owners of your house; they will have some idea about the manual or the date.

Also, if the date is not on the manual, there is always a website link that will direct you to the manufacturer.

#5. Contact Manufacturer

It would be one of the best options and last resort if other ways did not work for you. All you have to do is, get your appliance serial and model number.

You give the manufacturers this information, and they will provide you with the answer you want.

If you can’t get your serial or model numbers for some reason, you can describe or even send pictures to them. They will be able to identify your product.

According to appliances experts and some manufacturer reps, an appliance should not last more than ten years.

But this changes as new technologies keep developing; appliances manufacturers also improve their quality. So a standard appliance will last up to 25 years.

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Dryer?

To find the age of the Kenmore dryer, you have first to locate where the serial number is. The serial number contains some numbers and alphabets to identify the manufacturing date.

The serial number’s second figure (letter/number) indicates the year the dryer was manufactured.

However, these letters don’t show you the year; the letters and numbers are more like codes that signify specific info. For example, various manufacturing brands/companies have their unique serial number.

A company’s serial number carries its manufacturing date differently from the other. So, for Kenmore, what’s the format?

Well, Kenmore is one of the trustest brands. However, Kenmore does not manufacture appliances; other companies manufacture appliances for sears or Kenmore.

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For a dryer, a  whirlpool is responsible for its manufacturing, and its serial number format is what’s considered here. If the letter/number is M in a whirlpool, it stands for 2002 or J for 1999

For example, if the dryer’s serial number is M14337531, the second figure is a number(1). In Whirlpool-made appliances, the number 1 means it’s either 1981 or 2011; it is ok if this is your case.

You can tell the specific date by knowing when they first bought it; the year will likely fall within that time. Also, you can discuss this with the manufacturing company by contacting them.

Accessing the user manual will be instrumental, as it will provide you with some pieces of information like the manufacturer’s details.

If you feel looking up the serial number and doing minor decoding is stressful, you can source the details online.  

But where is this serial number located?

The serial number label is inside the dryer door pocket, but you should not mistake the model number for the serial.

The serial number label is located on the bottom left, right, or top when you open the door

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Refrigerator?

The same method applies to the Kenmore refrigerator; the key to finding the age is the serial number.

The model and serial number label are either inside the fridge/freezer, behind the lower drawer, or in the lower toe kick. Sometimes you can find it in the face frame of the refrigerator’s body.

The first few letters tell the month and year, but this can be tricky. Moreover, Kenmore is a trusted brand by users. However, Kenmore, a department store brand, doesn’t make their appliances.

Other companies make their appliances, and many companies make their different refrigerators. 

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For this reason, finding the age with a serial number won’t be easy. That is because the companies have their own different serial code interpretation.

For example, if GE makes your refrigerator, the first two letters at the serial number start to tell you the month and year, which is not the same with another company.

For example, if the serial number is LD640857 B, the ‘L’ is the month which is June, and the year ‘D’ is 2002 or 2014.

This description doesn’t give an exact answer here; you can’t just look at the refrigerator and choose from one of the years.

So, it also takes a little effort to find the age. The manufacturer always provides a means for contacting them, which you should do or use some of their web services to get your answer.

Whirlpool makes most side-to-side refrigerators, while LG makes some Kenmore refrigerator models.

Notwithstanding, you can tell your refrigerator manufacturer by the first few numbers in front of the Kenmore model number.

Every manufacturing company has three digits in front of the model number with a decimal number after it.

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Dishwasher?

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Dishwasher?

You can find the age of your Kenmore dishwasher by using the serial number (not the model number). The first two letters will tell you the date they made it on the serial number.

The date of manufacture gives you an idea of how long your dishwasher has existed. 

You can often find the manufacture date given on the Kenmore dishwasher; these come for warranty purposes.

So if you purchased it yourself, the date could still be on the dishwasher. But on a more unpredictable note, the former owners of your new house or the dishwasher may be kind enough to keep the date.

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Now back to the serial number method, which is more reliable; where is the model/serial number label sticker located?

The sticker location on your dishwasher depends on the model, but you can check out the following areas;

  • On the left side of the door, opening.
  • On the right side of the door.
  • Inside the back corner.
  • The side panel of the dishwasher.

You will find some information on the label, including the model and serial numbers. Although the manufacturers specify the serial number, please don’t mistake it for the model number.

 Whirlpool manufactures most of the Kenmore dishwashers; they are responsible for most newer models.

Although, companies like Samsung are responsible for the older models of Kenmore dishwashers.

For this reason, most dishwashers are from a whirlpool and, as such, have the same serial code interpretation as any other whirlpool product.

However, another option for finding out the age of your Kenmore dishwasher is by communicating with your manufacturer.

The label sticker on the dishwasher should have the manufacturer ID, which you can look up.

You can also try out internet services for your answers or forums where experts are willing to help you. 

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Water Heater?

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Water Heater?

To find the age of your Kenmore water heater, you can check the manufacture date, which you can find on the serial number.

However, you won’t find the date plainly on the serial number lookup; it is also coded. Also, since a Kenmore water heater has many manufacturers, the serial numbers won’t be in the same format.

However, the first few numbers always contain the year; you must know how to decode it. Unlike other Kenmore products, the water heater is relatively easy and simple to decipher.

According to your water heater type, the serial number can be in a different format. While one has letters in front, another might have numbers.

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Now let’s see how to decode the two different styles of serial numbers:

Style 1 (1295c1….)

This serial style starts with numbers in the first four figures. Here, the first two numbers will tell you the manufacturing year.

So, for example, the serial number above, 1 and 2, means the water heater was made in 2012; that’s plain right!

Style 2 (A0330….)

This style starts with a letter; the first letter tells the month, while the second and third numbers give the year.

Using the serial number above, the A stands for January, and the 0 and 3 mean they made it in 2003. So seeing this code, you will know it’s pretty easy to understand, yet some could be annoying.

The code involves a little cracking for this style, just like maths. With numbers, understanding it is easy, but when Alphabets come in, it gets weird.

Still, this can be more of a stress to decode. You can always contact your manufacturer or source help from Kenmore service sites.

You can always find the serial number on the label sticker on top of the control panel.

How to Find the Age of Kenmore Washer?

You can find the age of your Kenmore washer with the serial number. The first figure represents the year, while the following two-digit represents the weeks of production for a frigidaire-made Kenmore washer.

Likewise, the second letter represents the year for a whirlpool, and the following two represent the week.

For a whirlpool, L stands for 2001, M stands for 2002, while for a frigidaire, 1 stands for 2001, and so on.

Also, you can contact the manufacturer of your washing machine with the serial number to get a specific date.

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When decoding the serial number to get the date, sometimes a code could represent two years. You must locate the model and the serial number to get the serial number.

Depending on your washer, you can find it either at the back of the cabinet, under the washer’s lid, on the right-side rim of the tub, or at the top of the control panel.

Other possible locations can be on the door frame inside or the front loader of the washer.

As earlier stated, other companies make appliances for Kenmore. However, for the washer, Whirlpool and Frigidaire are responsible for manufacturing.

For this reason, the serial codes will have a different interpretation, so you have to know what company made your washer.

Knowing the manufacturer is easy when you know the first digits (mainly three)before the decimal point on your model number.

So it’s safe to say that you need the model and serial numbers. For example, a Kenmore washer by Whirlpool always has a ‘110’ at the start of the model number.

On the other hand, Frigidaire has a ‘417’ at the front of the model number.

How to Tell the Age of Kenmore Stove?

You can tell the age of your Kenmore stove from the manufacture date code in the serial number. The serial number starts with two letters, and six numbers follow.

The first two letters are manufacture date codes, representing the month and year of manufacture.

Since Whirlpool makes most Kenmore appliances, they generally use serial number decoding.

The letter A represents 1991, the letter B represents 1992, and so on. You can find the serial code at the back of the Kenmore stove, where you can find other manufacturers’ information.

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You can always look up the manufacturer’s call service and ask for the age of your stove if you don’t want to decode the date code.

Also, you visit some useful sites that will provide you with the age. All you need is your Kenmore stove’s serial and model number.

How to Tell the Age of Kenmore Furnace?

For some newer model furnaces, manufacturers display the date on the furnace. But for other models, the serial number lookup is the best option to tell the age of your Kenmore furnace.

The first two figures represent the weeks on the serial number, while the following two numbers are the year.

For example, if the serial code starts with 0594, it was manufactured in the first five weeks of the year (February), and the 94 is 1994.

You can contact the manufacturer; they are ready to answer all your questions and tell you the age. Use the serial number, picture, and description of your furnace to show the manufacturer representative.

How to Tell the Age of Kenmore Sewing Machine?

You can also tell the age of the Kenmore sewing machine from the serial and model number.

For example, if the model number is 117.123, it was made in 1939, which is quite old; old model appliances are hard to tell their ages.

However, from 1950 below, the newer models can be identified by their serial numbers.

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The best is to check your manual; the producers will provide manufacturing information inside. Or you can call the manufacturers.

Note: Kenmore does not have a manufacturing factory.


The appliances can be recent when you get an appliance or a new house. But it’s still ideal to find the age to ensure the appliances do not pass the years they are supposed to last.

And don’t forget that your serial code differs from your model number; the serial number is more important to find the appliances’ age.

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