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Does A Kenmore Coldspot Have Water Filter? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Water purification has been a critical factor to consider in any refrigerator with a water filter.

Considering the fact that the water from the refrigerator should be clean, does your Kenmore coldspot have a water filter?

Kenmore coldspot does have a water filter. Water hygiene is paramount for a refrigerator with a water dispenser embedded in it. Therefore, water filters have a critical function in the Kenmore coldspot refrigerator. You would not want to take the matter less seriously if your refrigerator had no water filter.

Does My Kenmore Coldspot Have Water Filter?

Yes, Kenmore coldspot does have a water filter to purify the water you drink, thus making it suitable enough for drinking.

If appropriately maintained, the water filter in your Kenmore coldspot sanitizes your water for your consumption. 

Your Kenmore water filter consists of water cleansing elements to ensure that the water you consume is healthy.

When your water is not well filtered, it is contaminated, leading to severe health complications. 

Your Kenmore water filter reduces contaminants to their barest minimum to keep you healthy and safe.

This vital tool is featured in your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator to avoid vulnerability to certain harmful bacteria which cause diseases. 

It is essential to always have a water filter in your refrigerator to maintain good water quality.

So, your water supply may be sure, but you still do need a functioning water filter to keep your water clean, and that is what your Kenmore water filter does.

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator?

Where Is The Water Filter Located On A Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator?

A Kenmore coldspot water filter resides at the lowest shelf compartment. You can find the filter in the grille at the base of the refrigerator or the upper-right corner inside the refrigerator.

The filter is usually inside the fridge for easy access and maintenance when necessary.

The water filter component is found at that spot to ensure that proper cleaning is done on the water before it you consume it.

One significant factor I’d like you to consider is looking for the exact position of the water filter on your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator.

The model of your refrigerator gives you a more straightforward guide on where your filter is located. 

When you consider Kenmore coldspot, it is a French door-patterned refrigerator so that you will find the water filter at the lower part of the door compartment.

Your water filter on your Kenmore coldspot is not far from this path if you must know.

Your user manual is another guide in finding your water filter on your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator. The handbook will lead to finding out the section where you can find the filter.

When you have located the water filter chamber, you can push it open and access it. Finding your water filter in your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator is stress-free, provided your manual is still available.

The water filter on your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator looks like a round tube about 4inches wide.

I am giving you a simple description to aid your search when locating your water filter on your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator

The size of the water filter fits perfectly in the water filter compartment, so you must note this to help you in your search.

You should make sure you find the exact unit and ensure you have seen the filter before you pull it out or check it.

How To Change Kenmore Coldspot 106 Water Filter

The water filter for each refrigerator model differs from model to model. No two models of the refrigerator may use the same water filter.

So, if you must know how to change your Kenmore Coldspot 106 water filter, make sure the water filter fits the model of Kenmore Coldspot 106.

When it comes to parts of Kenmore Coldspot 106 that need maintenance, the water filter is most important.

Water filters serve as purifiers that act in your water for safe consumption. Ideally, you should not use your water filter beyond 6months, and you should replace it once it gets to that time.

It is a straightforward process and requires a minimal amount of work. 

Another important thing you should consider is changing your water filter for safety.

Since Kenmore Coldspot 106 is an electronic device, do well to turn off your Kenmore Coldspot 106 refrigerator before you change the water filter. 

I am saying this to avoid any leaking current that may cause electric shock. Your Kenmore refrigerator should be turned off and unplugged before taking any further action. 

Now that you have gotten your Kenmore Coldspot 106 water filter, you locate your water filter compartment and change it.

Also, changing your water filter should cost you nothing more than $30. You can get it quickly from an appliance store or an online shop. 

After you have located the water filter compartment, the next thing you should do is to take out the old filter.

You can do this by twisting the filter anticlockwise, pulling it up, then taking it out. If twisting and pulling don’t work, you can try pulling it out carefully and then dispose of it.

Make sure you use a clean hand towel to hold the filter when removing it from the compartment. 

Next is to fix the new filter. You do this by finding the filter cap, taking it off, and locating the port.

When installing the new filter, make sure you keep it in a horizontal position. Doing this will help you screw it in or push it in where necessary. 

Finally, press the reset button to allow the new filter to function correctly. The reset button is found around the water dispenser area.

You should press the button for about five seconds to begin the usage of the new water filter.

How To Remove Water Filter From Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator?

How To Remove Water Filter From Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator 

In the water filter compartment, you will find a tab. Push the tab or pull it to open the filter compartment fully; you will find the filter there.

Take a firm grip of the filter and rotate it or pull it; that way, you can remove it successfully.

Make sure you support it with your hand, ensuring that no part is mishandled or broken; carefully carry out this routine. 

The water filter for the Kenmore coldspot refrigerator comes in different sizes. Each of these sizes has different lifespan and removal methods.

Whether it is Kenmore 9915 filter or Kenmore elite 9081, the best way to remove either is by checking the accessories section in the user manual. 

Water filters trap impurities in the water; thus, it will be unhygienic to use a water filter after you have used it.

Reusing a water filter after it must have expired is not a healthy practice. After successfully removing the water filter from your Kenmore coldspot refrigerator, ensure you dispose of it carefully. 


When you have a Kenmore coldspot refrigerator, it is very exciting to see a water dispenser attached to it.

However, you should know that you are responsible for ensuring that the water you consume is always clean.

For this reason, the Kenmore coldspot refrigerator has a water filter that you can change at regular intervals for healthy drinking water.

Removing and changing the water filter should be practiced and should not be taken lightly. 

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