Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes E15, E24, E25, F2E2, F7E1, AE

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Kenmore dishwashers are a fantastic find for your home because of their unique qualities.

Kenmore dishwashers complete dish loads faster than other brands and have several wash cycles to choose from.

However, as reliable and unique as Kenmore dishwashers are, they produce error codes like other home appliances whenever there’s an issue.

So you’re in the right place if you’ve noticed error codes on your Kenmore dishwasher and need help fixing them.

Kenmore dishwasher error codes e15, e24, e25, f2e2, f7e1, and ae are displayed on your control panel when there’s a problem with your dishwasher. These error codes indicate the following problems; possible flooding, drain problems, blocked drains, faulty control board, faster speed, or water leakage. The error codes displayed by Kenmore dishwashers can easily be fixed at home.

In this article, I will explain what the error codes e15, e24, e25, f2e2, f7e1, and ae mean on a Kenmore dishwasher.

By the end, you will know how to respond accurately to various error codes on your Kenmore dishwasher.

What Do the Kenmore Codes E15, E24, E25, F2e2, F7e1, Ae Mean?

Kenmore Dishwasher Error Codes E15, E24, E25, F2e2, F7e1, Ae

The Kenmore codes e15, e24, e25, f2e2, f7e1, and ae are meant to signal leakage, faulty drains, speed issues, or a faulty control board.

In addition, a Kenmore dishwasher has unique error codes that are communicated to warn you about possible issues with the appliance.

While Kenmore appliances’ error codes vary from one appliance to another, the codes above are particular to the brand’s dishwashers. 

Below are the meanings of the Kenmore dishwasher codes e15, e24, e25, f2e2, f7e1, and ae; 

#1. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code E15

The E15 Kenmore dishwasher error code implies that water has escaped to the base pan beneath the dishwasher.

When this happens, the e15 error codes show because the dishwasher is now in flood mode.

Kenmore dishwashers activate flood mode when a clogged drain redirects water to the base pan. 

#2. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code E24

The E24 error code on a Kenmore dishwasher means that the drain filter in your appliance is blocked.

For example, the drain filter in your dishwasher might be blocked because the filters are dirty, the hose is blocked, or there’s a stuck plug. 

#3. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code E25

The E25 Kenmore dishwasher error code alerts you that the drain pump’s cover is loose or the drain pump is blocked.

The cause of an e15 error code could be because of a dirty dishwasher filter or a clogged drain pump.

#4. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code F2E2

The error code F2E2 appears on your Kenmore dishwasher when there is an issue with the circulation pump.

For example, the F2 E2 error code is triggered when the hose between the pump and the sump is loose and leaking. 

#5. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code F7E1

The F7E1 Kenmore dishwasher error code indicates a problem with the basket speed sensor.

This F7E1 error code also implies that the control board cannot ascertain the basket’s speed or that the speed fluctuates quickly.

#6. Kenmore Dishwasher Error Code AE

The AE error code appears on a Kenmore dishwasher when a water leak has been detected.

This water leak could’ve been caused by unusually high circulation pump speed triggered by low water levels in the tub. 

The Kenmore dishwasher error codes listed above are common, but there are other Kenmore dishwasher error codes you should look out for.

Below is a table that shows other Kenmore dishwasher error codes and their meanings;

Kenmore Dishwasher Error CodesError Codes Interpretations
Error code F6E3There is air or sud in the water pump.
Error code F5E1The door latch assembly is broken, or the door wasn’t shut tightly.
Error code F7E2The heating option is refusing to go off.
Error code F6E4The float switch was left open.
Error code F1E2The control board’s memory is corrupted or damaged.
Error code F8E1The dishwasher is draining too slowly.
Error code FAE1The detergent dispenser is faulty.

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code E15

The Kenmore error code E15 can be fixed by emptying the water in the basin and resetting the water level safety switch.

However, the E15 error code warns against possible flooding, so removing excess water is the only way to eliminate the error code. 

The drain pump is bound to run frequently or all that time while the E15 error code is still visible.

Interestingly, this is in an attempt by the dishwasher to stop the water levels from rising and resulting in a flood. 

Below are the ways you can fix the Kenmore error code E15 on your dishwasher; 

  • First, hold and tilt your Kenmore dishwasher backward while maintaining a 45 – degree angle.
  • This tilt should allow you to drain the water and clear the e15 error code. 
  • Another way to clear the e15 error code is resetting the water level safety switch. 
  • Locate the safety switch, thoroughly clean the polystyrene disk beneath it, and empty the basin where water has gathered. 
  • Alternatively, you can get a professional to check for wiring problems in the dishwasher base and fix them if they’re faulty. 
  • Lastly, you may need to replace your water tank or hose if they’re found to cause the leakage. 

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code E24

You can fix the E24 error code on your Kenmore dishwasher by opening the dishwasher and thoroughly cleaning the drain pump.

Unfortunately, fixing drain problems in Kenmore dishwashers is complicated and hectic sometimes. 

Despite the problems you may face fixing the error code E24 on a Kenmore dishwasher, it is easy to navigate the procedure at home. 

Below are the steps for fixing the Kenmore error code E24 on your dishwasher; 

  • Begin by opening the dishwasher’s door to the mesh filter plate and the center cylinder filter to expose the plastic sump.
  • Secondly, remove the screws on the plastic sump’s left side and check if any dirt or debris is blocking the drain pump.
  • Next, if there’s any dirt or blockages, get rid of them and replace the plastic sump. You can now try to run a new wash cycle and check if the drainage is working.
  • Lastly, if the error code still needs to clear, locate the drain hose and disconnect it so you can blow through it until it’s clear.

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code E25

The Kenmore error code E25 can be fixed by tightening the cover of the dishwasher’s drain pump and thoroughly cleaning the drain pump.

Sometimes, the dishwasher’s drain pump cover might be missing, so you would need a maintenance specialist to reinstall a replacement.

However, the E25 Kenmore error code is one of the easiest to get rid of, and you may not need a repairer’s services.

Below are the steps for fixing the Kenmore error code E25 on your dishwasher; 

  • Firstly, locate the drain pump cover underneath the dishwasher below the filter. Next, check if the drain pump’s cover is loose and tighten it securely. 
  • Second, if the error code doesn’t clear after trying the first step, check the drain pump for dirt and thoroughly clean it.
  • Lastly, locate the air gap, check for obstructions affecting the drain, and ensure you get rid of them.

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code F2E2?

You can fix the error code F2E2 on your Kenmore dishwasher by tightening the leaking hose between the pump and the sump.

The F2E2 error code indicates an unusual circulation in your Kenmore dishwasher, so you can clear the error code by removing the leakage.

Unfortunately, this error code is common amongst many Kenmore dishwashers, but luckily it is also easy to fix at home.

Below are the steps for fixing the Kenmore error code F2E2 on your dishwasher; 

  • Begin by uninstalling the dishwasher; this can be done by carefully following the instructions in your user manual. 
  • After a successful uninstall, check below the tub for a hose; if it leaks, you can tighten it using a clamp.
  • Lastly, after this procedure, allow your Kenmore dishwasher to dry for 24 hours before running a new wash cycle. 

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code F7E1?

The Kenmore error code F7 E1 can be fixed by resetting the sensor or contacting a professional to correct the dishwasher’s wiring.

Unlike other error codes mentioned earlier, the F7 E1 might require professional help to be cleared.

If you can find a reliable and licensed professional, the F7 E1 code will be cleared in no time.

Below are the steps for fixing the Kenmore error code F7E1 on your dishwasher; 

  • First, reset the dishwasher’s sensor to clear the error code.
  • You can reset the sensor by pressing and holding the start button for three seconds and unplugging the dishwasher. 
  • Next, plug the dishwasher back, and attempt to run a rinse & spin cycle. 
  • Lastly, contact a licensed professional to test your sensor or rewire the control board if the error code is unclear.

How to Fix the Kenmore Error Code AE?

You can clear the error code AE on your Kenmore dishwasher by shutting off the water supply, finding the source of the leak, and fixing it.

The error code AE easily trips the flood switch, but the water might be coming from the drain pump, hose, or water fill line.

Below are the steps for fixing the Kenmore error code AE on your dishwasher; 

  • Begin by unplugging the dishwasher and shutting off the water supply. 
  • Secondly, check for the source of the leakage, which could be in the water inlet, drain hose, drain pump, door seals, or water fill line.
  • After you’ve located the leak, fix it, and empty the water in the cabinet base.
  • Lastly, if this doesn’t clear the error code, contact a professional to check the dishwasher’s wiring or properly install the drain hose. 

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