Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Not Freezing? (Explained)

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Out of many appliances in your home, the freezer is undoubtedly one of the most important to you.

A Kenmore elite bottom freezer is a good choice for a freezer because it serves well and is reliable.

But problems such as the freezer not freezing can occur; this will keep you searching for a remedy. There are some reasons why this happens, and in most cases, it is easy to fix.

A Kenmore elite bottom freezer can stop freezing as it should for some reason. Such reasons can be a bad compressor, evaporation coils covered in frost, a faulty/lousy compressor or evaporator fan, a defective thermostat, or an air leak. However, poor maintenance can also cause this.

Why Is My Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Not Cooling?

The best manufacturing companies make Kenmore refrigerators to give you the best service. Still, they have issues like other refrigerators, such as the common cooling failure.

This happens when the cold air circulating throughout the refrigerator stops or the working mechanism is faulty.

Some parts work together in a refrigerator system to keep the refrigerator and freezer cool/working. When one of these parts develops a fault or spoils, it alters the working of the fridge.

It can lead to other problems such as food spoilage when this happens.

So, here are some reasons why your refrigerator is not cooling. Knowing these reasons will give you an idea of what is wrong with your refrigerator and how to fix it.

Below are some of the reasons;

#1. A Faulty Condenser Fan Motor

A condenser fan motor is responsible for drawing air through the condenser to cool the refrigerator. When it’s faulty, it won’t pull air, which will cause the refrigerator not to cool.

#2. Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor

An evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator coil to keep the freezer part of the refrigerator cool. A faulty evaporator fan motor will no longer hold the freezer cool.

#3. Bad Compressor

A compressor is a pump that pumps refrigerant to enable cold air release inside the refrigerator. There will be no cold air circulation in the fridge when the compressor is faulty. 

#4. Broken Start Relay.

A start relay powers the compressor; it’s responsible for that humming sound you hear from your refrigerator.

This start relay compresses the refrigerant, and in turn, the condenser draws it out to form cool air.

Of course, the compressor won’t work well or stop working if it’s broken.

When this happens, the refrigerator won’t be cool anymore. And you can notice this when you don’t hear the humming sound, which means the fridge is becoming warm.

#5. Faulty Thermostat

This is the Temperature control thermostat; it’s responsible for supplying voltage to the compressor, condenser, and evaporator fan motor.

The mentioned components won’t work with a bad thermostat, and the refrigerator won’t be cool.

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Ice Maker Not Working?

As the fridge is meant to keep your stuff cool and the freezer to freeze them, so is the ice maker to make ice.

So, when the ice maker cannot produce frost or rather the water freezes, it means it’s not working.

The Kenmore elite bottom freezer ice maker stops mainly working when there is a water obstruction at the water supply.

Sometimes the problem can be a defective icemaker mold thermostat. The ice maker won’t produce ice when the mold doesn’t reach the right temperature.

Also, when impurities from the water or something else blocks the filter, water will no longer enter the ice maker to dispense Ice.

Many reasons can cause your Kenmore elite ice maker to stop working. For this reason, you will have to check some parts or aspects of the ice maker to know what’s wrong.

Although this will help you understand what needs fixing, below are some suggestions as to what can cause it to stop working.

#1. The Water Inlet Valve

This can be a common reason it’s not working, which you can notice quickly. A water inlet valve is a valve that is controlled electrically; you can find it on the back of your refrigerator.

It is responsible for supplying water to your ice maker; the valve opens to do so. However, when this valve becomes faulty, like having low pressure, water won’t flow to your ice maker.

#2. Ice Maker Module

The icemaker module is the part of the ice maker that has to do with the ejection of ice. It has a motor to assist turn a tray to eject ice into the ice buckets.

Also, the ice maker module has sensors that monitor temperature, the on and off switch of the ice maker, and the water levels.

When the temperature reaches 15° Fahrenheit, a sensor or the thermostat on the ice maker tray alerts the motor to release the ice cubes. The module also powers the water inlet valve.

This assists it in refilling.

When the icemaker module gets faulty, the ice maker won’t make or dispense ice. So you can’t repair any part of it; you need to replace it entirely.

In this case, a technician should be involved.

The parts of the icemaker given above are the significant parts of the working mechanism of the ice maker. Apart from them, more reasons can be the door switch.

For example, if your refrigerator’s door is kept open, this can trigger the off control of the ice maker.

If you face a problem with the ice maker functioning but not producing ice, you should check the temperature.

If the temperature is above 10° Fahrenheit, it won’t make ice as it should. The temperature should be between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit to work.

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model 795 Freezer Not Working?

Generally, a not working refrigerator can be from a faulty compressor. The compressor is like the system’s brain; every other component works with it to keep the fridge working.

So if it is damaged, the refrigerator will shut down and won’t work; good cleaning maintenance can make the compressor last.

When you say your Kenmore refrigerator freezer is not working, it can be a fault from one of its components.

For example, if the condenser or evaporator fan is faulty, you must check if they are working or covered in frost.  

If it’s not the fan, it must be a defect in the defrost system. Apart from the condenser fan, a dirty condenser coil can also cause it not to work.

So you should also check that there is no dirt in the coil.

A more common cause can be a faulty start capacitor and a thermostat. A thermostat signals the start capacity to trigger the compressor to start the refrigerator cycle.

But when any of these is defective, there is a break in signal transmission, and the refrigerator won’t work.

How Do You Fix a Kenmore Freezer That Won’t Freeze?

When your Kenmore freezer doesn’t freeze, you can fix them by doing it yourself or calling an expert to repair it. The problem can be from some parts, and if you can’t repair them, you have to replace them.

Below are some suggestions on how to go about fixing the problem;

  • If the temperature control thermostat is faulty, try changing the lowest to the highest settings. Pay attention to the refrigerator; no clicking sound indicates that the fan is not turning; replace the thermostat.
  • You should check if the condenser coils are dirty. If they are, try cleaning them because when they are dirty, it will reduce the cooling capacity of the freezer.
  • Check the start relay if it’s working. Use a multimeter to test the start and run terminals. If it has no continuity or is burnt, you will need to replace it.
  • Replace the evaporator fan motor if it’s faulty.
  • When you’ve checked all the other parts, and that is fine, you should check the compressor. Again, it’s rare for it to be the cause, but you should replace it if it is.

Note: You should always use your manual as a guide; it’s beneficial. 


Although Kenmore’s elite refrigerators are reliable for owning a substantial refrigerator, the primary cause of refrigerators’ cooling and freezing problem is the lack of good maintenance.

You should try to remove any dirt found on the condenser coil or any other areas.

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