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Why Is My Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Leaking Water? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

A refrigerator is one of the most reliable appliances you can have in your home.

Of course, the prospect of storing perishable food items to preserve them long-term is necessary for every home.

However, the most common type of damage in refrigerators is water leakage. Therefore, this gives rise to the question: why is my Kenmore elite refrigerator leaking water? 

Kenmore Elite refrigerators leak water when the water trough system is clogged. However, it could also result from a tear in the waterline. Likewise, it occurs when waste particles cannot pass through the drain, thereby inhibiting the flow of water.

Why Does my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Leak Water?

Your Kenmore elite refrigerator will leak water due to the following several reasons;

#1. Frozen Defrost Drain

A frozen drain hole is one of the primary reasons a Kenmore elite fridge will leak water. All refrigerators come with a drainage system that allows for water exit.

In addition, each of the models of this particular brand has an inbuilt water dispenser and ice maker.

Specifically, the water dispenser provides water through an opening at the front of the fridge.

On the other hand, the ice maker produces ice in a compartment and dispenses it when needed.

However, when the defrost drain, which is supposed to be empty, gets frozen, this becomes a problem.

Then, of course, water that is to be retained in the trough will roll over and spill underneath the fridge. 

Although a refrigerator set to the right temperature is the best for preservation, it’s unnecessary when it becomes too frozen.

This is because a frozen defrost drain will lead to a refrigerator leaking water. 

#2. Clogged Waterline

For the water dispenser to dispense water, it needs a connection to a water source. The water comes through a valve known as the water inlet valve.

So, it is attached behind the refrigerator to regulate the inflow of water from the source. 

In fact, without the valves, there will be no supply of water to the refrigerator, and you cannot dispense water.

However, the waterline pipe transports the water from the source to the point of need.

Therefore, if this line is clogged up with dirt or debris or even torn, it will lead to leakage.

Why Is My Kenmore refrigerator leaking water inside?

In the same way, when a Kenmore elite fridge leaks water inside, it is because of a frozen defrost drain.

So, water drips into the compartment when the drain is frozen and does not leave room for water to be stored. 

In addition, the refrigerator will also leak water if the defrost drain pan is faulty. The drain pan will break when you mishandle it.

Of course, this might occur if you move your Kenmore elite fridge too frequently. 

As a result of the frequent movements, primarily if handled rather carelessly, there will be damages.

Indeed, you can easily cause a dent if you slam, hit, or drag the fridge in an attempt to move it.

Furthermore, it is essential to change the Kenmore elite water filter frequently. Since the water filter isn’t changed, it gets clogged and causes irreversible damage to the fridge in the long run.

Thus, either of these factors could be responsible for your refrigerator leaking water. 

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Leaking Water From Ice Maker

Your refrigerator leaking water from the ice maker results from low pressure from the water inlet valve.

Hence, the reduced pressure will cause it to leak into the ice maker resulting in spillage.

Of course, the water inlet valve requires a specific pressure to be completely closed. However, if there is insufficient pressure, it will close halfway with water still flowing through.

Consequently, it will leak out of the ice maker into the fridge and, eventually, the floor.

Additionally, if the ice maker happens to have a crack, this could also lead to leakage. Especially if you leave your refrigerator running for days without switching it off at a point.

Indeed, it would help if you switched off your ice maker as soon as you had enough ice.

Because too much ice builds up in the ice maker over a long time will lead to a crack and leakage.

Furthermore, if the ice bin is already packed with ice and water keeps coming in from the valves, it could be a potential problem.

Because if there is no hindrance, then the bin will be cracked at some point under the weight of the ice.

Thus, we’re well aware of how cracks lead to water leaking from the container and out of the ice maker.

However, the moment you notice the ice maker has begun malfunctioning even after regulating the pressure, it’s a sign.

Eventually, you have to replace either the water inlet valve or the ice bin. Have a professional look at it or use DIY means to fix it.

How Do You Fix A Kenmore Refrigerator That Leaks Water?

#1. Disconnect From The Power Source

The first thing to do when you intend to fix a leaking Kenmore elite refrigerator is to turn it off. This reduces your chance of being electrocuted by the flow of current.

Then, after you disconnect from the power source, you need to allow it to defrost. Consequently, this will enable you to locate the site where the water is leaking.

Besides, you cannot discover any problems with a fridge full of ice.

#2. Check The Drain Pan, Water Inlet Valve, And Icemaker

Secondly, check if the defrost drain is frozen. If it’s frozen, this is the cause of water leaking as the drain hole is clogged.

Therefore, you should thaw the ice in the drain pan. 

Hereafter, proceed to check the ice maker and the valves. If there are any signs of damage, you should replace them immediately.

Afterward, it would be best to examine it to check for cracks adequately. You should also check the waterline for tears or if it’s improperly fitted. 

#3. Flush The Drain Hole

The solution to a clogged drain hole is to flush it out with water. The water should be at a temperature of 212°Fahrenheit, which is the standard boiling point of water.

Furthermore, you can manually remove the debris or other tiny bit of waste with a pair of pincers or pickers. 

In the end, call a professional if you have tried any of the above methods and there is no change. 

Where Is The Drain Hole On A Kenmore Refrigerator?

The drain hole is located at the rear of the fridge, just underneath the panel.

It is positioned strategically to not interfere with the normal function. First, however, You have to disassemble the board to access the drain hole. 

Usually, heat is supplied to the drain pan to dry during the drain defrost cycle. This is an automated and improved way to get rid of wastewater.

Contrarily, when the water starts leaking, it is assumed that there is a problem with the normal drain cycle. 

However, ensure to assemble the panel back in place correctly. Because leaving the board unfixed will expose the drain hole to external dirt that will clog it. 


To wrap things up, a Kenmore elite fridge ought not to leak water unless there’s something wrong. But when you discover the problem, you can quickly rectify it.

Therefore, you should handle your fridge with care and check it routinely for any underlying issues such as a clogged drain trough or a cracked waterline.


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