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Why Is My Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Getting Cold?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Despite your Kenmore elite refrigerator is a great purchase, it can grow some issues and not get as cold as it should be.

These issues are bound to happen after you’ve used these appliances for years.

However, understanding the causes and knowing how to handle them is entirely another ball game.

So, recently, many Kenmore elite refrigerator users have enquired about the causes of this occurrence.

The deposition of dirt in the condenser coils of your Kenmore elite refrigerator can prevent it from getting cold. Also, this phenomenon occurs if the condenser motor of your fridge is damaged. Also, faults in the refrigerator’s minor components such as the thermostat, start capacitor, start relay, and others can cause your fridge not to get cold.

What Does It Mean When Your Refrigerator Is Not Getting Cold?        

When your Kenmore elite refrigerator is not getting cold, its temperature does not go low enough.

Therefore, it fails to preserve the food materials you store.

This occurrence creates loads of problems for you as the user, especially if you do not notice on time. 

There is sudden food spoilage in your Kenmore elite refrigerator when this happens. And consequently, it creates a smelly fridge, making your home uncomfortable for you.

Also, molds and other fungi grow on the spoiled food, leading to high microbial activity in your fridge.

Subsequently, this creates an avenue for the spread of diseases and infection.

So, it is always a great idea to inspect your Kenmore elite refrigerator frequently and note minor changes that occur in it.

This is because you place your health and wellbeing at risk if you do not fix these issues on your electrical appliances.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Diagnostic Mode?

To diagnose most modern electronics, you will have to switch from the average user mode to the diagnostic mode.

This system helps to easily follow the instructions in the appliance’s buildup to get to the root of the problem, disrupting the functionality of that particular device.

However, to access the diagnostic mode, you must input a series of commands to the device.

In the same way, Kenmore elite refrigerators have a diagnostic mode that you must move to before inspecting them.

So, entering the diagnostic mode of the Kenmore elite refrigerator requires a few simple steps:

  • First, press and hold the lock buttons for about three seconds.
  • Press and hold the refrigerator and freezer buttons simultaneously; click the Acela Ice key five times during this period. Now, the digital screen would display the period the Kenmore elite refrigerator has stayed on.
  • Click the freezer key six times to go through checks of temperature sensors. Here, the digital display shows the time left until the following change in the water filter.
  • Click the freezer key once to check for any additional error codes. At this point, the digital screen shows the uptime if the control system does not find any error codes.
  • Continue to press the freezer button for other codes to appear if your Kenmore elite refrigerator detects errors in its functionality. And after you view the last code, the operating times appear on the screen.
  • To leave the diagnostic mode, press the lock key.

The diagnostic mode is one convenient innovation that helps users of the Kenmore refrigerator who prefer the do-it-yourself method.

Strictly following the commands would assure you of going to the root of your refrigerator’s problem.

How To Fix Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Not Cooling?

There are several reasons why your Kenmore elite refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly. However, each cause requires a different solution to deal with it.

So, here are the answers to some common reasons why your Kenmore elite refrigerator does not give you the cooling temperature you desire:

#1. Reset The Temperature Control 

This is usually the swiftest method of fixing your Kenmore elite refrigerator when it isn’t cooling correctly.

Parents can attest that their children sometimes go back to touch keys on their appliances, thus messing with them.

So, if you’ve got children around, do not hesitate to take this step.

However, several other factors can easily tamper with the temperature control; brushing against it unknowingly is easy.

So, switching the thermostat to the temperature you need is a great way to bring back normalcy to your Kenmore elite refrigerator.

After doing this, do not expect the changes to manifest abruptly; this correction takes at least a day to come into play fully.

#2. Thoroughly Clean The Condenser Coils 

If the condenser coils on your Kenmore elite refrigerator are covered in dirt, spider webs, or other material, the fridge does not cool properly.

Remove the fridge from its cabinet to clean the condenser coils by untying the anti-tip brackets.

A vacuum cleaner does the job excellently; you can also efficiently clean the dirt by hand.

However, it would be best to be careful not to break or damage the condenser coils.

#3. Place Your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator In A Favorable Location

Situating your Kenmore elite refrigerator in a warm or hot environment takes a few steps back and can cause it not to get cold.

Outdoor settings, garages, hot kitchens, and unfavorable locations stop your Kenmore fridge from attaining maximum cold temperatures.

So, you should make sure to place these appliances in cool spots. 

Also, do not place them with heat-producing appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, or ranges.

These appliances push heat into the fridges and affect their cooling ability.

#4. Replace Door Gaskets If They Are Worn Out

Sometimes the door gaskets of your Kenmore elite refrigerator may not seal properly even when you clean them. In this kind of circumstance, replacement is the choice you should opt for.

One good thing is that you do not need a professional or a handyman’s assistance; this is an activity you can do on your own. 

Merchant websites sell gaskets at prices between $35 to $100. You can also find these in stores close to you.

#5. Remove Obstructions From Air Vents

When you place food items in your Kenmore elite refrigerator, they block air vents; the fridge finds it hard to get colder.

So, when your fridge isn’t hitting the required temperature, check if any food item has blocked the cool air vent. 

This is one of the most challenging issues to identify. This is because it’s the last option that comes to mind when our fridges do not function optimally.

Dragging these items to the side or finding another home for them would solve this.

#6. Check The Condenser Fan Motor Of Your Kenmore Fridge

If your Kenmore elite refrigerator does not get as cool as usual, you should inspect the condenser fan motor.

This fan motor draws air and sprays it over the condenser coils to make them cooler.

So, when this component does not work correctly, the fridge efficiently heats up, preventing it from getting cold enough to preserve your food items.

In most instances, professional repair is the best option for this issue.

#7. Inspect The Evaporator Fan Motor

This component helps to distribute cold air all through the interior of your Kenmore fridge.

So, if it gets damaged, the freezer becomes cold, but the refrigerator compartment doesn’t get cold enough.

Fixing this problem will see your fridge return to its average working ability.

#8. Replace The Main Control Board If It Is Faulty

If the main control board of your fridge gets damaged, the best option is a replacement.

However, it isn’t always easy to diagnose these, so do not hesitate to call a pro if you begin to suspect a problem here.


Although your Kenmore elite refrigerator could fail to get cold for several reasons, there are always easy ways to fix those.

However, despite several do-it-yourself remedies for minor faults, significant ones require the expertise of a trained handyman.

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