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Kenmore French Door Refrigerator Not Cooling? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 06:49 am

One could wake up one morning to find out your Kenmore French door refrigerator isn’t cooling.

Such an occurrence could be frustrating, especially when you don’t know about the fridge.

In addition, situations like this may spoil food preserved in the refrigerator and lead to wastage. 

Why is the refrigerator not Cooling? How did this happen? What can I do?

These are the questions that’ll run through your mind at first. 

Kenmore French door refrigerator might not be cooling for several reasons. It could result from dirty condenser coils, thermostats, condenser fan motor, and evaporator fan motor. You should check all these once you notice your Kenmore French door refrigerator is not Cooling. 

Why is my Kenmore French Door Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Kenmore French Door Refrigerator not Cooling

The first reason your Kenmore French door refrigerator is not cooling is that something has gotten stuck in the condenser’s fan motor.

It then obstructs the fan, drawing air over the coils to cool them.

If this is not the case, it could be a faulty thermostat and evaporator fan motor. Nonetheless, always carry out a comprehensive diagnosis to understand the problem.

Check the condenser coil if it’s dirty. If it’s dirty, the refrigerator will not maintain the proper temperature.

A dirty condenser coil might be the cause of your refrigerator not getting cool. Therefore, you should clean it frequently.

The location of the condenser coils is beneath the fridge. 

Another cause might be the condenser fan motor not working correctly. The Kenmore French door refrigerator won’t cool if this is not working well.

The fridge’s fan motor draws air via the condenser coils over the compressor. Therefore, it shows they both work hand in hand. 

To check if it is faulty, scrutinize the fan blades for debris and try spinning them with your hands. You should replace the condenser fan motor if it doesn’t spin freely.

You should also check the evaporator fan motor. Its primary function is drawing air over the evaporator coils and circulating it to the dresser and refrigerator.

If this is not working, the cold air won’t spread in the fridge, and sometimes the freezer might still be cold.

This phenomenon results from some refrigerators having more than one evaporator fan motor. 

Furthermore, one could check the parts mentioned above and still not find a fault. At this point, you should check the temperature control’s thermostat.

The thermostat sends power to the compressor, condenser fan, and evaporator fan motor.

If the fridge’s thermostat is faulty, it may hinder the refrigerant system from functioning. How do you know if it’s faulty?

Turn the fridge’s thermostat from the lowest to the highest and pay attention until you hear a click. If it doesn’t click, then it is defective.

However, if it makes a click sound, it is not faulty. 

Kenmore French Door Refrigerator not Cooling but Freezer works? 

As your freezer works, we stated that your Kenmore French door refrigerator might not be cooling. This fault could be traced to the evaporator fan motor.

It is frustrating to see that your freezer works, but your refrigerator doesn’t. What could be the problem?

Isn’t it just one refrigerator?

Yes, it’s one refrigerator but it consists of complex mechanical parts and electronic components. 

The evaporator fan is found behind the rear panel of the freezer and another in the refrigerator compartment. Although, some refrigerators have just one.

But if your freezer is working and the fridge isn’t, there should be two evaporator fans. 

I’ve seen refrigerators with just one evaporator fan in the freezer compartment. This evaporator circulates air to the fridge through the damper control.

So, if your freezer is working and the refrigerator is not cooling, and you’re sure the evaporator fan is working, the damper is likely in a closed position or stuck.

If this is the situation, try to remove the vent and manually move the damper. If this doesn’t work out, call a professional.

The best thing to do is to call a professional because you might not clearly understand the technicalities involved. 

How Do I Know if my Condenser is Bad? 

There are clear signs to know your condenser is impaired. These include bad noises, overheating, and if the compressor keeps clicking on and off.

Again, if your refrigerator is not cooling, your condenser is bad. 

The cause of overheating is a faulty condenser. When the condenser is bad, the fan will not function properly, and this would cause a temperature rise, resulting in overheating. 

An extremely high voltage could make your condenser faulty as electrical current flows through the refrigerator and its components.

So, a sudden increase in voltage would cause an excessive amount of heat.

If this has ever happened and you suddenly hear noises coming from the back of the refrigerator, then it’s because of high voltage your condenser got faulty. 

Noise coming from the refrigerator could mean different problems in different fridge compartments, for example, for the condenser case.

If it’s faulty, the noise will come from the back of the refrigerator. 

Check the condenser cooks for dirt and clean thoroughly with soft foam to solve this problem.

If it doesn’t change anything, you need to replace it or call a technician to fix it, but this might cost you a lot. 

How Do You Reset a Kenmore French Door Refrigerator? 

Resetting a Kenmore French Door Refrigerator is simple. It’s just like switching off and on your refrigerator, but there’s a slight difference here.

All you need to do is open your refrigerator door and hold the ‘home’ and ‘ultra ice’ buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds. 

You have turned off the Kenmore French door refrigerator controls by doing this. The next thing to do is unplug the refrigerator’s power cord from the power outlet.

Wait for some minutes and plug it back into the power outlet. This action will reset your refrigerator.

You must wait 10-15 minutes before plugging it back into the power outlet.

It is not good to plug in immediately when you plug out because it can cause the compressor to burn. 

You should wait 10-15 minutes for the capacitor to drain down the ERC and control boards. If you do otherwise, the compressor would go off overload and blow the relay.

It is good to reset, but doing it incorrectly could add more problems. Thus, read your refrigerator manual properly to know how to reset it. 

Resetting is important because it can help solve internal malfunctionings like timer cycles and temperature adjustment.

So, if your refrigerator seems to be having issues, the first thing to do is reset it to figure out the problem. 


Many things could lead to the Kenmore French door refrigerator not cooling. Therefore, finding out what it is and how to solve them is significant as they could be minor issues.

Many people have condemned their refrigerators because they feel it’s awful, while some have spent what they shouldn’t have because of a lack of knowledge.

Your refrigerator is not cooling doesn’t mean the whole refrigerator is bad.

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