9 Most Common Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes!

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Sears Kenmore is a well-known reliable brand, and its refrigerator comes in various sizes and models.

Electronics such as Kenmore refrigerators tend to develop faults as time goes on. Thus, watching out for problems and fixing them quickly determines how long you’ll enjoy your devices.

So, error codes are one way to get a hold of the faults which plague your Kenmore refrigerator.

Error codes sometimes appear on the temperature display of your Kenmore refrigerator; your refrigerator stops functioning when these codes appear.

So, you may wonder why these codes come up and what each code represents.

Kenmore refrigerators display error codes when there are failures in the components of the device. Thus, these error codes appear when your refrigerator detects an anomaly in its functionality or parts. Consequently, you could pinpoint the fault and deal with it promptly.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code Er FF        

This refrigerator error code tells us that there’s a problem with the refrigerator fan. Unfortunately, several circumstances incite this error code on your Kenmore refrigerator.

But on the other hand, this is one of the most recurrent Kenmore refrigerator error codes. 

The accumulation of frost in the fan can cause this error to pop up. So, if the problem is frost, you should empty the ice container, remove all the food and clean it.

First, make sure the fan is devoid of ice before mounting the components.

Problems on the main control board of your Kenmore refrigerator can also trigger the error code Er FF.

You should reset the board by cutting off power for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting when this is the case.

However, this pattern may not solve the problem completely, while in some instances, it does. 

Also, check the power control board and wiring harness for minor discrepancies when the cause proves evasive.

However, if this error code persists on your Kenmore refrigerator, you should employ the skill of a repairman. 

This error appears quite frequently as your Kenmore refrigerator gets older. So, you should always know how to handle this error because it isn’t something you should worry about so much.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code Er RF

Er, RF’s error code occurs when there is no feedback signal within 65 seconds of operating the fan motor. For example, a faulty motor connection or the drive’s internal circuit can trigger this error code. 

On the other hand, this error code also manifests when ice forms at the back wall of the Kenmore refrigerator and prevents the fan from turning correctly.

This also causes the evaporator coil to freeze over the blades of the refrigerator fan, failing in the functioning of your Kenmore refrigerator. 

Therefore, removing the back cover of your Kenmore refrigerator and breaking out the ice is the best way to deal with this situation.

If you run the Kenmore refrigerator and the error code persists, take a thorough look at the motor; replacement may be the best alternative.

A faulty wire harness connection can also be the source of this error code. However, if you inspect and realize that the wire harness, motor, and fan are in excellent shape, you should replace the main control board. 

We have realized that this specific error code is more pronounced in the Kenmore elite refrigerator because of its strength and high-end functioning.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F

Error code Er 1F symbolizes that the main control board spotted a problematic ice compartment cooling fan.

Therefore, this faulty ice maker fan or ice blower motor prevents your Kenmore refrigerator from functioning optimally, thus tripping the error code. 

When this error code pops up, you should always empty the fridge by removing all the ice and food materials from its internal compartments.

Naturally, this will accelerate defrosting and allow the fan to work at its best.

However, before you check and solve problems pertaining to this error code, you should ensure that the freezer door closes properly.

This is because keeping the door of your Kenmore refrigerator open for a long time can also give out a signal indicating the error code Er 1F. 

Apart from the icing getting blocked, other phenomena can also trigger this error code on your Kenmore refrigerator.

For example, defects in the circuit and main control board failure can also cause your fridge to give out this code. 

If this error code persists in your refrigerator, you should check out the wiring harness and the power control board.

This is because minor alterations in their functioning can also cause this error to appear on the temperature display of your Kenmore refrigerator. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code Er CO

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Codes

The Kenmore refrigerator error code Er CO indicates an error in communication between the main power board and the control board of the display unit.

This error code can possess high levels of sophistication; therefore, hiring professionals to look when it pops up is advisable. 

Er CO symbolizes a communication error. Therefore the display control board, the power control board, and the wiring harness are the central components to check when you notice this error code. 

This is quite a unique error code that rarely occurs on your Kenmore refrigerator.

Although you may notice this code on the temperature display of your bottom freezer refrigerator, most designs of the Kenmore elite refrigerator are prestigious for not running into these issues.

This is because specific improvements and upgrades have worked to tackle these problems on your Kenmore refrigerator.

When your Kenmore refrigerator displays this error code, ensure to check both the main power board and the display control board for burns or minor faults.

You should do this carefully because even the littlest scratches can prove fatal for these components. Consequently, it would help if you replaced any board with defects.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code Er DH

This error code occurs when there’s a malfunction in the defrost mode of your Kenmore refrigerator.

If the defrost sensor does not attain the required temperatures of 40°F after the programmed time, this error code interrupts the system.

However, note that this error code only comes up at the beginning of the defrost process.

This problem occurs when there’s an abrupt sensor short wiring in several instances. This prevents the sensors from reaching the expected temperatures and instantly triggers this error code on your Kenmore refrigerator.

However, several other factors can also cause this code to display on your refrigerator.

To troubleshoot this error code, test-run the fuse and heater to understand how well they’re working. Also, check the main control board to see if any faults might have triggered this error code. 

The heater, fuse, and main control board are the components to check when this error code pops up on your temperature display.

First, however, you should study the relay on the control board, the defrost heater, and the controller to unmask the main problems. 

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code 22 22

This error code only comes up when the ice maker fan motor of your Kenmore refrigerator is damaged. And a damaged ice maker fan motor usually shows itself by giving out a click-click sound.

So, because the control center does not receive a signal from the compressor, this error code automatically pops up.

You may have noticed that your Kenmore refrigerator has depreciated in its swiftness in cooling the materials you place in them.

So, as this condition progresses, this error would come into play, disrupting the functionality of your refrigerator.

In most instances where this code pops up, Kenmore refrigerator users have to go for the replacement of these fans or other components attached to them.

Nonetheless, it is sometimes a minor, fixable defect that doesn’t threaten the health of your Kenmore refrigerator.

The error code 22 22 is a pretty rare error code and is more pronounced in lower versions of the Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code SY EF

The error code SY EF on a Kenmore refrigerator indicates the absence of enough chill in the internal compartment of the fridge.

This error code appears when the fridge functions to a high degree, but the Kenmore refrigerator’s interior does not quite become cold.

This phenomenon happens due to several reasons which the refrigerator does not indicate. Therefore, it is your job to troubleshoot extensively and unmask the reason for the absence of chill in your Kenmore fridge. 

From experience, we’ve found out that one common reason this error code pops up on your Kenmore refrigerator is the development of faults on the evaporator fan blades.

This circumstance prevents the fan from working properly to create the desired temperature.

In most situations, frost forms on these blades and stops them from pushing cold air around to get the required cooling effect.

On the other hand, faults in other components of the Kenmore refrigerator, such as the fill tube, can affect the fan, triggering the error code SY EF.

Also, unplugging the refrigerator for a few minutes before resuming use is a helpful way to deal with this error code. However, it doesn’t always go away when you use this tactic.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code F dH

This error code indicates that your fridge does not attain the stipulated temperature of 40°F during the defrost cycle. This could originate from several possible sources.

To deal with the error code F dH, you should take a good look at the heater or the fuse to understand why the temperature remains low.

Note that the infinite resistance of your Kenmore refrigerator can cause this error code if it’s electrically open.

Therefore, you should obtain the resistance of the defrost heater; however, if the heater isn’t defective, consider replacing the control assembly and fuse.

If the problem isn’t here, you should test-run the main control board. But keep in mind that this error code hardly emanates from the control board.

In the end, it is sometimes best to ask for the assistance of a handyman from the company. At this point, maybe you’ll have to make use of the warranty attached to your Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore Refrigerator Error Code 5Y EF

This particular error code symbolizes that there’s a problem with the main control board and the fan motor.

You can confirm this error code by inspecting the wires which link the control board and the evaporator fan.

Also, if you withdraw electricity from the Kenmore refrigerator for some minutes and the error code doesn’t go away, you should consider other options. 

Test the sensor short wiring using a multimeter if the strategies above do not clear this error code. Also, check the variant voltage for any discrepancies.

Additionally, high resistance levels on the power cables between the main control board and the fan motor also create effects that trigger this error code.

In the end, if all these considerations amount to nothing, the best choice will be to replace the control board. 


Kenmore refrigerator error codes are a pretty convenient way to get hold of the exact problems affecting your fridges.

These various codes which pop up on your temperature display allow you to troubleshoot and repair defects in your appliances before they reach a worrisome level.

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