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Over the years, Kenmore refrigerators have been renowned for varieties of models produced worldwide. A fascinating model manufactured recently is the Kenmore refrigerator model 106.

This Kenmore refrigerator model generally performs a cold storage primary function, distinguishing it from other models and appliances.

However, a burning question running through users’ minds is the dimensions and size of the Kenmore refrigerator model 106.

Different sizes of the Kenmore model are always measured in cubic feet due to the varieties of height and widths, and the Kenmore refrigerator model 106 isn’t any different.

The dimensions of the Kenmore refrigerator model 106 are known according to their height without hinges as 65 ⅞ in. and with the hinge as 66 ¾. In addition, they are 32 ⅛ in-depth without handles and 33 ⅞  in-depth with handles.

Kenmore Refrigerator Size By Model Number 106

Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106 Dimensions

Regarding the Kenmore refrigerators model 106, there is no such thing as a standard size.

Despite this, if we chose an average, the height would be ninety and one hundred and eighty centimeters, the width fifty-five and sixty-five centimeters, and the depth sixty and seventy-five centimeters. 

It is crucial to remember that the averages are shown here pertain to residential refrigerators with a single door.

Additionally, the body of the refrigerator is another place where you may find the model number. However, to do so, you need to examine the appropriate region of the body.

The printed model number is between two labels found on the refrigerator. The first one is in the bottom left-hand corner outside the refrigerator, and you can find the second label inside the refrigerator.

To locate the model number, you need to open the refrigerator. You may find the number in the vicinity of the top shelf.

Next, examine the ledge that runs down the side of the upper shelf. There is no doubt that you will discover the model number there!

What Are The Dimensions Of My Kenmore Refrigerator?

The capacity and volume of the side-by-by-side Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator model 106 are 20.6 cubic feet.

After the three-digit prefix (106) in the model number of a Kenmore refrigerator, you can often determine the size of the refrigerator by looking at the third or fourth digit of the model number.

After the year 2000, the determined size is by the third digit of the number. 

Measure the Specifications by Hand Grab a tape measure and go to work measuring the inside of your refrigerator to determine its width, depth, and height.

Therefore, to calculate the volume of your Kenmore refrigerator, you will need to multiply the quantities you get (width by depth by height).

How Do You Find The Cubic Feet Of A Refrigerator By Model Number 106?

A refrigerator of the appropriate size is an absolute need for the fundamental interior design of any home.

In the following paragraphs, This piece will outline a procedure for you that consists of three steps to accomplish this goal.

If you want to successfully find out what cubit feet/size of your Kenmore refrigerator, follow these instructions.

#1. Find Out What The Model Number Is

Finding the model number, which in this instance is 106. The many methods for determining this number are previously said.

When looking for this number, you need to exercise extreme caution. Because entering the incorrect model number will provide no results.

Sometimes a refrigerator with the incorrect model number will also reveal the measurements of the wrong refrigerator.

This will lead to errors in the computations. Any decision based on this calculation error will be incorrect and may cause a lot of hassle.

#2. Surf The Website

Next, you should do an online search on your refrigerator. You can find this information on several websites on the internet.

You might also check out the Kenmore refrigerator brand’s official website. When you are searching, watch out that you don’t make any typos when you are typing.

Many different refrigerators have model numbers that are somewhat similar to one another. After completing the search, you must choose the appropriate refrigerator from the list.

Then, depending on the size of your refrigerator, you will discover one of three dimensions.

The refrigerator’s height, breadth, and depth are the three measurements that make up its overall dimensions. Therefore, these measurements will determine the total size of the refrigerator.

#3. Multiply The Dimensions

We will start the computation once you have collected all the required refrigerator measurements.

The method of calculating is relatively easy to understand. To calculate the volume, you need to do nothing more than multiply the three dimensions.

The refrigerator will present the outcome to you in cubic inches. To get the volume expressed in cubic feet, divide the volume expressed in cubic inches by 1728. and thus, the procedure is done.

Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 106 Height With And Without Hinge?

Dimensions without the hinge: 65 ⅞ inches in height. The height, including the hinge, is 66 ¾ inches. 

The front and the rear of your refrigerator must be perfectly level concerning side-to-side alignment.

If you fail to do so, the coolant will not circulate effectively, which may cause the door to sit crookedly and not seal properly, thus putting the safety of your food at risk and squandering energy.

But things are a little different regarding the front and rear being on the same level. It should be around one quarter to one half of an inch lower in the rear, but only slightly.

Again, this rationale is to make it simpler for you to shut the door when you leave.

If you position the door so that it is too low at the rear, it will slam shut; however, if you position it so level, it will be more challenging to shut.

Additionally, the door has a slight indent at the rear, which means that gravity will lend a hand if it is half closed and may even aid in closing it.

Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 106 In-Depth With And Without A Handle?

The depth, excluding the handle, is 32⅛ inches—33 ⅞ inches, including the handle. There are many reasons why you could feel that refrigerators with recessed handles are more appealing to you.

However, the following are the most typical explanations for why people choose not to use the handle:

Refrigerators that have handles that are recessed offer several convenient features and advantages. However, there are a few things that individuals typically crave more than anything else.

If you are working with constrained space in your kitchen, you may discover that refrigerators with recessed handles save you some valuable square footage.

However, even if it’s not a lot, any little amount that you can provide is appreciated. The following are examples of some of those characteristics:

A Contemporary Appearance Befitting Today’s Kitchens- If you want to create a contemporary kitchen, removing the handles that stick out from the front of the refrigerator can help support your concept.

Recessed Handles provide a smooth and flush appearance that is difficult to achieve with other kinds.

One Less Thing To Clean- To prevent bacteria and fingerprints, you must regularly clean the refrigerator’s handles.

In addition, you can require maintenance for the handles if they become less secure over time.

Here are other Kenmore refrigerator models, and their upsides and downsides:

26 Cu.ft. French door model very large capacity with an ability to store extra itemsPresence of an in-built icemaker but not a door unit

21 Cu.ft. Top Freezer

Includes LED Lightning and operate in a quite traditional styleSurfaces are prone to dents and scratches
18 Cu.ft. Top FreezerIt provides lots of food storage spaces and is good for narrow spacesAbsence of an icemaker


Regarding food storage and preservation, these Kenmore refrigerators’ size model 106 come in handy in just about every household.

They perform well, last for many years, and use very little electricity when they’re on. Also, they are sized appropriately enough to hold sufficient items.

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