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6 Reasons Kenmore Refrigerator Not Getting Cold Enough?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Does your Kenmore refrigerator stop cooling? If yes, then no need to worry. As in this article, I have come up with what reasons have led to the non-cooling of the refrigerator.

A refrigerator that doesn’t cool disturbs routine and leads to several problems, like spoilage of food, foul smell coming out of the fridge, etc.

While you invest a considerable amount in buying a Kenmore refrigerator, it is impossible to replace everything.

Therefore, you expect it to last longer. You can read the issues mentioned below and check whether they are the reasons behind the non-cooling of your refrigerator.

Once the issue is detected, the problem can be easily solved.

6 Reasons That Can Cause the Kenmore Refrigerator to Not Cool Enough

#1. Freezer Evaporator Fan Gets Frozen

It is one of the refrigerator’s main components required for the smooth functioning of the fridge. Evaporator fans need to function well to keep the freezer cool.

Ice cream, frozen foods, and ice cannot be frozen if these fans are not working. In addition, the fan’s motor will fail if fans get frosted.

Generally, there are two evaporator fans, one in the freezer and the other in the refrigerator.

But in some cases, there is only one fan, and that is located in the freezer. That single fan transfers cool air to the entire refrigerator.

Getting fails, the whole refrigerator cannot perform its task. Sometimes the fan doesn’t move freely, and sometimes, it makes some noise.

In both these cases, some part of the motor might have been damaged and needs replacement. But if the motor is not working, you must check the connections.

You can use a digital multimeter if you have to check the connections. After testing it, if you find that the motor is not working, you need to replace the evaporator fan motor.

Replacing the motor would bring back your refrigerator to function. I would suggest taking professional assistance for your expensive refrigerator.

The part they replaced would have a guarantee, thus saving you from future expenses.  

#2. Fault in the Condenser Fan Motor

One more important component of the cooling system in the Kenmore refrigerator is the condenser fan motor.

Its main task is to pull air through the coils and blow it to the compressor to smooth work. When these fans are not working correctly, your refrigerator won’t cool enough.

Check for the fault on the underside of the fan blades. Remove any dust or dirt, if any, you find above the fan blades, which can cause the improper functioning of the condenser.

Next, check spinning by hand, the motor, and the blades; if they move freely, it’s good. But in other cases, you need to replace the entire fan motor.

Your fan might spin freely, but still, the condenser is not functioning. Then you may check the continuity of the motor.

Test it with a digital test meter. If, after testing, you find that the motor is still not working, then you need to replace it.

#3. Dirt in the Condenser Coils

Condenser coils dissipate heat. If any dust debris accumulates on them, they block the coils to perform their function.

For cooling of the refrigerator, condenser coils need to perform well. The refrigerator takes more time to cool if there is dirt on the coils.

For the smooth and efficient working of the refrigerator, these coils must be cleaned. If these coils get clogged regularly with dirt and aren’t cleaned, it fails in the compressor.

In this case, you would have to replace the entire compressor unit. When your Kenmore refrigerator stops cooling, the first thing you should check is your compressor coils.

If you find them dirty, just clean them with clothing to avoid more extensive damage. Simple cleaning can prevent your refrigerator from significant damage.

#4. Compressor Failure

For the cooling of the refrigerator, the compressor must work efficiently. The food products won’t be fantastic if the compressor is not working.

The compressor’s working is affected when there is a defect in the start relay or starts winding.

For smooth functioning and running of the compressor, the relay must function well. The ill working of the compressor leads to a rise in the food temperature.

You need to test the continuity between run and start terminal sockets with a test meter. It needs replacement if not working in order.

Secondly, you check for any burning smell. If there is any smell, it is primarily the burnt smell of the relay.

You can examine it physically whether it is burnt or not. In case of a burn, it needs replacement.

#5. Bad Functioning of Start Capacitor

Kenmore refrigerator starts with a power boost. The start capacitors are the source to provide power boosters to the compressor while the refrigerator starts up.

The compressor works efficiently with the power sent by the start capacitor. If the start capacitor has any defect, the compressor won’t function well, corresponding to less cooling in the refrigerator.

If you find your Kenmore refrigerator isn’t cooling, the reason might be the failure of the start capacitor.

Without the help of the start capacitor, the compressor couldn’t supply enough power to the refrigerator to cool.

It rather overheats the components of the refrigerator. To test the capacitor, you need a multimeter. It’s better to seek professional help.

In most of these cases, the professionals replace the capacitor.

Replacing is the only option, or else the compressor wouldn’t work without the capacitor and the compressor; the Kenmore refrigerator would not be cool.

#6. Fault in Thermistor

The thermostat balances the temperature of the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is not cooling enough or if the compressor is not running well, the reason may be a defective thermistor.

The thermistor controls the amount of power used by the compressor and fan. It works as a sensor to measure the temperature of the evaporator.

In case of a faulty thermistor, the compressor would continuously run or sometimes doesn’t run at all.

A thermistor is a resistor that substitutes its resistance according to the temperature. If the temperature of your refrigerator fluctuates, it means its thermistor is broken.

You need to replace the thermistor if there is no change in its resistance or no continuity recorded.

You need a multimeter to test a thermistor. I suggest taking help from refrigerator experts.


If your Kenmore refrigerator isn’t cooling enough, the issues mentioned above can be one of the reasons for it.

You need to check your refrigerator to find out its problem thoroughly. As soon as you locate the problem, try to solve it.

If it’s impossible for you to solve it yourself, take professional help. It is you who has invested a considerable sum of money to purchase it.

You shouldn’t neglect any slight fault arriving in the refrigerator. The moment you notice any fault, defect, sound, smell, that moment itself makes a thorough diagnosis of your Kenmore refrigerator.

If you want your investment not to waste, do maintain your refrigerator. I would better suggest you have a routine check for your refrigerator.

Within a few months, look at its compressor, capacitor, coils, etc. Clean the dust debris from the coils to avoid any further damage.

If you maintain it well, the Kenmore will last longer, giving you the satisfaction of your money invested in it.

After all, everyone wants value for their money. I think I have made every issue and its rectification clear so that you can quickly check for the defect arising in your refrigerator.

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