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Refrigerators continue to make life easy in terms of healthy preservation of food items, but only at the correct temperature settings.

Also, most refrigerators’ common problems can be a fault in temperature, which you can fix by adjusting the temperature settings.

So knowing and keeping to the correct temperature settings of your Kenmore refrigerator is vital. 

You can set Kenmore’s refrigerator temperature on the control panel by accessing the fridge/freezer temp Buttons. And your refrigerator should be between 37° F- 40° F, while the freezer should be at 0°F. On other fridges with dial controls(1-5), one is the lowest, while five is the highest. 

What Number Is the Coldest Setting on a Kenmore Refrigerator? 

Kenmore refrigerator temperature settings

The coldest settings on a Kenmore refrigerator are at the highest settings number on the control panel.

Also, the coldest settings on Kenmore differ with model and refrigerator type but are similar.

However, most Kenmore refrigerators have a temperature setting with a number reading option, which gets the coldest on the highest number. Some Kenmore refrigerators use a dial or knobs to control the settings.

At the same time, others have a digital control panel with button adjustment options to allow you to adjust your temperature settings. 

This digital control displays the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius; for Celsius, 0° is the coldest.

But for some Kenmore refrigerators without a digital temperature display, it’s just the knob or dial.

So, if your Kenmore has a control dial with a set of buttons or a knob, from 1 – 9, to get the coldest, it’s advisable to set it to 7 or 8.

The lowest degree number is the coldest for the newer Kenmore that displays the temperatures.

The generally known rule for every coldest temperature setting remains that the higher the number, the colder the temperature gets. And the numbers on the dial indicate the refrigerant power.

In addition to knowing the coldest settings of your refrigerator, mini-fridges can be an exception to the general rule.

The dials can range from 1-7, and instead of 1 being the warmest, seven is, and the coldest is 1. 

How Do I Set the Temperature on My Kenmore Refrigerator?

kenmore fridge temperature adjustment

To set the temperature of your Kenmore refrigerator, you must first locate the control panel and press the adjustment temperature button.

Then, depending on your Kenmore model,  select and hold the fridge and freezer temp buttons or warmer or colder dials for a seconds.

The display should beep afterward, indicating that you can adjust the settings; you can choose either of the button options to set the temperature.

Depending on what settings you want, you just have to push the buttons till you reach your desired temperature.

Of course, all these settings can only happen with a good thermostat; the thermostat is just like the brain of the refrigerator.

It receives settings from you and sends them to the compressor, keeping the fridge at the desired temperature.

The thermostat regulates the temperature and keeps it constant, while the compressor gets energy from electricity to keep it cold.

Since Kenmore refrigerators are different types/designs and models, where can you find the control panel?

For most Kenmore refrigerators’ temperature control, you can find the control panel on the freezer compartment’s back wall inside the fridge.

In the same way, for some models, you won’t find separate controls to set the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

For instance, you can find one with dials /knobs that regulate refrigerator and freezer temperature.

So to adjust the temperature, turn it clockwise to increase the temperature (colder) or anti-clockwise to reduce the temperature(warmer). 

Also, your settings might read from “0” to maybe “9” do not turn the knob down to ” 0″ because it automatically turns off the cooling.

Sometimes you can be faced with the problem of the refrigerator not getting cold enough or not acting according to settings.

This can be a problem from the control panel, which you can quickly fix by doing a reset. 

What Temperature Should My Kenmore  Refrigerator Be Set At? 

The ideal temperature Kenmore refrigerator should be set at is 37° F. When you purchase your refrigerator from the store, you will also discover that the set temperature for your refrigerator is 37° F.

However, setting your refrigerator at the right temperature depends on what you store inside it and the atmospheric temperature.

The quantity and type of items in your refrigerator will determine the temperature and the temperature around it. So if set at 37° F(2.8° celsius), it may not keep your stuff cool enough inside.

On the other hand, you can set the temperature to about 34°F or 35° F if the items are many and not easy to cool.

A hot environment can also affect the temperature because the refrigerator will need more cool air.

However, you can push the temperature higher than 37° F, which will still be cool.

You can go 38° or 39°, but not higher than 40, or get ready to get disappointment from your Kenmore refrigerator. 

According to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), a refrigerator’s temperature should be at 40° F ( a preferable room temperature).

This is because any foodstuff stored beyond 40° Fahrenheit will favor the growth of bacteria.

So for all Kenmore refrigerators and other refrigerators, you should set it between 37° Fahrenheit to 40° Fahrenheit.

When adjusting, always consult your user manual for guides, which contains detailed information about the refrigerator.

To ensure the temperature, get a thermometer to check; reset or replace the thermostat if it’s not getting colder.

What Temperature Should My Kenmore Freezer Be Set At?

A Kenmore freezer should be at 0° F or below; it’s okay if you set it between 0°F and 2° F. This temperature protects your food from thawing and spoilage.

For this reason, Keeping your freezer within the recommended ranges is the best to keep foodstuffs safe.

At 0° F, your freezer is at an optimum temperature to keep foodstuffs frozen for a long time and frozen for future use.

However,  food items have different freezing points, but 0° F is a perfect temperature for preservation. Why should it be at 0° F? The reason is that it’s better to keep it colder.

You see, a refrigerator can be between 35° F –  40° F, and if you set your freezer to a temperature of  32° F or less, some food items will start to freeze.

Nevertheless, this temperature is not enough to make the freezer perform its work ( keeping things frozen), so taking it lower is best.

You must locate the control panel to set your Kenmore freezer at the right temperature.

For most Kenmore freezer models, you can find it on the back wall around the bottom side with electronic digital control. 

Then you have to look for the highest temperature if the temperature should be the lowest number.

Set the freezer temperature for models with a dial by adjusting the dial to the coldest setting, usually the highest number.

It is essential to maintain and check if your freezer is working correctly. If when set to the highest number, and not sure if it’s cold enough, get a thermometer to check.

What Is the Correct Temperature for a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator? 

The correct temperature for the Kenmore Elite refrigerator is 37° Fahrenheit and 0° Fahrenheit for the freezer.

You can set it from 33° F – 40° F, but avoid putting it at 40° F to be safer.

From 40 ° F and above, consider it a danger zone for your refrigerator, so it should be between 35° F and 37° F for an optimum temperature.

Although according to the US Federal food and drugs administration (FDA), all refrigerators should be from 40° F below.

But due to the type of items and quantity inside the fridge, the degrees should be lower. You must locate the control panel; most refrigerator temperature settings range in numbers.

These numbers are cooling power, which gets cooler when you set the dial to a higher number and warm at a lower number.

Also, follow the rules below when specifying the temperature:

  • Set the dial between 2 and 5 when storing a few items.
  • And set it between 5 and 7 when keeping a lot.

Most importantly, I will emphasize getting an appliance thermometer to check the refrigerator’s temperature.


Kenmore refrigerator is reliable and will serve well when you keep to the recommended temperature settings and practice good maintenance.

Setting your refrigerator to the correct temperature will preserve your items and protect them from bacterial growth.

And do not forget to defrost your freezer often to keep its efficiency right.

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