Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have Drip Pans? (Explained)

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Kenmore, over the years, has made a lot of waves in terms of electrical appliances.

Although refrigerators from manufacturing companies may vary in designs, Kenmore fridges always top the league and by far are the best.

Kenmore refrigerators come in different models, but for sure, don’t miss out on any of its important components.

Kenmore refrigerators come in different varieties, models, styles, designs, and colors.

Nevertheless, they all have a refrigerator drain pan for collecting condensed water from the refrigerator’s cooling cycle.

But based on their models, the water drain pan can be situated anywhere depending on the manufacturer’s reasoning and choice.

The design of the Kenmore refrigerator allows for the refrigerator drip pan. Kenmore has a refrigerator drip pan that is accessible through the front grill of the refrigerator. Also, you can access it from the rear underneath the fridge, depending on the model available to you.

Do All Kenmore Refrigerators Have Drip Pan?

 As much as Kenmore refrigerators may vary in designs, all Kenmore refrigerators come with their drip pan from the manufacturers.

Though it may seem as though some Kenmore fridges do not have a drain pan, a careful examination of the refrigerator will reveal where the refrigerator drain pan is.

You can then locate, remove and clean as often as you wish.

Do All Kenmore Refrigerators Have Drip Pan?

The refrigerator drip pan is a refrigerator component that collects water from the defrost drain.

Drip pans are generally at the bottom of most Kenmore refrigerators.

However, they can just be located at the lower front of the refrigerator’s cold spot in other designs.

Refrigerator drip pans are necessary attachments to Kenmore fridges.

This is because of the crucial roles they play in maintaining the sanitary conditions of the fridges.

So, since their invention, they have been integral parts of the assemblage of these Kenmore refrigerators.

Kenmore Refrigerator Drip Pan location?

The diverse models and sizes of Kenmore refrigerators have made it a bit difficult to know exactly where the drip pan may be located.

You can find the refrigerator’s drain pan at different angles in different refrigerators.

Well, any new Kenmore refrigerator should come along with an instructions manual which will contain the directives on how to locate and remove the drip pan.

While the refrigerators may come in various designs, the drip pan is almost always at the bottom of the fridge.

This is where you can collect the condensed water properly.

Consequently, this is the best place to situate a water drip pan as gravity will assist in pulling down all the water from the top compartment.

Also, you can examine the front of the Kenmore cold spot.

If there is a grill, you can access the refrigerator through the front of the refrigerator by pulling the drip pan using your hands.

If the model you are using has no grill, the drip pan should be at the bottom of the refrigerator. 

How Much Water should be in Refrigerator Drip Pan?

You shouldn’t bother yourself about the water level in your refrigerator drip pan, as the pan often stays dry.

Naturally, the water that drops in the drip pan evaporates typically at the same rate as is produced by the refrigerator.

That is to say that it takes a long time for the Evaporator drip tray to even get full, except in the case of system leakage.

The amount of water that a refrigerator drip pan should contain doesn’t matter as long as there is no system leakage

However, there are instances where you may discover standing water in the refrigerator drain pan, probably due to system leakage.

Therefore, you should remove the water drip pan when the water level is about two-thirds of the drip pan.

You can also do yourself good by calling a professional to diagnose the issue.

Nonetheless, you should always be on the lookout to avoid situations where your home floods up due to water overflowing from your refrigerator’s drip pan.

Consequently, this is why drip pans are essential.

How Do You Remove The Drip Tray On a Kenmore Refrigerator?

As earlier stated, you must take out time to remove, clean, and replace the drip pan for further use.

Therefore, you should always dedicate quality time to going through the instruction manual of that particular Kenmore refrigerator.

You will find the instructions manual for the laid-down procedures to remove the water drip pan.  

Remove The Drip Tray On a Kenmore Refrigerator?

However, if you don’t have the instruction manual, you should examine the lower front of your Kenmore refrigerator to locate the refrigerator drain pan.

If the model has a grill, you can remove the drip pan through the show using your hand by pulling it out.

You can remove the drain pan from the front and then clean it.

Ensure to return the drip pan to the exact position where you removed it by snapping it into place.

Well, in a case where the model you have doesn’t have a grill in front of it.

You will find the drain pan underneath the refrigerator.

You can adhere to the following instructions if the refrigerator’s drain tray is located under the fridge.

  • Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet or socket. 
  • Pull it away from the wall so that you can access the rear and, most importantly, for effective cleaning.
  • You should find the drip tray underneath that particular model; locate and remove the drip tray from there.
  • Empty and thoroughly clean the drip tray. You can also use that opportunity to clean the condenser coils under the refrigerator thoroughly. This will enable the fridge to continue functioning efficiently.
  • Do well to replace the drip tray in the exact position from where you removed it at the rear of the refrigerator.

Do Modern Refrigerators Have Drip Pans?

You can liken drip pans to parts of a drainage system that collects condensed water from the refrigerator cooling cycle in a Kenmore refrigerator.

Therefore, it is pertinent that every modern refrigerator should have a drip pan or tray.

Without the drain pan, the water droplets from the cooling cycle would mess up the whole room.

They may sometimes not be seen until due for maintenance, possibly involving removing it.

However, some Kenmore refrigerators designs allow the pans to be located at the front instead.

Most modern refrigerators have their drip pan underneath the fridge to hold condensed water from cooling cycles.

The drip pan typically requires only a small level of maintenance and upkeep.

For that reason, the refrigerators can be used for a very long time without any water dropping on the floor.

For sure, every modern refrigerator has a drain pan for sorting out this problem.


Can you imagine the mess caused in the room by a refrigerator that works without a water drain pan?

Luckily, a Kenmore refrigerator always comes along with a clean drip pan.

This drain pan helps collect the water that flows from the defrost drain of the refrigerators .

Naturally, the water from the defrost drain evaporates almost immediately as they condense.

Nevertheless, it can get packed, removed, cleaned, and replacing the drain pan.

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